Howard Conder – I FORGIVE YOU!

An open letter to Howard Conder

Dear Howard

It was brought to my attention that you had been making threats and saying you couldn’t forgive those who reported you to the charity commission. This is something between you and God, but I would say that understanding brings an opportunity to forgive.

When I first saw your slanderous lies on Facebook which named me directly, I was angry too, but I forgave you instantly as I knew that you just needed someone to blame and that in your head what you wrote might have made sense to you as you had clearly forgotten who I am. I know this because you had confused me with another woman entirely and considerably rewrote the early days of the channel.

I also forgave you that you refused to even read my emails. I know being faced with the truth that you had smeared an innocent would have made you feel uncomfortable and I understand it’s normal for those who feel guilt to hide from those they have hurt.

What has really got to me about what you said the last few days is in your own words…

“I’m not of the mind to forgive. I know I should, but I’m not.”

“Because the reputation of my family name and your family name (Pettie) has been totally ruined.”

“If you talk to anyone who’s a friend – social friends. Tell them your name and go on the internet and they say… “Oh! You’ve got this… you’re a crook!”

“How can you forgive people for doing that to you?”

Howard that’s exactly what you did to all of us! You went on Facebook and wrote terrible lies about me and others. Lies which left unchallenged would have made us shunned by fellow Christians. The comments by readers on your Facebook page were awful and it made me feel subhuman to read what people thought of me after your false allegations. I may have lost a future ministry due to it and all sorts. You said things that had no basis in truth and to make it worse you posted a confidential report I had sent to the trustees, but had omitted the bits that proved beyond a doubt my point.

Howard, I forgive you for all of it. I truly do! The problem is that you refuse to admit you were wrong to post what you did on Facebook and tell lies on air etc. You still maintain that I did all those horrible things and you still bizarrely blame me for the investigation.

I repeat that I did not go to the Charity Commission and had no intention of doing so. I did go to them at the time I started blogging due to exasperation and the level of the lies involved as the trustees failed me. Had you apologised and put things right we would probably not be in this situation.

If I have indicated that I wish to be sued then it is for the sole purpose of being in a room with you and having a judge tell you how wrong you are. As you refuse to talk to me, this seems the only way of a dialogue. Trust me Howard, I don’t have the time for a pointless court battle, but I know for a fact that if I had published even one untruth we would have been in court long ago. You would have made sure of that!

I do love you Howard. It costs me nothing to say that. Yes, you’ve hurt me and my family immeasurably, but in the year I spent at RTV I got to know you and care for you more than you realise.

Proverbs 27 says – 5. Better is open rebuke Than love that is concealed. 6. Faithful are the wounds of a friend, But deceitful are the kisses of an enemy.

You have had wounds from me, but they were the wounds from a friend trying to help you. Sadly you have surrounded yourself with the wrong people who do not challenge things and let you hurt yourself. Pettie is the architect of the the system that we (and probably the Charity Commission) take issue with. You cannot claim to take no money from RTV, but then take approx £1,000,000 a year from selling airtime via 21st Century TV Ltd. This is the issue. Your pie charts and fundraising tactics are deceptive.

I don’t wish to destroy you. I wish for you to repent and put things right with those you have wronged. You don’t see it, but I was being your friend when I sent that report to Peter Darg. Had things been dealt with at that point the investigation may not have taken place as my report was long before the investigation and warned of this exact scenario.

I wish you had listened.



Revelation TV Cleared by Charity Commission – NOT!!!

Goodness… what are they thinking?!

Howard, Gordon and Alan on air talking about how the CC have cleared them of all wrongdoing! They haven’t!!!

They published this statement on their website.

“After a thorough investigation of Revelation Foundation over nine months the Charity Commission has identified no loss or misappropriation of charitable funds by the trustees. The day to day operations of Revelation Foundation have continued throughout, without interference from the Charity Commission and no criticism has been made of programme content or production. The Charity Commission has noted the legal and accounting complexities of Revelation Foundation’s activities in the UK and Spain and has appointed an accountant to act as an interim manager to work with the trustees to resolve issues relating to the legal and accounting procedures of Revelation Foundation and its associated Spanish companies. The trustees have nothing to hide and welcome this appointment and will draw upon the expertise of the accountant and his team to ensure the public have full assurance as to the work of the trust.”

They have seriously jumped the gun on this one. They also went on air talking in depth about the letter they had from the CC. It was pretty clear that the CC have not cleared them, as they have a) not said they have, this is clear from the show, although they have spun it well and b) the CC have appointed an interim manager.

They even acknowledged in the show that the CC haven’t actually said they have cleared them. They also acknowledge that just because the CC haven’t commented on the charities fundraising tactics etc, doesn’t mean that they have been given a clean bill of health. They just glossed over that though.

I’ve written this as a response to their questionable claims regarding being cleared.

Dear Howard/Gordon/Alan

I watched last nights show on the internet. I must admit you are good at the spin!

Do you not realise that the appointment of a manager is a serious thing?

You have in no way been cleared of wrongdoing! The CC would have actually said so if this were the case. Just because they haven’t made reference to the things they are investigating doesn’t mean you are cleared!!!

The CC don’t send an interim manager with no cause. They only do so for one of two reasons…

  • There is or has been misconduct or mismanagement in the administration of the charity; or
  • It is necessary or desirable to act to protect the charity’s property.

This shows the findings are not necessarily in your favour!!!

How could the CC clear you of wrongdoing when you have lied to viewers for years regarding 21st Century TV Ltd. People have donated based on lies and deception. The CC cannot sanction that and will at least advise that steps need to be taken to make things clear for viewers to know exactly what happens with 21st Century TV. I believe you have a donor currently trying to get his donations back because he donated based on untruths.

The other thing that you clearly don’t seem to grasp is that the appointment of an interim manager generally goes alongside the investigation. This doesn’t necessarily mean the CC have concluded anything, just that they feel further steps are required.

The way you talk of how it’s not worth going after me… you almost sound like you believe it!

You have threatened me with a solicitor before, why not now??? You are well known for your use of the courts.

Is it perhaps because you know that you lied about me?

Or maybe because you know what you have been up to and more importantly, I do too!

Howard, just come clean! It’s not over and there is no way that I’m going to be silenced by your false claims.

Perhaps I should go to the secular press? They would have a field day.

I wanted us to do this “in-house”, but you seem determined to spit on the truth.

What am I to do with you Howard? All I wanted was dialogue when I sent my original correspondence to the trustees. I was even willing to help you come clean in a way that you could even have saved face.

I reached out to you all at RTV, but you saw me as a threat instead of a friend.

Sadly, you’ve now made me and others a threat and we are not going away.

“Apologies” and a Call for Arbitration? Conder digs a bigger hole!

If you haven’t read it yet, I’d suggest that you read my first blog post to give this one context

I don’t know if you will have noticed, but I went quiet for around a week.

Howard Conder put out an “apology”, which you can access at the bottom of the page along with the entire correspondence on the matter.

This “apology” was no more than a PR stunt, as proved by events since. There was no acknowledgment of wrongdoing, just sorry for any “misunderstanding”. To top it off, he posted it on a very old Facebook page where hardly anyone would see it!

Obviously, we were a little disappointed with this less than specific apology, which didn’t address any of our grievances. We posted a few comments and I think I was rather gracious. I thanked him by saying it was a good start, but in order for it to feel genuine, he really needed to respond to my emails.

Howard deleted all our comments!!!

We confronted him and he did it again and then again!

In the end, he removed his apology and posted a new statement saying that because his apology wasn’t well received, arbitration was needed.

Howard actually wrote –  “I will stand or fall according to their judgement for I fear not what my accusers say.”

I had already made clear in previous emails that I was happy to debate Howard LIVE in the event that he truly believed in his innocence. Arbitration would effectively be the same, but done privately.

This suggestion had its merits as I’d much rather see Howard and Co resign than potentially be publicly carted off by the authorities. Whilst they need to all be shown for the wolves they are, arbitration could at least make us Christians look less complicit/stupidly ignorant regarding the abhorrent goings on at Revelation TV.

I think that’s one of my biggest struggles with other believers. They seem to have this approach that God will deal with those who do wrong and therefore they don’t need to do anything. We do!!!

God wants us to expose those that call themselves believers, but live sinful unrepentant lives (1 Corinthians 5:12). The Bible tells us not to judge those who are non-believers and yet they seem to be the ones most Christians feel comfortable judging!

We all seem quite happy to judge our politicians, bankers etc and have our opinions on topics like gay marriage etc. Why do we not get equally if not more outraged at fellow “believers” (especially our “leaders”) who are living questionable lives? They are the hypocrites Jesus would have been righteously angry with.

Yes, our God is a God of second and even third and fourth chances, but only for those who are repentant in heart. Conder and Pettie have shown they are not in the least bit sorry for their actions and are continuing their attempts to discredit those who expose the truth.

My hope is that when brought to their knees by the truth, they may be able to see the error of their ways and repent.

Sadly though, I feel further disillusionment after attempts at negotiating terms for arbitration.

Hugh Jackman, who I considered a friend in the early days was the one given the job of organising. I had a question mark regarding his integrity due to his lack of action in the early days, but now the question mark is removed and I see a bit more clearly where his allegiances lie.

Obviously, I had my concerns as did the others involved, but I decided to entertain the idea. One of the biggest concerns was the independence of the arbitrators.

Anyone that they put forward would automatically have a question mark. I suggested that we be allowed to select half the panel and I also made clear that the arbitrators need to be aware of the seriousness of this and need to be prepared to conclude that Howard, the entire Conder family and Trustees should step down. If they were prepared for this, I was happy to go ahead.

I think this is reasonable. I’m a busy lady with a business to run and the last thing I want is to put my time into this, get a guilty verdict, but get no more than an apology!

This would be ridiculous. They have spent years deliberately misleading viewers to donate and the tactics used amount to fraud. The situation is too serious for any pastor to arbitrate without having a maximum penalty agreed.

Howard has professed his innocence publicly, so why wouldn’t he go along with that. If he truly believed he had done nothing wrong, he would agree.

I was asked by Hugh to “refrain from public comment” and “cease and desist from writing any further comments about the situation online and await this meeting”. I reluctantly did so and agreed to wait until Jackman had spoken to the potential lead arbitrator.

I kept quiet, but then discovered that Jackman and Conder were on LIVE TV talking about the blogs with all their “lies” and “half-truths”!

Unbelievable right?!!!

I didn’t expect much from them, but this was so hypocritical.

I later received an email from Jackman saying that due to my association with Treena Gisborn and posts on my blog that he was declining to be involved.

Firstly, Jackman had confused my blog and Treena’s. Secondly, my association with Treena is not related to arbitration. Yes, Treena has been rather vocal regarding her view of Jackman, but if you are going to put yourself out there as a public figure, you will get the public scrutiny along with the fame.

At this point, it appeared that Jackman was withdrawing personally, but the arbitration still continuing.

On hearing this, I confronted regarding the programme where they had talked about the blogs publishing lies and half truths. Hugh made clear he was not going to comment and that he would have no more contact with us.

He had made a heap of false accusations, which when proved incorrect, he refused to comment and cut off communication – He did a “Howie”!!!

He gave this as a final communication

“I am writing to let you know the position as far as the possible arbitration is concerned. A key minister from the body of Christ has been briefed on the situation, and has advised to wait until the outcome of the Charity commission enquiry since the two issues are closely related.”

Basically, the “key minister from the body of Christ” doesn’t want to get involved. I don’t blame them. In order to arbitrate something like this, you would need to have nothing to lose and very few “key ministers” are truly in that position. Their reputations would be at serious risk for delivering a wrong conclusion in either direction.

Conder and Pettie clearly don’t realise that all they have to do is come clean and want to put things right and whilst it will be hard at first, at least redemption could one day be achieved.

There’s no point going to trial when the prosecution have a motive, a witness and a murder weapon with your finger prints all over it. To top it off the police caught you red handed!

Only an idiot keeps pretending at this stage. Just tell the truth!!!

The consequences will be less severe and we will all be able to move forward with our lives.

Click here for Howard’s apology via Facebook

Click here for Arbitration discussion with Hugh Jackman

Howie’s Bar and Questionable Behaviour from Revelation TV staff

Gordon Pettie and The Barlow Clowes Scam

Did you know that Gordon Pettie – Chariman of the Revelation Foundation, was involved in a very serious investment scam, which resulted in many Christians and even churches losing substantial sums of money?

Most of us have at some point been involved in something that is questionable (for me it’s helping set up Revelation TV), but Mr Pettie seems to have a pattern. At present Revelation TV is being investigated by the Charity Commission for concerns that it is being used for private advantage. For more details on this please see my post below for my insider info

The reason I feel to highlight Gordon Pettie is that his involvement in the Barlow Clowes investment scam resulted in him losing his investment licence. This is particularly serious when considering the below…

“The Financial Intermediaries, Managers and Brokers’ Regulatory Association has undertaken its own investigations and recommended that disciplinary action be taken against 19 of its members involved with the case, of which three have been suspended. Those suspended are the Investments and Pensions Advisory Service Ltd. and D. C. Wilson and Gordon Pettie Advisory Services. The Investments and Pensions Advisory Service is in liquidation following a winding up petition by the Securities and Investments board and D. C. Wilson has gone into voluntary liquidation.”

Taken from…

The thing that concerns me is that disciplinary action was recommended against 19 involved, but only 3 were suspended. Gordon then actually lost his investment licence!

For further details of this see

The thing is… you don’t lose your investment licence for no reason, do you?

The other thing that should be noted is how many companies Gordon has been involved in. Some of them are verifiable such as The Joseph Storehouse Trust, which having personally met Barry and Batya Segal, I don’t question as a charity. However, we know that at least one was involved in a scam, two if you include Revelation TV, which has been actively misleading its viewers regarding finances and is now the subject of a statutory inquiry.

Mr Pettie (full name – Ian Gordon Pettie) holds 12 appointments at 8 active companies, has resigned from 29 companies and held 21 appointments at 14 dissolved companies. Ian began their first appointment at the age of 42. Their longest current appointment spans 20 years and 5 months at GENESIS DEVELOPMENTS (MACCLESFIELD) LTD.

The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Ian holds a current appointment equals £964,966, with a combined total current assets value of £2,036,598 and total current liabilities of £290,672. Roles associated with Ian Pettie within the recorded businesses include: Director, Company Secretary

Read more at:

Howard Conder in an email to made clear that Gordon Pettie was the one who suggested that he set up the Foundation. He also gave indication that Gordon set up the entire financial infrastructure, which is now the subject of an investigation by the Charity Commission.

I don’t think I ever met Gordon Pettie, he joined the station a few weeks after I left, but his email responses regarding Howards lies and editing of a confidential report were very telling of his comfort levels with the situation. All he did was deny any responsibility to do anything. Howard won’t even read my emails and it’s the responsibility of the trustees to hold people to account.

They have all failed.

Why I think Revelation TV is being investigated by the Charity Commission

Howard Conder lied about me for propaganda.

Yes, I know, there are many people out there who couldn’t believe such a thing. I didn’t think he was capable of something quite so awful, especially to someone who gave him a year of their life to help set up Revelation TV.

Howard did this because the Revelation Foundation is being investigated by the Charity Commission for various things. Howard wrongly believed that I had been one of the people who reported them. I wasn’t, but perhaps I should have been?

In his desperation Howard wrote a very long Facebook post back in November 2014. In it, he talked of a Sarah nee J. That’s me! However, my actual name is Sarah Acott. Unfortunately, Howard decided to rewrite history and made many false accusations about me.

The thing that is hardest to forgive, however, is not the lies about me personally, as there is a chance he may have just been confusing me with someone else. The real problem is that I sent a confidential report to the trustees in 2012, which together with the lies, Howard EDITED and posted on Facebook!

Why would Howard do this?

The only logical conclusion I can come to is that he needed someone to blame for the Charity commission investigation. He had to vilify someone. How else could he explain the investigation if there weren’t evil people out there?

I’m not the only one he’s lied about either. There are so many people who Howard has attacked through his Facebook page and reading his other posts made me feel a little ill. He’s even attacked my entire family publicly, both on air and Facebook with nonsense about how we’ve brought down churches!

I honestly can’t think where that came from as my family have taken unpaid pastoral roles in the past in order to save 2 churches. My mum has provided free Christian counseling for countless people and done so at great sacrifice. My father was one of those in the early days of Christian TV (He even helped Howard (unpaid, I believe) set up his pre-Revelation studio about 20 years ago, when I was just a child) and has a great reputation for not only his expertise and dedication, but also being of good character, which Howard has tried to ruin.

I know of many people who Howard has threatened with solicitors, myself and my father included, just for questioning things. Normally Howards intimidation works, but he’s libelled me and so I can now write these things without fear.

All of these things are pre-meditated. It took a lot of thought to not only to lie about me and my character, but to actually take a legitimate well-intentioned report and edit it for propaganda… you don’t do that without thinking about it first, do you?

My report, which you can access below, was addressing fundraising tactics. At the time, when asked where the Conders get their money from, they would always say they don’t take money from Revelation, they have “other means”. This was not true as the Conders were getting paid by the back door through 21st Century TV Ltd (a private limited company) the whole time.

I can’t count the number of people who would tell me how wonderful it was to see Howard and Lesley running the station with no financial reward at all and how great it was to see where every penny goes. I never had the heart to tell them it was a lie. Perhaps I should have, but I didn’t have the proof until more recently.

One person I know has donated nearly £200,000 (yes you did read that right). This person is now trying to get their donations back as they donated because of deception and in this particular case outright lies concerning 21st Century TV.

How many others donated because they were deceived? Were you one of them?

I have sent many emails both to Howard and the Trustees and the only person who has actually made the effort to put things right is Alan Tun, who is sadly no longer a trustee. The only other communication I had, is Gordon Pettie distancing himself from the situation and denying any responsibility to act.

I have been informed by Alan Tun that Howard won’t even read my emails, because it will get him too stirred up. The reality is that I can prove Howard has lied and he knows if he reads my emails he will actually have to deal with the truth.

As believers we need to be the ones to expose this. The Independent have already published that the Revelation Foundation are being investigated and it’s important that we tell the story as to why first. We Christians are the ones who funded and gave our time to Revelation, so we should be the ones who correct it.

Click here for my letter sent to the Trustees in 2012

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