I’m Sarah and this is my blog. I’ve called it God vs Christianity becSarah Acottause often I find that they are poles apart. Christianity has become more about traditions and doing what we are told than about faith and truly seeking God.

Sadly, I’ve seen the “darker side” of Christianity and whilst I love God and trust him for my day to day living, I always feel slightly ashamed when I say I’m a Christian. This is not in any way because I lack conviction of faith, it’s just embarrassing that people then look at you as outdated, religious and make all sorts of assumptions that don’t in any way reflect a life of faith.

I do believe in the Bible and do not think it’s just a collection of stories as some of my friends like to think. I’m not a radical, but I do have my own views on popular topics, which are based on my own interpretation of the Bible.

Like many others, I was raised in a Christian family and I was lucky enough to have parents that read the Bible for themselves rather than taking their pastors word for things. I think this is important, as we should be able to have open discussion about how the church responds to difficult subjects such as divorce and homosexuality.

The thing I’ve learnt through the years is that life is complicated. You can’t judge many things as black and white. There are so many elements and so many angles. There is also this whole concept of one sin being greater than another. I don’t believe God sees it that way, sin is sin, but the sinner should be treated with dignity, respect and most importantly love. Unfortunately, we Christians often forget this and that is where we have lost our way.

In this blog I hope to explore some of the more tricky bits of life as a Christian. I need to start however with something that needs to be shown for what it is. I gave a year of my life to Revelation TV and now I am choosing to tell the truth about why I believe they are being investigated by the Charity Commission.


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  1. Well done for speaking out, this scandal needs to be made public. We will be uplifting you in prayer, we pray that the Lord will bless your honesty & place His hedge of protection around you & your family as you continue with this difficult be essential exposure. Howard & his channel have been fleecing the flock for too long.


  2. I think you are one fortunate person that you are not being sued for defamation. One would think as a “Christian” you would accept God’s direct biblical teachings on the subject of judgement. What you are writing about people I assume you do not personally know or perhaps details relating to things you are stating, is what gives Christianity a bad rap. Last time I checked in with God, my understanding was that we are to love one another without condition. God is the authority not us.


    • Hi Anon

      What I don’t think you are understanding is that it is impossible to sue someone for defamation if it’s proven to be fact.

      The other reason I cannot be sued is that Conder has very deliberately defamed me. He spread outright lies about me and my family as well as about others too. Read my first article and you will understand that I have not only the proof, but also a need to clear my name as the slander was too serious to ignore.

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  3. One day, you might actually become a christian – it’d be interesting then how you’d reconcile this splenetic enterprise with all the grace you yourself shall receive and cherish.


    • What a shame anonymous. If you wish to blindly follow someone just because they have a tv station go ahead. If you want to question a persons salvation, then why not look at the evidence at least. It takes courage to stand up and say somethings wrong. What people like you don’t understand is that Christians worldwide are being conned by wolves. Just because you like a wolf doesn’t mean they won’t eat you. I love Howard, but he’s bitten me and others too many times not to warn people.


  4. Greeting in Jesus sarah, I originally stumbled on your blog back in 2015 if my memory is correct.
    i also read and went through beware of the wolves blog also. thank you for speaking out in trurth , its a shame this blog has not met a wider audience.


    • Hi C Cam.

      Thanks for your comment. I think one thing that I’ve learnt since all this happened is that “truth” is unfortunately both subjective and often irrelevant.

      It’s good to see that people like yourself genuinely seek truth. I really had hoped that things would have been resolved by now, but I feel I’ve done my part and there has been improvement at RTV as a result. It’s in God’s hands. He is a good God and I pray for him to show mercy to Howard and those at RTV.

      Bless you.

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