Howie’s Bar and Questionable Behaviour from Revelation TV staff


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  1. According to the registrar of companies in Spain, Howard Conder was a director of a company called Howies la Cala SL which had aims in “Tourism, hotels and restaurants. Provision of services. Management and administration activities. Educational services, leisure and entertainment.”

    The other director of Howis la Cala was Gian Luigi Sabbatucci. They were also both directors of Jazgilo SL another company whose purpose was “The management and operation of all kinds of hotels and catering, bars, cafes, tavernas restaurants bars beach bars disco music bars, disco-pubs clubs with or without live music. ”

    It could be that Howard had no ownership interests, but he was listed as a director.

    And further to this, the internet domain name was,and still is, registered to:

    Domain Name: HOWIESCLUB.COM
    Registrar URL:
    Registrant Name: Howard Conder
    Registrant Organization: 21st Century Television Ltd

    The Twitter account used to promote it was @luke_howiesclub (since deleted).

    The Internet Archive has a copy of the old Howies Club web pages including this one (slow to load):

    “Luigi and Howie.

    Luigi´s background in catering comes from a long line of family hoteliers.
    He has travelled widely, having worked in the best five stars hotel chains including, Hilton, Sheraton, Westin and Meridian and for the past ten years Luigi has operated in Spain.

    Luigi´s experience began a few years ago when he was employed as the Manager of Mijas Playa but his real adventure began in 2010 when he took over the complete responsibility and management as owner of the restaurant.
    And now Luigi has teamed up with Howie whose background has been mainly working in the music business and more recently, producing programmes for Television.

    Howie´s background began in the music industry at an early age of sixteen playing drums professionally for many famous artists. First for the Barron Knights in the early 60?s, then Joe Brown as a Bruvver. Howie also played with Unit Four + Two, Billy Fury, Peter & Gordon, Heinz and as a session drummer for Joe Meek, the record producer and composer of many hits like Telstar.

    After Howie stopped playing drums professionally he joined NEMS, the Beatles management company, (Brian Epstein and Robert Stigwood). He auditioned the Bee Gees with Stigwood and produced records for Billy J Cramer, the Pretty Things and Ruperts People.

    Then Howie started a business supplying specialist musical equipment for artists like The Moody Blues, the Rolling Stones, Johnny Nash and the late great Bob Marley. For ten years, Howie lived and worked in the USA where he set up London Music in Tampa Florida, where he helped establish an up and coming singer songwriter who went on to sell 35 million records. Scott Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald Scott).

    It has been for Howie’s and Luigi´s dream for sometime now to start a venue where musicians and lovers of music can perform and enjoy playing, jamming and chilling out.”

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    • Yes, Okay! I agree that no Christian should have their part in ANYTHING that encourages drunkenness! BUT all these “so called” evidence are bogus Links that even an 8 yo could’ve put together! There’s no REAL evidence to what you’re saying, with Links to “unsecured” Sites with No Professionalism to the Design of them Pages!.
      Please get me some REAL evidence! Thank you 🙏

      Shalom and blessings to all


      • I don’t understand what you wanting! As Sarah has said, this blog has been around for a long time and many people have followed the links (many of which are still active). Whether they have “No Professionalism to the Design of them Pages!” means absolutely *nothing*!

        What would you say of early web pages before CSS and HTML5? That the information on them isn’t accurate because they don’t look pretty and aren’t laid out nicely like a colour book or magazine? Do you have to attend a church where everything is glossy with good stage lighting, big sound systems, lasers and where they put on a good performance, or else you won’t believe the message is true (and most of those types of churches, the message isn’t true – but that’s another topic!) ?

        Do you really think that Facebook or Twitter look good? They’re actually very basic! So do we dismiss anything where a link has been provided to those pages because they don’t look great? Even though those posts/pages have been created by the person being discussed? That would be crazy!

        One of the links ( – empresia is Spanish for “business” – is a real site for company information. Even better than our own company information government site… As an example, you have Howard’s 21st Century TV

        What I believe Sarah has been saying (if not, I apologise Sarah, but it is a concern of mine) and that I noticed the first time I tuned in years ago (haven’t watched for a long time) is that Gordon used to give all the figures out during one of their money raising times. What he completely missed out is income that would be from ministries that broadcast on the channel. With that income taken into account, there would be no shortfalls.

        The proof that you seek can be found just by watching!

        I wish everyone (Sarah, Anthony… & Revelation!) a very happy Christmas and a blessed 2020. I pray that the right and just weights and measures will be used and Revelation can be a blessing.


      • Greg, thank you for your comments. You’ve summed it up beautifully and I couldn’t agree more regarding prsentation over content, it’s an increasingly serious problem both in and out of church.

        Happy Christmas and a blessed new year to you, Anthony and anyone else reading.


  2. The more we learn about RTV and their antics, the more clear it becomes that these people are unfit to run a Christian TV station. They promote a false gospel and produce bad fruit. Says it all really.

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  3. Superb post, and one which needs to be disseminated to as wide an audience as possible, but especially to anyone still supporting these despicable charlatans. Well done indeed.

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  4. I echo your thoughts William, but as ever REV TV has removed Sarah’s post on their FB page. This used to happen to Me and then they blocked Me. At the same time they allowed a total atheist who used to post not only blasphemous things about Jesus, but also sick things , it was horrible but they never removed His articles or blocked Him, It seems the REV TV ” Kingdom ” matters more than Jesus.
    Also double standards again Howard can post untrue comments against us and say on His FB that Muslims and Gays are more decent than these Christians and that’s fine. He also insults and accuses People on air, they have a big platform to do that live on air, but they remove anyone else’s comments to protect themselves. I walked away totally form REV TV a year ago , never watched or followed on anyway, as I came to the end with them, but on finding out what Howard put about Me on Facebook, stirred it al up again.

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  5. I have received a reply from the FCA regarding Gordon Pettie and the Barlow Clowes Fraud.

    Emdad Siyed Hussain (Mr)
    Associate | Financial Conduct Authority:

    “I’ve searched our website and internal systems, and I’m afraid I haven’t found any information that would confirm that Gordon Pettie was cleared of fraud.”

    The FCA have advised me to contact Companies House to find out more information – I have emailed them today.


    • Please people! Can we actually see some Hard Evidence rather than just a load of say so, broken Websites/Links and “unsecured” bogus Web-Pages that even an 8 yo could put together!

      Thank you 🙏 and blessings to all


      • Anthony, you keep comparing my blog to something an 8 year old could put together. My intention was never to create something slick and polished, but instead something from the heart.

        Over the last 5 years links have broken, but that happens to even the most credible of writers over time. It’s inevitable.


  6. I don’t personally think that running a bar is a problem, but lying about it is.

    How can Howard claim that he knew nothing about this club/bar. Have a close look at this video, spot anyone familiar:


    • I actually think there is a problem with running a club or bar as a Christian. People are drinking excessively and the whole atmosphere is ungodly.


    • Yeah, Okay! It DOES show Howard Condor playing with “A Band” but what does that prove?.. and I’m NOT just trying to defend him, as I would “strongly disagree” of ANY Christian being apart of ANYTHING to do with promoting “drunkenness” of any sort! BUT so far, all’s I’ve come across on this Webpage is either Broken Links or/and unsecured Websites with no Professionalism to the Design of these accusing “Webpages” against Howard Condor!

      “Please People” can We see some REAL evidence and Not just a load of “supposed” writings, broken Links and bogus looking Webpages! Thank you 🙏

      Shalom, maranatha and blessings to all


  7. Thankyou for sharing that ME. This club advertised same sex marriages also they had a cocktail bar , Luke Conder was seemingly running it going by Advertisments on the internet .He was showing very large cocktails. Some of the Conder children have been seen to drink in excess, this has been seen on their Social media pages and my space and refferances to being crazy drunk. If my Children were partial to drinking like that I would not get involved in a bar.
    Also Howard and Leslie have frequently come on air talking about the drinking culture We have especially in the young. Complaining about it in fact. Reading form the newspapers about how young peoples liver is being damaged. Their own children on Twitter accounts were going to this bar and celebrating ,enjoying drinking , Bethany I believe was just 18 at the time and Her Boyfriend/Revealtion employee Jack. They had photographs on their social media pages at the time.
    If We see issue in the world ie excessive drinking , should We as Christians be a party to running places that sell the stuff.
    Whilst I would enjoy a glass of wine etc a club like this encourages drinking to the excess and the Bible say do not be drunk with wine ( or large cocktails ) !

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    • Hi Sheila and greetings in Christ

      Yes, Okay! I agree that NO Christian should have their part in ANYTHING that encourages drunkenness and same sex marriage! BUT so far, all’s I’ve seen on here is a load of gossiping, broken Links and bogus looking Sites that even an 8 yo could’ve put together! There is no REAL evidence to what everyone is saying on here, with only “unsecured” Links to Sites that have NO Professionalism to their Design!.

      Yeah, Okay! It DOES show Howard Condor playing with “A Band” but what does that prove?.. and I’m NOT just trying to defend him, as “like I said before” I would strongly disagree of ANY Christian being apart of ANYTHING to do with promoting such things! BUT truthfully speaking, I’ve only come across Webpages that are either Broken Links or unsecured Websites with no Professionalism to the Design of these accusing Webpages!.

      Thank you and much blessings dearest Sister


      • I’ve read the article to refresh myself Anthony and I must say, I’m surprised you are dismissing the evidence in the article.

        One important link is this which is a Spanish government website showing the owners names including middle names.

        At the end of the day you can choose what to believe. It makes no difference to me and I have made peace as far as I can with Howard under the circumstances. I love him as a brother, but as stated before, this article and the whole blog is a defence against untruths told aboit myself and others.


      • Hi Anthony

        This blog was written around 5 years ago, so I’m not surprised a lot of links are broken.

        I feel it important to note that the bar and other questionable behaviour was a side issue and was to vindicate Sheila P, rather than being the main subject of the blog, which is misleadingly fundraising tactics.


  8. I don’t think that running a bar is consistent with anyone in the Christian ministry myself because it is worldly and a bad witness. The Conders subsequent ungodly behaviour as recorded in Sarah’s post is a confirmation of this. Lying about it obviously compounds the situation. There is a definite connection between Howies Bar and 21st Century Television Ltd as the “registrant organisation”.


  9. Directors of Companies by law have to file necessary documents if they are appointed or HAVE RESIGNED. These documents should be filed on the public file regardless of the country most PUBLIC registries operate in the same manner. Designed for the protection of the Public regarding the History and filing requirements of Limited Companies.

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  10. It would appear that Conder invested his “dirty money” made from false bible teachers into Howies Bar whilst pleading poverty on RTV and deceiving his viewers into giving. Many contributors gave out of their poverty sacrificially by the way because of the sincerity of their commitment to Christ. In the meantime Conder and his family have been having a whale of a time “sinning till late”. This is deception of a terrible kind and I hope they the Charity Commission’s findings ensure that they can get their money back.


  11. They have done it again , just like last year when Howies and OB Truck was in question, they removed the whole Facebook page


  12. Howard has named me a number of times on his programmes on Revelation TV. First, it was because I questioned RTV about their treatment of Justin Peters, then later about their broadcasts on programmes
    by the Seventh Day Adventist Church and Word of Faith preachers.
    Before that, RTV used to publish my research and findings on various topics associated with the Christian Church on their web site. Howard then, commended what was written and gladly used the material.
    RTV knew me by recognition and as well as being well informed. Even Doug Harris, both presenter of RTV and director of Reachout Trust, made recommendations due to being a former area director of Reachout Trust for 11 years – yes, for 11 years!
    However, it turned sour after advising the management of RTV to stop their broadcasts by the SDA church and certain WoF preachers such as Jesse Duplantis. They refused due to the quote that “they serve the broad church” which later on included the Roman Catholic Church due to having charismatic Roman Catholics within deemed to have been born again but remained in their RC churches. I disputed this and Doug mentioned later it was acceptable for Christians to attend a local RC church if there was no other church to go to in their vicinity.
    Revelation TV remained at their studios in New Malden, Surrey, until June 2012 which was rented to them by Barratt Homes. While vacating the premises to set up camp in Spain, they were still using a converted terraced house in Surbiton, Surrey, as a studio.
    Viewers were told that the RTV team would be moving to Spain as well which it was understood to include selling up properties in the UK and buying or renting properties near to the new studio in the Costa del Sol region. Apparently, the two family owners of RTV have kept their properties in the UK.
    Myself and other journalists separately began to look what lay behind the RTV studio in Surbiton, Surrey. It was amazing what came to light, especially the registrations of companies using the same address. The local media did a story of their findings. A former presenter of RTV ,and a journalist, did some homework as well. It is amazing what can be found by fellow believers too, so it is not surprising what has come to light in Spain as discussed on this web site.
    Because on what was being said about RTV in the UK, Howard sent a message to me and others saying in one of his paragraphs ” how inaccurate it is for such an inquisitive and busy journalist as Mr. Shipton. But I’m sure that it won’t bother anyone from those spending so much time and energy trying to malign Revelation TV. ”
    In another message he said this “When I was first informed of your antics, I have to say it made me laugh. Reason is, you are so off base that it wasn’t worth being angry about.
    As Jesus said to Judas: “Go and do what you have to do and do it quickly”
    From which one believer responded by…
    I have never met you but I have to say your email was written in what appears to me to be a most unchristian and uncharitable spirit. However misguided you may consider Mr Shipton to be, and I make no comment about his activities, it is quite an extraordinary thing for one Christian to accuse another of acting like Judas Iscariot who had his place in hell. Do you really mean this and if not why do you make this scurrilous attack against a fellow Brother?
    I am appalled at the way you use mockery and sarcasm against a Brother. This is not becoming behaviour amongst us.
    I have to say that I simply cannot understand why you appear so complacent when you are screening known heretics on your channel (which I have appeared on in the past). You may indeed prosper financially by doing so but that is not the measure of God’s blessing: the Lord Jesus tells us that: narrow is the road that leads to life and few there be that find it (Matt 7:14). That narrow way often leads to financial hardship and our being ostracised. We only have to read the end of Hebrews 11 to see what the prophets of old suffered and to read Paul’s sufferings in 2 Corinthians 11 to see what Christians may suffer too.
    I hope you may have cause to reconsider your intemperate attack against a fellow brother and have the grace to apologise for the way you have approached him.
    Howard responded by saying this…
    Your email is not worthy of reply …. Simples !!!
    You must be thick if you haven’t seen the lies and the deception that shipton has written about us.
    No further comment meant.
    In November 2014, Howard mentioned on one of his programmes that Jacob Prasch and myself were spreading some guile of some description in his old neighbourhood in London which both of us had nothing to do with. These were lies.
    So Howard and RTV are still accusing people of their mishaps.
    The scriptures do say though regarding RTV being investigated… What is hidden will be revealed.


    • Thankyou for that info John. I rememeber Howard speaking about you on air. We all come under his wrath if We say the wrong ( or right ! ) thing. Yet when I spoke to Alan Tun about Howards behaviour on air being a very bad witness , Alan disagreed and said that if a Non Christian saw Howard like that , they would think that’s good He behaves like Me ! or words to that effect mening what I have sadi but as Alan is into law , better get it precise.
      It really doesn’t matter to them how loyal or trying to be helpful and discreet you are they drop you like a hot brick when you cross them. By crossing them it means asking a legitimate question or having an opinion.
      I have had many of these nasty, horrible E Mails from Howard myself. Whilst I knew some others had, I had no idea ot the extent of how REV TV have upset, ignored, berated etc People unitl I got to know Sarah this blog writer 2 weeks ago , when I was enlightened by her blog that Howard had been at Me again.
      Mockery and sarcasm is I’m afraid Howards answer to anyone He objects to.

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  13. Hi Sheila and greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus.

    When things get hot and bothered with Revelation TV, the management team have a habit of removing comments made by believers who question the direction which the television station is going. But keep on board the comments made by their supporters. However, Howard, Gordon, and company cannot give civilised or reasonable answers as to why they entertain suspect Word of Faith preachers and their teachings such as…
    Joseph Prince
    Joyce Meyer
    Jesse Duplantis
    John Hagee
    Andrew Wommack
    and the false prophet called Sid Roth well known on the WoF circuit
    One only has to look on their current schedule on this link
    to see for themselves the false teachers by name who preach another gospel and who are building their own empires. The same names also appear on other so called Christian tv channels such as God TV, TBN, Daystar TV, and Inspiration TV – all association with the Word of Faith Movement.
    The well known charismatic preacher called Hugh Osgood and Howard Conder appeared together on RTV recently. I was asked to look at the programme. This I did. What was disturbing is that Howard and Hugh gave credence to God TV, and to Rory and Wendy Alec the founders. Why I asked myself? Then out of the blue this came to light going back to 2006. Suggest that you have a look at their names being mentioned here under the title called “The Prophecy” on
    Rory and Wendy Alec, when together on God TV, were considered to be prophets despite their utterances made, have never been fulfilled. He even prophesied when he was found out to be committing adultery with another woman.
    This article on Rory Alec makes interesting reading – see
    What believers do not know is that Gordon Pettie gives credence to Kenneth Copeland by back door methods such as using his programme (Gordon being the presenter) called Classic Praise. How does he do this? Well, Gordon plays pieces of music whereby Kenneth Copeland sings songs. Slide to slider to 15.00 and hear Copeland singing his song on
    Apparently he does this regularly on his slot. Gordon expects us to be blessed by this false teacher!
    Here, Gordon is giving credence once again to Kenneth Copeland on this link by sliding the slider to 20:50 and hear what he has to say about Kenneth C on an introduction and then the song
    Now David Hathaway has a slot on RTV – see
    He is well known on the former eastern European Block countries circuit, hence having a large following. Well, not many folk know about his background when Russia was a communist country. He was involved with the infamous so called Christian magazine called Underground Evangelism. The claims by UE back in the 1970s was that they had smuggled 1,000,000 bibles into the USSR. David boasted about this figure. Those bibles never set foot into the USSR. The inflated figure turned out to be false. The money was spent elsewhere into the scoffers of those who ran UE. It was a fraudulent set up to make money from gullible Christians not only in the America but in the UK at the time. A Christian brother in the Lord whose profession remains a journalist, and myself, interviewed David over his claims. He lied and was found out to be covering up his tracks while living in the UK as well as UE who were operating in the USA and in the UK at the time. In the 1970s, the Elim Church took away his licence to preach. He disappeared for a number of years then came back setting up another ministry under a different title – see this
    Have a look at this critique about his ministry on
    His claims go even further about thousands accepting Christ as his meetings – see this which turned out to be false claims on
    Can you see the pattern emerging regarding Revelation TV and who they allow to broadcast on their tv channel.
    Did you read this appeal on RTV website? It said “We have felt for some time now that we need to move out of Howard and Lesley’s private home and establish a UK studio that is owned and operated by the Revelation Foundation. Any donations to the Building Fund from March 1stwill be applied to this project as well as the Spanish project.” Taken from
    Where is the studio operating in the UK? It is easily found on the internet – see
    Have a look at this profile on
    Have a look at this link and profile as well on
    Details are supplied by all sorts of people, some old, some young who have said that “people, how much they try, cannot pull the wool over their eyes” the older ones having been around for many years.

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  14. One of the reasons why Revelation TV wants to be noticed within the modern western christian church is that they would like to be on par with God TV in the United Kingdom and recognised through out Europe. That is why Reinhard Bonnke began to appear on their broadcasts. There were short adverts from him recommending people to watch Revelation TV, as well as with TD Jakes at one time.
    This is one slot he was given to share about the so called spiritual explosion in Africa. Notice how they talk about “fire” on
    See him in action what he said about the United Kingdom in 2012 on Notice the frenzy of speaking in tongues without any interpretation.
    Here, he is seen at the Hill Song Conference (part of the WoF movement) in Australia.
    See him and Benny Hinn together on
    See this as well on
    Reinhard has made so many claims that thousands up on thousands of souls have been won in the continent of Africa (sometimes it has been mentioned millions in the Christian media), people have been raised from the dead, and many folk by his organisation having been declared healed, yet there has been no hard evidence to substantiate the inflated figures given. For example, 1) decision cards do not make one a born again Christian and 2) there has not been seen anything substantial which can be called “revival.”
    He is gradually being replaced by his prodigy called Daniel Kolenda who in turn has now a slot on RTV – see
    Of course he (both) are associated with Word of Faith preachers as seen with his appearances on stage, and as an invited guest speaker at their organised conferences.
    Notice the name of Reinhard Bonnke, Daniel Kolenda, and Morris Cerullo who are guest speakers at this organised conference – see
    What is kept hidden and secret in many aspects of society, is now being revealed and known. For Luke 8 verse 17 says this “For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.”
    That will happen to RTV and that will be due to their own fault of hiding under a cloak of deception and greed.
    Hidden agendas also applies to those coming under the umbrella of ecumenicalism where it is being revealed that all faiths and roads do not lead to Almighty God. For His judgement begins in the House of the Lord however Christian leaders and the religious system denies this – 1 Peter 4 verse 17

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    • What a lot of information John, Thankyou for sharing it all. I knew that Luke Conder started a business from the same address that 21st Century TV had and I looks like others as well. Viewers have donated so much for so many different premises. The current studio’s Spain was the best thing ever and then that isn’t good enough now, so fundraising for new studio’s in Spain isn’t enough, have to start adding UK on as well now.

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  15. Hi Sheila:

    I forgot to add the link regarding Reinhard Bonnke’s attendance at the Hill Song Conference.
    This link talks about numbers attending his crusades – see
    In this link he takes centre stage at the 2005 Hill Song Conference – see The emphasis is on the Fire of the Holy Spirit.
    This is one claim of him talking with Benny Hinn about raising a person from the dead – see Notice too about the claims of millions of people being saved.
    Now this is disturbing of him and Benny Hinn speaking together on television about their acclamations – Notice near the end about “you giving to them” so that they can continue their work (known as fleecing the flock to build their own empires).
    Have a look at him and Benny Hill in Jerusalem making claims that the Holy Spirit was with them and calling down the Fire of God – see Both make assumptions.
    This report came out about him in 1992 on So much has not changed since then over his claims.

    While RTV keeps silent about Morris Cerullo, he held a crusade last year (2014) at Earls Court, London. He still attracts large amounts people within the Christian Church in the UK. See this report on
    RTV remains silent on these false teachers as well – see And why? They may be added later to the WoF preachers RTV already have. Hence keeping quiet!
    This was sent to me about Hugh Jackman of RTV – see
    Notice the move to Spain.

    With all that is going on over who runs whom and what at RTV, one thing that which is being revealed on its direction, is this – who pays the pied piper to play their tunes? An interesting thought!

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  16. Thankyou John for yet more good information. I was very taken in Myself some years ago by Morris , when if I rememeber rightly Rev Tv took their camera’s to his live conferance , they were very involved in some way.

    Gordon our apology from Howard only came after Me speaking to Alan Tun, it was full of excuses and other irrelevant comments.. You have not even received an apology from him , or a retraction of his acussations and threats, if His heart was truly repentant surley He would have apologised to you as well. I’m afraid for Howard to come forth without any prompting to apologise is something that dosen’t happen. You are very graceous in your dealings with Him.

    To all I’ve just had this come through on my E Mail

    Time for Revelation

    Join us tonight at 9pm BST for ‘Time for Revelation’.

    The Revelation team are looking forward to sharing news of the TV station, and especially the finances of the Channel – both the budgeted expenditure for the year, and the month by month income. We look forward to you joining us for tonight’s live show.

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  17. Believers have been asking the reasons as to why Tim Vince left Revelation TV without any explanation. Also why RTV will not give a truthful answer on enquiries made for it appears that Tim has gone “underground” and no contact can be made of him.
    I have looked for an answer only to find a reference made on the internet last given at the beginning of January 2015 – see
    Does anyone know what happened and why he suddenly left?


  18. I do not know why Alan Run is being so trusting of Howard. Howard definitely owned the bar as I downloaded the details from Dato Capital a Spanish companies directory which stated Howard owned this bar with Luigi. I sent them to Brian Johnson. So Howard has lied to Alan. Maybe Alan should check the records. I also have the pictures of Howie’s Opening night as advertised on Melanie and Kurt’s program on the specific night it opened. I expect the recording of in the Living Room has long since been destroyed. Is it true the Charity Commission has given the go ahead for RTV to purchase the land for the new building provided Howard and Leslie hand over their Trust Fund.


  19. I notice that a new member of their staff has enjoyed a meteoric rise from answering phones to being a co-presenter. Her name is Jaqui Braithwaite. She appears to be well liked by Lesley. I do not find her very deep or that she has a good biblical knowledge. Very different to Tim Vince. I cannot watch the shows she is in as I get a bad feeling. I was not happy when Tim left.

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  20. Did anyone else get a letter from Gordon inviting them to a fundraising meal at the Imperial Hotel at Russell square. London for the new Studio explaining their plans. Four course meal will cost £60 each and £20 towards the new building. I take it to be the new Studio in UK.Do not know anything else as I have not watched RTV for a couple of years.


    • The fundraising is for the actual build in Spain. They have the plot and are now on to phase 2. They have got about a third of the million pounds they need for the building. The land cost one million which was provided by viewers contributions.


  21. Howard Condor is not a saint. However he has not taken an oath of poverty or even pretends to be a minister as far as I know. He put up his own house to fund the startup of the station. In any normal business this would be termed a directors loan and would be refundable some time down the line. There is no evidence that Howard has ever helped himself to viewers donations to the channel. What is wrong with having outside interests. It is not a crime to run a bar restaurant. The fact that Bethany tweets that mum was drunk at 1am on a night out suggests that this is an unusual occurrence – certainly not something that happens all the time. Howard is spreading the good news through his channel and is reaching thousands of people. Rev TV reached me and now I am a now member of a church and have learned a huge amount from the excellent bible study programs. What are YOU doing to further the Kingdom. If you get Rev TV shut down what happens then? do you want everyone to back to watch reality TV or other rubbish? Leave Howard alone.

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    • Hi Jan

      Thank you for your comment, but I think you have missed the point. Howard has very explicitly declared on many occasions that he doesn’t take a penny from RTV. This is an outright lie. It even featured on their website that they had given “all” of rtv to the charity and written off their initial investment even tho they could have benefitted from it for years to come. This couldn’t be any less true as they have been given 20 hours airtime a week to sell for their own profit. This is worth hundreds of thousands a year!

      To be clear… I never set out to take down rtv. If it wasn’t for my help rtv probably wouldn’t exist. Howard nearly gave up many times during the first year and I was the only volunteer who could run the studio. My family were pioneers in Christian Tv for over a decade before RTV so please don’t talk to me as if I am nothing. All are equal in God’s eyes.

      Howard has lied about so many people and done so deliberately in order to make himself appear to be a victim. He’s not. I started a blog after Howard tried to blame the Charity Commission investigation on me. He had no evidence and didn’t take the biblical route of talking to me in private, but libelled me instead. Had he admitted he was wrong my blog wouldn’t exist. However, the charity commission was not my doing.


  22. WHEN TWO ELEPHANTS FIGHT IT IS THE GRASS THAT GETS DAMAGED.i am merely replying on this site to simply say that,if any of you believe in God then you will leave it to him.he will eventually judge.the least we can afford anyone is to speak to them in person,if that is not possible then leave things alone and let God use someone else.respect.yours in his service DEREK MONK WHAT WOULD JESUS DO

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      • Howard? I think you will find he has threatened many people. My dad alone has had two letters from solicitors for things that had nothing to do with him. One person I know stopped blogging as he felt Howard had threatened the lives of bloggers.


      • Believe you me he has and on air said that the people challenging him on the Bar issue and the new build. With every £ that we get will be a nail in their coffins. That was said over air at one of the money raising evenings.


    • Hi Derek

      Thanks for your comment. I held that line of thought for about 8 years and guess what… nothing changed!

      Don’t get me wrong, I agree that God will only allow things to go on for so long, but without individuals having the courage to speak out things often continue for decades. Slavery and racism were challenged by Christians and as a result of their courage, these practices no longer exist in the way they did years ago.

      Psalms 101:7 – No one who practices deceit shall dwell in my house; no one who utters lies shall continue before my eyes.

      Bad things continue when good people stay silent.


  23. I guess from the sudden increase in comments that either Sarah got mentioned on RTV again or the draft of the charity commission enquiry report has been sent out for comment.

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  24. Sarah the only reason that i put a comment on this site was to direct you to the song on my web site WHAT WOULD JESUS DO.from the beginning of time God shows us where the enemy comes from.( WITHIN )ie the serpent and all the way through scripture until today.Sarah i don’t live with my head in the clouds and i do think it is a tall order to do what the word says and bless those that curse you or say all manner of things against you- – – – -and we could go on quoting scripture like a game of ping pong.the bottom line is that it is your spirit that will suffer and nobody else,you probably won’t take any notice of this comment.YOU CAN’T TAKE YOUR BURDENS TO CALVARY UNLESS YOU LEAVE THEM’s experiences either make you better or bitter.bless you sister.
    regards a sinner saved by grace.


    • Hi Derek

      Thanks for getting back to me and pointing me to the song. I couldn’t get your site to open on my phone, but am on my laptop now.

      I played a few of your tacks and I like your Jonny Cash like style.

      What would Jesus do? I have asked myself that question many times regarding the RTV situation. You seem concerned that I might be bitter with the situation, but I can assure you that I’m nothing of the sort. I actually wrote to Howard before Christmas and told him that I love him and forgive him for everything. I genuinely still have a brotherly love for him and out of love I have held back a lot of information which I do not believe is in the public interest to know. If I saw him today I would hug him (if he allowed it).

      What a lot of people might not understand is that I spent a year with Howard and in that very hard first year at RTV, I got to see his strengths, his weaknesses and also his cheeky way to manipulate the situation. At the time it seemed harmless to tell people that they weren’t allowed to ask for funds on air as a way to ask for funds without breaking the rules, but after I left it went from being cheeky to full blown lies about the Conders not taking a penny from RTV and pie charts that left out thousands every month.

      When I wrote to the trustees in 2012 I was angry that they confirmed everything, but denied responsibility to act. I stayed silent until 2014 when Howard told detailed lies about me in an attempt to make me a scape goat for the Charity investigation. I tried all avenues before going public, but again the trustees denied responsibility to act even though I could prove Howard was lying.

      Back to what would Jesus do? I prayed and gave it to God, but even Jesus turned the tables at the temple when he saw that people were misusing the temple. “My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves”. Have they not done exactly that?

      I helped build RTV and whilst I don’t want to tear the whole thing down, things cannot go on unchallenged anymore.


  25. Hi Sarah incidentally the slave trade is of a greater magnitude today than at any other time in human history,remember God removes kings and God sets them in place.move away from the waters at Marah and go to Elim.remember Sarah Moses threw in the TREE = THE CROSS and the water became faith Moses looked for a better day and so should we.
    may the Lord bless you


  26. Sarah, you prayed and gave it to God ? I think maybe not, as you seem to have picked up on it once again. If you have, as you say, prayed and given it to God, then leave it with him, as hard as it is. It seems to be consuming you, it appears to have become your mission. Let your mission be to move on and serve God and let him deal with this. My husband, who is an unbeliever, was falsely accused, but lost his court case. He has become bitter and it has made him ill and here you are, I assume, a committed christian, then please witness like one should. I am praying that you will be able to do this by Gods grace and in his love. God bless.

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    • Hi Gillian.

      Thank you for your message. I haven’t actually blogged for quite some time now. I can assure you that no negative feelings are consuming me, but I do have a responsibility to reign in a situation that I helped create.

      I’ve been working behind the scenes for peaceful solution and things have improved as a result of my challenging things in a Godly way.

      I’m sorry to hear about your husband, but rest assured I’m far too busy to be consumed by this. In your prayers please pray for God’s will rather than specifics. There are many people praying against me, but not giving God space to show himself in this situation. I do still hope for the day when I will be able to give Howard a hug and there to be restoration, but we aren’t there yet and that’s ok. Things take time.


      • DearSarah. I got the above transcript via my email. Sarah I am not the Gillian who wrote this. Not sure how you managed to link me with the above unless someone is making out they are me. I do not agree with this lady Gillian at all and I call myself Gill and would not want to be attached to the sentiments in the above comments. Godbless Gill xx


  27. Sarah what you do in secret your heavenly father will reward you openly,you follow Gods leading and not mans advice,unless it is either a word of knowledge or prophecy.bless you.


      • Totally agree with Derek. Have not seen Revelation tv for a few years. I cannot bring myself to watch it after I experienced first hand lies and have friends who have been threatened. Even verbally on air when they said whilst fundraising that every £1 would be a nail in the coffin of their enemies. With that I turned off and have never turned on again. It seems this statement cannot come from a Christian spirit. I must have been the only one who heard it as Howard is still surrounded by his sycophantic friends and family who choose to see no wrong in what he has done. I do not even know if they have yet built the new studio any update would be appreciated.


  28. Hi Sarah, I came on this site for the second time only to see if anything has been resolved, but sadly it does not seem to be so. I posted a comment on the ‘Beware: Wolves in Sheeps Clothing’ site as I feel so upset by all the malicious comments posted on there and on here – assuming Rev tv viewers can’t discern, making jokes about the presenters etc – Souls are precious, time is short and yet this issue goes on and on. Whatever the outcome you have given the devil a foothold, please this has gone on for long enough, by the grace of God stop this for the sake of the Kingdom. I pray there may be a resolution soon, if not I pray this site will be closed.


    • Thank you for your comment Gillian.

      I would love to have a resolution, but it’s not in my hands unfortunately. I’ve tried very hard behind the scenes which I why I have not actively blogged for some time even though there is plenty to write about.

      All it would take from my perspective is a retraction of Howard’s deliberate lies about me and others and a promise never to repeat the same deception again. It would also be nice if they were willing to return donations to those who could demonstrate that their donations were obtained via deceit.

      I don’t think any of that is unreasonable and until they acknowledge their sin and repent of it I believe my blog should remain on public record.

      I didn’t give the devil a foot hold, that was Howard and RTV for their handling of the situation. I’ve had the grace and love in my heart to tell Howard I forgive him and still love him very much, but it is not myself that needs to yield in this situation.


  29. Hi Sarah

    From your time with Howard, do you know if he and Lesley consider their children are saved / on the right path? I know that on one or two of the progs they talk about Beth being the director, and Luke does some filming… not sure what Miles is up to now.

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    • Hi Greg. I’m not really sure how to answer your questions, but Joel seems to be on a good path. Only God knows the state of all our hearts. I pray they all have their own deep relationship with God.


  30. the tongue is a little member that warreth many evils!! why would anybody want to know about the Condors kids? don’t answer i will tell you GOSSIP.behave Greg and gossip about Jesus


      • Jesus said i judge no man yet if i do i and my father are one.we all know it is appointed unto man once to die then judgement will follow.for the believer it is not judgement but rewards as you is a full time job judging ourselves,and to be fair that is what we are safer doing.I AM MY BIGGEST PROBLEM TODAY.
        bless you


      • I agree, but I also see that Greg might have genuine concern for the Conder children.

        We should only judge ourselves, but we should pray for those who we have concern for.


    • Derek, it’s *very* strange, yet maybe typical from a lot of the Christian world today, that you say not to judge while, at the same time, judging! Your comment and saying “don’t answer… i will tell you…GOSSIP” is you judging me about why you think I am asking when you don’t know me at all (which, maybe I should be glad about!). P.S. It’s CondEr.

      Sorry Sarah… I know this forum isn’t to argue and I won’t reply to Mr Monk again…

      As it happens, I met Miles a while back and I know he was doing some things with Howard, and I’d love to think he was involved, in a good/God way. I haven’t met any of the other children, but would also agree with you, Sarah, that everyone needs to make their own way. You can’t just live from the faith of your parents if it’s not real to you – then it really isn’t true faith. And life in your 20s (I’m thinking they’re around that age) can mean you try out some alternative paths.

      And yes, in the context of this blog post, I was wondering how they are and if Howard/Lesley say that things are fine with the “children” or if they need prayer too. It’s good that Joel is involved in some filming things and I hope that all the things he hears and films “click” one day, if he’s not on the narrow path, and he gives his life over to God.

      Sometimes we can go a different way for part of our life which makes a testimony / a way for us to reach others, later.

      Anyway, thanks for replying Sarah. God bless you and your business.



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