“Apologies” and a Call for Arbitration? Conder digs a bigger hole!

If you haven’t read it yet, I’d suggest that you read my first blog post to give this one context


I don’t know if you will have noticed, but I went quiet for around a week.

Howard Conder put out an “apology”, which you can access at the bottom of the page along with the entire correspondence on the matter.

This “apology” was no more than a PR stunt, as proved by events since. There was no acknowledgment of wrongdoing, just sorry for any “misunderstanding”. To top it off, he posted it on a very old Facebook page where hardly anyone would see it!

Obviously, we were a little disappointed with this less than specific apology, which didn’t address any of our grievances. We posted a few comments and I think I was rather gracious. I thanked him by saying it was a good start, but in order for it to feel genuine, he really needed to respond to my emails.

Howard deleted all our comments!!!

We confronted him and he did it again and then again!

In the end, he removed his apology and posted a new statement saying that because his apology wasn’t well received, arbitration was needed.

Howard actually wrote –  “I will stand or fall according to their judgement for I fear not what my accusers say.”

I had already made clear in previous emails that I was happy to debate Howard LIVE in the event that he truly believed in his innocence. Arbitration would effectively be the same, but done privately.

This suggestion had its merits as I’d much rather see Howard and Co resign than potentially be publicly carted off by the authorities. Whilst they need to all be shown for the wolves they are, arbitration could at least make us Christians look less complicit/stupidly ignorant regarding the abhorrent goings on at Revelation TV.

I think that’s one of my biggest struggles with other believers. They seem to have this approach that God will deal with those who do wrong and therefore they don’t need to do anything. We do!!!

God wants us to expose those that call themselves believers, but live sinful unrepentant lives (1 Corinthians 5:12). The Bible tells us not to judge those who are non-believers and yet they seem to be the ones most Christians feel comfortable judging!

We all seem quite happy to judge our politicians, bankers etc and have our opinions on topics like gay marriage etc. Why do we not get equally if not more outraged at fellow “believers” (especially our “leaders”) who are living questionable lives? They are the hypocrites Jesus would have been righteously angry with.

Yes, our God is a God of second and even third and fourth chances, but only for those who are repentant in heart. Conder and Pettie have shown they are not in the least bit sorry for their actions and are continuing their attempts to discredit those who expose the truth.

My hope is that when brought to their knees by the truth, they may be able to see the error of their ways and repent.

Sadly though, I feel further disillusionment after attempts at negotiating terms for arbitration.

Hugh Jackman, who I considered a friend in the early days was the one given the job of organising. I had a question mark regarding his integrity due to his lack of action in the early days, but now the question mark is removed and I see a bit more clearly where his allegiances lie.

Obviously, I had my concerns as did the others involved, but I decided to entertain the idea. One of the biggest concerns was the independence of the arbitrators.

Anyone that they put forward would automatically have a question mark. I suggested that we be allowed to select half the panel and I also made clear that the arbitrators need to be aware of the seriousness of this and need to be prepared to conclude that Howard, the entire Conder family and Trustees should step down. If they were prepared for this, I was happy to go ahead.

I think this is reasonable. I’m a busy lady with a business to run and the last thing I want is to put my time into this, get a guilty verdict, but get no more than an apology!

This would be ridiculous. They have spent years deliberately misleading viewers to donate and the tactics used amount to fraud. The situation is too serious for any pastor to arbitrate without having a maximum penalty agreed.

Howard has professed his innocence publicly, so why wouldn’t he go along with that. If he truly believed he had done nothing wrong, he would agree.

I was asked by Hugh to “refrain from public comment” and “cease and desist from writing any further comments about the situation online and await this meeting”. I reluctantly did so and agreed to wait until Jackman had spoken to the potential lead arbitrator.

I kept quiet, but then discovered that Jackman and Conder were on LIVE TV talking about the blogs with all their “lies” and “half-truths”!

Unbelievable right?!!!

I didn’t expect much from them, but this was so hypocritical.

I later received an email from Jackman saying that due to my association with Treena Gisborn and posts on my blog that he was declining to be involved.

Firstly, Jackman had confused my blog and Treena’s. Secondly, my association with Treena is not related to arbitration. Yes, Treena has been rather vocal regarding her view of Jackman, but if you are going to put yourself out there as a public figure, you will get the public scrutiny along with the fame.

At this point, it appeared that Jackman was withdrawing personally, but the arbitration still continuing.

On hearing this, I confronted regarding the programme where they had talked about the blogs publishing lies and half truths. Hugh made clear he was not going to comment and that he would have no more contact with us.

He had made a heap of false accusations, which when proved incorrect, he refused to comment and cut off communication – He did a “Howie”!!!

He gave this as a final communication

“I am writing to let you know the position as far as the possible arbitration is concerned. A key minister from the body of Christ has been briefed on the situation, and has advised to wait until the outcome of the Charity commission enquiry since the two issues are closely related.”

Basically, the “key minister from the body of Christ” doesn’t want to get involved. I don’t blame them. In order to arbitrate something like this, you would need to have nothing to lose and very few “key ministers” are truly in that position. Their reputations would be at serious risk for delivering a wrong conclusion in either direction.

Conder and Pettie clearly don’t realise that all they have to do is come clean and want to put things right and whilst it will be hard at first, at least redemption could one day be achieved.

There’s no point going to trial when the prosecution have a motive, a witness and a murder weapon with your finger prints all over it. To top it off the police caught you red handed!

Only an idiot keeps pretending at this stage. Just tell the truth!!!

The consequences will be less severe and we will all be able to move forward with our lives.

Click here for Howard’s apology via Facebook

Click here for Arbitration discussion with Hugh Jackman


34 thoughts on ““Apologies” and a Call for Arbitration? Conder digs a bigger hole!

  1. Another good blog Sarah. Everyone note that Howard judges that the “apology ” was clearly not received . Well to Me an apology does just that no excuses no self pity. ie how ever many years I have left and all of the rest of his post, just a plain simple apology and maybe retraction of the horrible things he put on His FB about us and some explanations.
    He accused us of conspiring together, I didn’t even know Sarah existed until two weeks ago, nor her me, until when I read her post on FB re showing Me being name and accused on Howards FB last Decemeber. He said we were conspiring to bring Revelation TV down . Sorry Howard and co you have done that all by yourselves also He accused us of wanting to malign other Members of REV TV and the Conder Family.
    Well I will now state on here that I discretely went to Howard and the Trustees when I saw some very unsavoury written things and photographs of the Conder children 5 years ago, Myself and a Witness confirmed it Howard by sending you the information We had seen in public areas. Howard put his resignation up on Revelation Tv’s Website and was going to sack all of the Conder Children but this didn’t happen. I could have really brought you down then if I were that sort of Person over that lot. Yet Howard repays me by naming Me falsley and publicly on Facebook and on air. Like He repaid Sarah for all of her help in setting up REV TV, they repaid their good with evil !
    Also note the apology says IF that was no the case , so he must still have doubts. Howard mentions assumptions , well if Revelation Trustees and Staff answered the perfectly legitimate questions asked would We need to assume anything as they say “We are Family , we are transparent”, this was only on building the Foundation nights though wasn’t it.
    Can’t wait to see next Wednesday at 9pm ” Its time for revelation ” on fundraising, with all that is going on.
    Howard also quotes Psalm 133 v 1 , Brothers dwelling in Harmony, well fat chance of that when He comes on air falsely accusing people, accusing people of half truths, saying some vessels are toilets as He did on the late show last Tuesday. Also putting all manner of insults on his FB page about innocent People. He complained abut blogs with half truths. Yet His Facebook page told complete lies about us, not half truths
    He also said He wanted to start the ball rolling for arbitratoin next week, which was a week ago.
    I like Sarah waited up this last Tuesday until midnight to get the promised E Mail from Hugh Jackman, let your yes be yes ! re arbitratoin only for them to say now it has to be after the conclusions of the Charities commision, why you may ask.
    Also note on Hugh’s E Mails they all start with ” I write on the Name of Jesus ” except the last ones to Sarah and Myself and the one to Sarah personally. Maybe even He couldn’t include Jesus name on these last two ! I very much double Jesus is involved in anything they prosposed at all.
    Rather than it being because of Sarah’s involement with Treena that Hugh backed out I would say it was because of the reasonable and necessary conditions Sarah E Mailed to him re arbitration .

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  2. From the very outset I had a very bad feeling about arbitration, and I very much feared for those who became involved in it. I believe that the Lord led me to Nehemiah 6/2:

    “Sanballat and Geshem sent to me, saying, “Come and let us meet together at Hakkephirim in the plain of Ono.” But they intended to do me harm.”

    I was a bit reluctant to give this out at that time because I felt I needed confirmation. I am in no doubt that Conder’s subsequent behaviour has given me that confirmation.

    I also feel that 2 Timothy 3 is very relevant to this situation – the whole chapter actually – but here are a couple of verses:

    “Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so these men also oppose the truth, men corrupted in mind and disqualified regarding the faith. 9But they will not get very far, for their folly will be plain to all, as was that of those two men.” (verse 8)

    “…..while evil people and impostors will go on from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.” (verse 13)

    Regarding Hugh Jackman; I was very alarmed that both he and Conder twisted the scriptures out of all proportion in true apostate style on the 16th of March and I believed that this needed to be exposed:

    Revelation TV (RTV) R-Mornings the 16th of March from about 11minutes in.


    To compensate for his lack of gifting and calling, Jackman has attempted to validate his “ministry” with a Mickey Mouse honorary Doctorate in Ministry, awarded by Excel University in November 2014. It is worth noting that the Dmin (Doctor of Ministry) is no way, shape, or form equivalent to or even comparable to a real PhD.

    The Bible says with very good reason: “Not many of you should become teachers…..” (James 3/1)

    My own view is that these wicked men should be avoided at all costs.
    God bless Treena x


    • Thankyou Treena for that, I was very unsettled Re arbitration as well as it needs to involve Godly Christian People who want the truth to be spoken and will abide to the results of arbitration. I had no confidence at all that this would happen . Your scripture confirms that.
      Also why can’t Howard see His error himself and the way He behaves, or those around Him come to that, If they don’t see it if they are as bad as Him if they do they are guilty of not speaking out everyone last one of them. The Holy spirit convicts us surely and if He isn’t convicted by now of His behavoir , wrong, attitudes, falsely accusing others , yet stating thy are liars on air what hope was there.
      He has never come to Me once in the years that I been wronged by him and apologised or retracted what He has said.
      He just labelled Me and involved others. I once E Mailled Barbara Fernado who has the appartments in Spain, she used to advertise them on REV TV and I spoke of what She adervtised as a Christian Community and what I knew the Conder Family were doing form their photos , scripts etc. I told her of a photograph of Luke and a number of his friends urinating up a wall all in a row and took a photo of it an I beleive it was on My space at the time, I do have a witness to this. Howard sent Me a copy of his response to her, saying that ” I was well know to REV .TV. Barbara Fernando subsequently called Me ” a so called Christian” and said how could I speak of the lovely Conder Family in this way.
      Both Her and Her son attended the opening night of Howies, Her son had photos on his FB , now removed

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  3. It can take a long time to get over betrayal within the Body of Christ Sheila…. I know from past experience. God will bring about the final conclusion to this mess, and in the meantime we are learning much about following the Lord Jesus Christ in Truth. He will bring good out of it I am convinced – Romans 8/28 tx


  4. Thankyou for that Trena. I had totally cut REV TV out of My life for the last year, never to be involved again. I haven’t contacted then in anyway, yet I find that Howard had falsley accused Me of contacting the Charities Commision about them by reading Sarah’s blog. Well this time He can have it all back and take it back to the pit of the Devils lies it came from. Judge not Howard and I beleive now that as He chose to Judge us , he is being judged in the same way, publicly, the only difference is We are innocent

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  5. I have been following the posts on both blogs – here and Treena’s – with great interest. I have felt for some time that there was too many anomalies with how REVTV is run. I have been a supporter financially as I felt that it was the only Christian channel that spoke the truth. I always tried to ignore the little niggles about some of the programmes and where they came from. Then I noticed too many really excellent men of God were suddenly no longer appearing on the programmes with no explanation! Also I had my own dealings with them regarding certain issues which I won’t go into. But I was very frustrated at their inability to accept they made mistakes, turning it back onto me saying things like “sorry you were offended by … xyz” when I wasn’t offended but concerned for their integrity!

    Returning to the original post by Sarah and what has been subsequently posted, I do totally agree that REVTV has been extremely lacking in transparency regarding where their finances come from. I also think they are unethical and with regard to the so-called bar, also extremely worldly, but am wondering whether the Charities Commission will bring fraud charges against them based on that? (I am not an expert on financial law)

    The other thing I wonder is who was it who did report REVTV to the Commission in the first place? It would of had to have been someone who had inside knowledge!

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  6. Sarah,
    Certainly, I believe the leadership crew at RTV are doing the Devil’s work, of that there is no doubt. They care not where the money comes from, are ecumenical and Rome-ward bound, and I hate just about everything they do!
    And yes, money from our own coffers have previously supported RTV (sad be it for me to say).
    But, when you say “They seem to have this approach that God will deal with those who do wrong and therefore they don’t need to do anything. We do!!!”
    I would remind you that “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord” Romans 12.19.
    Having said this, I believe that when we can see error, false teaching and the like, it is incumbent on the believer (as you are doing) to warn others, as per Ephesians 5.11-“Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” Some translations (NASB for one example) render it “expose”.
    We may be rest assured that even if these charlatans seem to be living the high life, and escaping the human courts of justice; one Day, they WILL meet THE Judge! But more than this, would any true believer do all the things they do, and approve of? You wonder if such have a conscience? I would not want to live a life where I had to constantly look in a rear view mirror, and cover my tracks as I went along!
    “Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in His sight: But all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of Him with whom we have to do. Hebrews 4.13.
    Why does God’s word say
    “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he that is filthy, let him be filthy still” Rev 22.11?
    Every blessing.

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  7. I have never supported Rev TV financially, but I feel so sorry for those who have in the past, and, indeed, those misguided souls who continue to do so. A lot of sincere and genuine people have been badly let down by Conder et al, who’s attitude and behaviour towards their supporters has been nothing short of disgraceful. I sincerely hope that the CC expose them, and, at the very least, order that the entire group of Trustees stand down immediately. Their status as a charity should also be withdrawn.

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  8. I have avoided commenting on this situation because it has been in the hands of the authorities, but I think I can now let people know what has been happening.

    In April 2009 I started keeping a record of information about revelation TV in a blog article, which I occasionally updated. My reason for doing so was to provide what I hoped would be transparency through an impartial source of facts about the station and how it was organised. I felt that this would counter some of the narrative I was seeing on Facebook or other media. For example, I reproduced summaries of their OFCOM compliance cases to show that they were not being prevented from preaching the gospel, as some people had claimed. Their four cases were actually about an alleged cure for cancer, commercial promotions within programmes, breach of watershed rules and bias against homosexuals.

    I recorded the ongoing story of the channel and examined its theological position. I also published some information about the structure of the business and some excerpts from their annual report and accounts. This included the relationship with 21st Century Television Ltd as a supplier, and their payments to the Revelation Foundation, although I was unaware of Sarah’s claim that income from ministries was going into the company rather than the charity.

    At no time has anyone from Revelation TV complained about me publishing this material. I have had no contact with anyone from the station or with Howard Conder. My article is about a registered charity and it is all in the public domain anyway. Occasionally people would contact me about it, but I did not think about Revelation TV from one day to the next until late last year when the Charity commission investigation was opened. I was contacted a few weeks later by John Shipton and we had a brief exchange of emails.

    On 4th December 2014 Howard Conder published an article on his Facebook page naming Sarah and saying she was “in cahoots” with people called Sheila and Chris and alleging that they had made complaints to the charities commission. He also said “I now have asked the trustees to give me back RTV.” Because the Charity Commission had an open investigation into the possible transfer of assets from the charity I decided to send a copy of that post to the investigation team.

    On Friday 6th March Howard used his R-Mornings TV programme to specifically name me. He repeated this on a second programme on March 9th and said that when the investigation was over he would be coming after me and anyone else who had complained. He also likened what people were discussing online about Revelation TV to the trolling of the McCann family on Twitter (which was big news at that time).

    I took his words as a direct threat to my personal safety and after discussions with various people I reported the threats to the Charity Commission who contacted the trustees of the Revelation Foundation about it. I also reported it to the Spanish Broadcasting Regulator CNMC who are still dealing with it, and may be referring it to the police. This is one of the reasons I have not commented since Sarah went public.

    This was the second time I had been named by Howard as some sort of ringleader. Around the same time as his 14th December 2014 posting on Facebook he had written another post quoting an email written by someone else which had a photo of his house in it and stated that I wrote it. This is similar to the experience that Sarah had with one of her emails being edited and reproduced.

    I want to make it absolutely clear that I did not submit the complaint to the Charity Commission. I only contacted them months later when there was an indication that assets might be about to be taken from the charity and transferred to a private company.

    Although Mr Conder seems convinced there has been a conspiracy against him I did not know these other people until relatively recently and we only came into contact because of his threats! I had never heard of Sarah at all until he mentioned her name on Facebook; I knew Sheila’s name from the old Revelation TV Facebook page; Chris I had communicated with in relation to my blog once or twice, and I had been contacted by John late last year after the complaint had been made to the Charity Commission.

    We don’t even agree with each other. For example, I don’t think there has necessarily been any breach of charity law. Transfers between related commercial companies are permitted provided there are proper contracts and paperwork in place. I think people will be disappointed by the scope of current charity legislation and I have said so elsewhere. I do think Revelation TV should have included income from ministries and payments to 21st Century TV Ltd in their Building the Foundation graphs. Both would have cancelled each other out, but they should have been shown for clarity. I also don’t think the Conder family should have been trustees of the foundation while their commercial company was benefiting from contracts with the charity. I suspect the Charity Commission will insist on greater separation of the two. Like many of these Christian TV channels it is run more like a family business (think the Alecs at God TV or the Crouchs at TBN). This is probably why they have problems with charity accountability. It must feel like an intrusion – but it is the price of the funding they get in tax relief and gift aid.

    In relation to Howies Club, I think it was ill judged knowing the constituency of their supporters. Denying any involvement in it was just weird.

    I don’t know why Howard went for me in this way specifically. It must be partly about public scrutiny of what must feel like his family firm. I was probably also an easy target as I am not a fundamentalist evangelical. I am, however, a Christian and I bear him no ill will.

    Finally, I have had a considerable number of sleepless nights over this whole affair, and I don’t think these are likely to end any time soon. I just hope that the outcome of the Charity Commission investigation is accepted by all sides when it is published.

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  9. I think it truly very shocking what Gordon has revealed, most especially regarding his “personal safety” and “number of sleepless nights”.
    As he rightly says regarding charitable accountability, “it is the price of the funding they get in tax relief and gift aid”.

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  10. Thankyou for sharing that Gordon. I think Howard goes for anyone He can. He seems very paranoid about what is going on and has many delusions about the truth.
    He seems to think He can make threats on air and get away with it.
    I watched a programme with him and Hugh Jackman , who just sits there and agrees. Howard said that your blog was lies and that you preferred lies. After seeing this I went through your blog and I am not knowlegable about every single thing but most of what I read is truth and with documentation to it.
    I confirm that I have had no contact with you for a year or more , We shared things re Howies and the OB truck on FB when it all came into the current comments, before they closed it down, but I had totally distanced Myself form everything to do with them.
    Then I found out that Howards had named me on FB and on air, I haven’t seen the on air one but I know someone who has a copy of it.
    Personally I hope the Police do take it up with him, He has had more than enough grace to do the right thing.


  11. I tried to look at R mornings 6th March, but its not there all the other dates are but not that one. Did anyone record this and if so can you put a link on here for it.


  12. Yes, there is a recording of it Sheila. I am glad they have taken it down as it clearly defamed me. A sorry would be nice though. It might even be enough.


  13. As always, a balanced, restrained piece from Gordon Hudson given some of the false, and somewhat sinister remarks from Howard Conder. The CC are clearly taking their time with the investigation, and the outcome of that is clearly what will determine happens in the future. Once their report is published, it will be for individuals to decide whether to continue to support them or not.

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  14. Well, Who saw “The Show ” last night. We started off with a mention of 21st Century TV not by name but to clarify that they make a living from it. As Howard sat there and said we have to make a living. I am not as up as some People on all of His Companies but found these from which He must make a living.

    Short name Howard Conder Year of Birth: 1946 Director ID: 904812334 Registered Address 45 King Charles RoadSurbitonSurreyKT5 8PF

    Read more at: http://companycheck.co.uk/director/904812334/MR-HOWARD-LOWTHIAN-CONDER

    Then We has the run down on how it all started and how many times they had re mortgaged their home.
    Accompanied by Jeremy sitting in the Family kitchen of Howard and Leslies Family home. Funny they mentioned how small it all stared with a few voulenteers but failed to say that Howard now pays back one of those voulenteers by Falsley accusing Her of reporting them to the Charities Commision

    Then they actully admitted that in the beginning they had in Leslies words “anybody” on air to get the money to run the channel and Howard said they had ” Iffy ” ministires on . Well how would God view that , would he want “Iffy ” Ministries on his channel , I doubt it, My God shall supply all of my needs !
    Then did we not hear that the compliants to the Charities Commision has actually made People give more at the time, yet they now show a defecit and Gordon says they can’t carry on like this.

    Then I was pretty shocked to hear that the piece of land that they had said they need to buy for the new studio has not come to fruition. Correct Me if I’m wrong as I in sheer disgust stopped watching Rev Tv over a year ago but did I not see that they were fundraising for this land and had to have so much as a deposit to ascertain this land. Now they actually don’t have anywhere to use the ” RING FENCED MONEY”, Gordon said last night that the ring fenced money cannot be used for anything else, so the question has to be asked have the laws changed or otherwise why could the OB Truck momey be used not for the purpose it was raised for ie UK for visiting Churches and outside broadcast in UK, rather puzzling.

    Then I felt I need to reach for the sick bucket as Alan Tun , was reading out ONLY complimentary E Mails and positive ones, I’m sure amongst the many He had , there must have been either a few questions or more negative ones. But He did say He couldn’t read them all, (so lets hand pick them shall We Alan), and whilst We are on the subject of E Mails I still am awaiting an answer from him myself.
    Then We had , We are interactive , we take phone calls and E Mails, but didn’t mention that the Trustee’s every last one of them have ignored E Mails and so has Howard.

    We had the pleasure of all them last night, DR Hugh Jakeman appeared with scripture to try to “encourage” People to give. Pity He doesn’t keep to them Re His agreement behind the Scenes re arbitration.

    Then the equally smarmy DR Richard Kent appears, He is a Trustee who has not answered me and He interviews Berget, she say that She really appreciates the Leaders of Rev TV as you can see the fruits of their ministry in their Characeter and behavoir. Maybe She isn’t tuned in when Howard is making threats , falsely accusing and other other manner of ” Fruit of the Spirit. Or maybe She failed to read his Facebook when He attacks innocent People and makes false accusations.

    Oh well I guess that if you don’t know what is going on behind the Scenes, you may have been fooled.

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  15. I have just watched the first bit of Time for Revelation with Howard and Lesley and can see what they are saying. Yes I can understand why they did what they did (if it’s true), but it leaves so many unanswered questions. Sarah, as you worked there I recommend you watch the first 20 minutes if you can as you were there at the time!

    Howard’s behaviour with regard to naming names and slandering people is reprehensible. The land for the new studio debacle calls into question whether it was “of the Lord”! They’ve received money in good faith from many people who can barely afford it. Why do they not ask themselves that if they have had so many setbacks perhaps they should take few steps back and look again! They should at least offer to give the money back to those people. The OB truck I didn’t know about, but it seems to be in the same vein. Finally where does Howie’s bar fit in? It is definitely not in keeping with a Christian ethos! People are being deceived, but maybe I am so out of touch with modern Christianity that bars and nightclubs are now totally acceptable and congruent to a holy lifestyle!

    I still think (like Gordon above) the charities commission might find in their favour, but the rest of it, especially how they treat people who have legitimate concerns, is appalling!

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  16. They leave out all the other companies they are involved with only mentioned two, one having failed, they also said that viewers who were with them from the beginning would have known how it all worked,(leslies comment)…They also said that the equipment was paid for by them, yet I remember various building funds when they clearly stated they had to replace old equipment,on programmes aired when they used to have regular building the foundation episodes, and I believe they had lost cameras had them stolen in transit. I know that they never, ever said till this came out how they made their wages, because people used to write in on air. They also said they will vet the phonecalls on their new live programmes due to some who spoil it for others Howards words. What puzzles me is how come the foundation pay for the rental costs of the studios etc from the publics money, does that mean that the Limited company uses the studios and offices for nothing on charity money? just a thought someone enlighten me please. Sarah Treena you only have to wach to first ten mins or so to clarify what im saying it is on sat again. if you can possibly bear it. Their set up is so complex even they were getting flustered.

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  17. Yes Carolyn they admitted eventually that the OB Truck was never of the Lord. Now there is ring fenced money sitting without any immediate use. The way they treat People is appalling and everyone you approach that works there , seems to aligne themselves with them or make excuses or cover up or back out after offering to organise arbitration, Im afraid the have been numerous unanswered questions that remain unanswered,( then they get upset when People speculate or speak with each other, or I should say get abusive, name call and threaten) on what is going on. Then of course when some truths or awkward questions start to come out they shut down Facebook. Or threaten People with Libel.Yet Howard can falsely accuse , threaten , insult on air and Facebook.

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  18. You cannot have nearly a million pounds in the bank gathering interest whilst people are still having to give to meet the monthly costs that is ludicrous.

    people have paid in a million , and when it is used for the new building no doubt their limited company will be run from there as well. as it is tv production company so the public are paying for the limited company too that is how i see it Am i wrong someone please tell me I am.

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  19. I am quoting from Rob Thomas below:

    “Let’s have a little look at the financial standing of the Conders’ 21st. Century TV Ltd. The most recent figures published (for the year ending 31/3/14), which are easily accessible and verifiable via a quick Google company search, underline just how healthily the company is trading. It has total assets of £857,168, with net assets of £449,298 after total liabilities of £407,870 are taken into account. And money in the bank? No less than £433,529! On the BizDb site, the company description concludes with the telling observation: “From the moment the company debuted in this line of business thirteen years ago, this firm has sustained its impressive level of success.” These facts and figures speak volumes. Revelation TV has had no need whatsoever to elicit funding from its viewers. Yet they have unashamedly done so, by being extremely economical… with the TRUTH!”

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  20. RTV cleared-the Charities Commission “find no loss of charitable funds”. This is the outcome that Gordon Hudson expected.
    RTV can carry on regardless!


    • They have been legally made to have an interim Mananger,if you look on charities commisions web site it tells you why they do this. If all was OK it would not be happening


      • Being on the peripheral of all of this, only having donated money via direct debits and ‘one-offs’, I must confess that I haven’t the inside knowledge that Sarah or Sheila (SOS!) have in the daily goings on, and relationship issues within RTV. Though, I remember my wife did speak to HC on the phone back in 2003, and told me “What a charming man!-Why can’t YOU be like him”!!!
        I have come to believe and know that Conder & Co are “Wolves in sheeps clothing” ONLY through my subsequent study of God’s Word, not by my being once in the inner circle.
        The images on Treena Gisborn’s website are so sickening, that I couldn’t bring myself to comment!
        It is good that Gordon Hudson has commented here, despite his what one may call a “lack of passion”, he nevertheless has followed the RTV story for not an inconsiderable period, and coupled with his knowledge of how charities work, being that he is involved in managing one or many (though I believe he has a disclaimer on his web page, and currently has less information, maybe because of the present situation I know not). I think there is much wisdom in what Gordon says, though I like it not-how many charities would stand, being examined from the lens of the Word of God? Will the Charities commission ‘rock the boat’? Can any ‘charity’ stand in the searchlight of God’s Word? Of course not!
        When I read RTV’s announcement this evening, Sarah castigated it as ‘spin’! Would a ‘Christian’ broadcaster such as RTV tell such bare faced lies? We must never think that the Charities Commission would be sympathetic from the principles of God’s Word? Without exception ALL ‘charities’ today are bending/breaking the rules! They are all being ran by men whose hearts are “desperately wicked” Jeremiah 17.9. Let us not forget this.
        It would be good if RTV could be brought to acknowledge the error of their ways. But do I think this will happen? Not for one second! I am sure the Charities Commission have far bigger fish to fry.


    • I have commented in Sarah’s latest post. This was entirely predictable because of the narrow range of issues the Charity Commission can investigate. If they had not gone about threatening people then they would probably not had an accountant put in to oversee things for a while. They brought that on themselves, especially by threatening to move assets.

      They certainly haven’t been cleared, but it is only a matter of time. Just read through some old CC investigation reports to see how these things end.


      • Gordon ,have you read the details of the link I put on ,explaining what the Interim Manager will be doing, a different version to Revelation’s account of it


  21. The Charities Commision have issued a press release on the following linkhttps://www.gov.uk/government/news/interim-manager-appointed-to-revelation-foundation


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