Why I think Revelation TV is being investigated by the Charity Commission

Howard Conder lied about me for propaganda.

Yes, I know, there are many people out there who couldn’t believe such a thing. I didn’t think he was capable of something quite so awful, especially to someone who gave him a year of their life to help set up Revelation TV.

Howard did this because the Revelation Foundation is being investigated by the Charity Commission for various things. Howard wrongly believed that I had been one of the people who reported them. I wasn’t, but perhaps I should have been?

In his desperation Howard wrote a very long Facebook post back in November 2014. In it, he talked of a Sarah nee J. That’s me! However, my actual name is Sarah Acott. Unfortunately, Howard decided to rewrite history and made many false accusations about me.

The thing that is hardest to forgive, however, is not the lies about me personally, as there is a chance he may have just been confusing me with someone else. The real problem is that I sent a confidential report to the trustees in 2012, which together with the lies, Howard EDITED and posted on Facebook!

Why would Howard do this?

The only logical conclusion I can come to is that he needed someone to blame for the Charity commission investigation. He had to vilify someone. How else could he explain the investigation if there weren’t evil people out there?

I’m not the only one he’s lied about either. There are so many people who Howard has attacked through his Facebook page and reading his other posts made me feel a little ill. He’s even attacked my entire family publicly, both on air and Facebook with nonsense about how we’ve brought down churches!

I honestly can’t think where that came from as my family have taken unpaid pastoral roles in the past in order to save 2 churches. My mum has provided free Christian counseling for countless people and done so at great sacrifice. My father was one of those in the early days of Christian TV (He even helped Howard (unpaid, I believe) set up his pre-Revelation studio about 20 years ago, when I was just a child) and has a great reputation for not only his expertise and dedication, but also being of good character, which Howard has tried to ruin.

I know of many people who Howard has threatened with solicitors, myself and my father included, just for questioning things. Normally Howards intimidation works, but he’s libelled me and so I can now write these things without fear.

All of these things are pre-meditated. It took a lot of thought to not only to lie about me and my character, but to actually take a legitimate well-intentioned report and edit it for propaganda… you don’t do that without thinking about it first, do you?

My report, which you can access below, was addressing fundraising tactics. At the time, when asked where the Conders get their money from, they would always say they don’t take money from Revelation, they have “other means”. This was not true as the Conders were getting paid by the back door through 21st Century TV Ltd (a private limited company) the whole time.

I can’t count the number of people who would tell me how wonderful it was to see Howard and Lesley running the station with no financial reward at all and how great it was to see where every penny goes. I never had the heart to tell them it was a lie. Perhaps I should have, but I didn’t have the proof until more recently.

One person I know has donated nearly £200,000 (yes you did read that right). This person is now trying to get their donations back as they donated because of deception and in this particular case outright lies concerning 21st Century TV.

How many others donated because they were deceived? Were you one of them?

I have sent many emails both to Howard and the Trustees and the only person who has actually made the effort to put things right is Alan Tun, who is sadly no longer a trustee. The only other communication I had, is Gordon Pettie distancing himself from the situation and denying any responsibility to act.

I have been informed by Alan Tun that Howard won’t even read my emails, because it will get him too stirred up. The reality is that I can prove Howard has lied and he knows if he reads my emails he will actually have to deal with the truth.

As believers we need to be the ones to expose this. The Independent have already published that the Revelation Foundation are being investigated and it’s important that we tell the story as to why first. We Christians are the ones who funded and gave our time to Revelation, so we should be the ones who correct it.

Click here for my letter sent to the Trustees in 2012

Click here for the BTF report to accompany the letter to Trustees in 2012

Click here for my response from Peter Darg

Click here to access Howards facebook Post for Propaganda

Click here for my response to Howards Facebook post sent to Howard and the Trustees

Click here to see the response received from Revelation TV – Latest dated May 2015

283 thoughts on “Why I think Revelation TV is being investigated by the Charity Commission

      • I understand HC and wife get their money from the 21st century account . The channel also makes money from selling air time to known false teachers, Jessie Duplantis, Joyce Meyer , Joseph prince, pat Robinson and many others. From my understanding he is not able to use this money for the ” building the foundation?” . Therefore each month they have a begathon . HC dosnt tell his viewers where their money comes from. I have also noticed that he has had stories removed from Googall and face book. To use the money that false teachers have fleased from the flock is disgraceful. HC reacently said there were no false teachers on his channel. I don’t believe this channel will be blessed by God???


      • You’re very right Michael. Howard doesn’t like the viewers to know the truth. I think God has been gracious so far with them, but who knows what the future holds.


    • Ok. What are you trying to tell me? I don’t know thsee guys so I make no comment on what they’ve said in general, only that you feel to highlight something they are saying.

      These guys are talking about reconciliation. I’m fully up for putting things in the past. Is that what you want?

      Call me or email me, you have all my details. Howard, I want nothing more than peace between us.


    • ################################################


      The Charity Commission will not start an investigation unless they have evidence. This is made clear on their website!
      The person making the complaint is also warned: “Anyone who knowingly or recklessly provides false or misleading information on this form will be guilty of an offence under section 60(1)(b) of the Charities Act 2011.”

      In November 2014, the Charity Commission made a very strong opening statement. The reason they could do that was because they already had the evidence. It was already given to them. Do you understand now?

      What did the Charity Commission ACTUALLY say?
      “In March 2014 complaints were received from members of the public alleging the charity was being used for private advantage. A subsequent scrutiny of the charity’s accounts by the commission identified regulatory concerns which include potential significant loss of charitable funds, trustee benefits, conflicts of interest and connected party transactions.”

      No-one has accused you of making the money go missing or stealing it. You are deliberately trying to misrepresent the situation.
      The motive for “shopping” you to the CC was because you have been taking payments (the airtime fees that other ministries pay to be on Revelation TV) while telling the viewers that you were not being paid or taking anything out of the charity.

      The Interim Manager has not submitted his report to the Charity Commission yet because of the NEW, SERIOUS evidence that was uncovered in Mid-December (2015). I bet you know that but I guess you have to continue playing dumb in the desperate hope that you will get off somehow.

      (I really can’t tell whether you are genuinely stupid or just pretend for example, it’s been explained to you several times why the telephone number is correctly displayed as “020 (pause) 8972 (pause) 1408” and not “0208 (pause) 972 (pause) 1408” but you still keep doing it the wrong way. Someone living in the “outer London area” can’t get through to you if they dial 972 1408.)



      • Not sure who wrote the last post that has come to my Mail as no name, but what is the new serious evidence that the CC have found, how did you find this out


    • What on earth are these young numpties wittering on about? What arrogance to say that their opinions and ‘feelings’ are ‘words from the Spirit of God’!

      Have they never had any Biblical or theological instruction? Do they not realise that in making this claim they are blaspheming?

      What is the background of this man Conder (and wife) which prompts him to broadcast such disturbing nonsense, and to respond to serious questions with juvenile comments and distasteful videos?

      Thankfully, God is not mocked, and he will certainly reap what he sows; but in the meantime I hope that true Christians will boycott this man and everything he claims to do in the name of the Lord……


      • So right GE. Feelings and opinions are so subjective and to claim they are God without proof is not acceptable.

        Unfortunately most of their viewers are more interested in being entertained that the truth.


  1. I won’t watch the above videos-I have better things to do with my time-like walk the dog for one!
    Be careful Sara, peace at any cost?


    • Definitely not at any cost, but ultimately I think we would all prefer to move forwards and I think deep down Howard knows he has been in the wrong with things. All he needs to do is speak honestly and repent.


  2. Please trust me Sarah, you should not trust this man one little bit. His behaviour in respect of these posts is bizarre to say the least, and his only agenda is to protect his bloated ego.


    • I have no opinion born of fact, I do like various aspects of what Revtv does, so credit where credit is due. However, there are somethings that deeply trouble me about some of the teachings they embrace, at times it seems like it is boarding on the cultish… And its that aspect that gives rise to my concerns, my spirit tells me that something is not quite right… This is just a discernment on my part, I can offer no facts other than I know that in the end we will all have to give account to God for our motives and actions. Use wisdom when financially supporting anyone, do your research and be responsible with Gods resources.


      • Hi Tony

        RTV defiantly have something cult like in thier approach. It’s all smokescreens and mirrors.

        Credit is due for some of what they have done, but God looks at what we do when the cameras are not rolling. That is what truly defines them as anyone can go out in public and put on a good show. Who they are in private is who they are in reality.


  3. Conders strategy now will be to draw you in and try to get you to forget the past, then try to persuade you to go public with a conciliatory statement telling everyone how wonderful he is in agreeing to move forward with you. Conder has a potent and intoxicating need to have his ego massaged for him at every opportunity, and this is what he is trying to achieve here. You should not give him the satisfaction of attaining that goal. That said, your stance of offering him the chance to repent and speak honestly is the correct one, if you were to snub him out of hand, he would appear on the Late Show telling everyone that he has tried to build bridges and you have rebuffed him. As it stands at the moment, he can’t do that, perhaps that’s what he wants anyway. Maintain your current position but, as I have said repeatedly, do not make the mistake of trusting this very vain, ego driven manipulator.


    • I agree with your concerns and that was my thoughts too, but Howard should never be seen as beyond redemption. I genuinely hope that Howard will take things further with a proper dialogue and he is always welcome to contact me.

      Its very sad that there is so little trust.

      Howard if you’re reading this, I hope you can see that I’ve exposed you in order to help you. This has been at great personal expense. It all started when I was working 90 hour weeks (still very close now), but even though my time was scarce I thought enough of you to take action. Take that as a compliment as it means I care.


  4. It’s funny how “the Lord” (note, I really do believe in the real Jesus) always tells people good stuff..increase..influence..revival..divine connections..but He never says “you will be hated for my name’s sake”…”they will persecute you as they persecuted me”..Oh hang on.. :p

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    • So very true… they only want to listen to the good stuff. The only times they seem to hear about the negative is when they can blame their failings on a spiritual attack.

      It’s sad that so many Christians have selective and manipulative hearing.


  5. Amazed to hear Jeremy Park state on R Mornings that a lot of what Hitler said in the lead up to WW2 was true. You can hear for yourself on the catch up service at about 22 minutes in.


      • Moreover it demonstrates how much out of touch they are with what Christmas is about “JESUS”
        Over the years we have had the Grandaughters in their matching dressing gowns, opening presents,
        Stupid snow scenes etc etc, no connection to Jesus birth at all, we can see all of this non Christian stuff stuff anywhere at Christmas , why not depict the real meaning in their Christmas message, their silly games on air , like Howards with his cameras the other week, are a waste of air time and viewers money who pay for it, preach the Gospel Rev TV if if you know how !!!! Honour God for sending his Son not this garbage at Christmas, was this part of the recent “prophesy”, act like idiots


      • Very true Sheila. At the end of the day what are they promoting? Yes it’s good to have a giggle etc, but Christians are being stopped from showing adverts containing the Lords prayer in cinemas, what more should we put out when we have the freedom.


      • Howie physisian heal thyself Most of us were being cheery celebrating Jesus birth not this tacky rubbish, that can be seen in the secular world all though CHRISTmas


      • It is so very easy to say “Cheer up you dreary lot!” When YOU have fleeced a great many to finance your lavish lifestyle! Talk about ill gotten gains!
        Clearly you have NO conscience whatsoever?
        Romans 12.19.


    • Exactly Sarah, what place has this rubbish in Furthering the Gospel, this time of year every opportunity should be taken to show what Christmas represents,they are just a laughing stock to many


  6. Pushed Hugh Jackman on Twitter to explain why he uses the “Dr” title, this is his patronising and arrogant response.

    “Ahh we have some lovely viewers don’t we? Bless you too and happy Christmas from Doctor Hugh”

    It seems Conders bloated hubris has rubbed off on him.


    • Such a shame. I loved Hugh back in the day.

      I think you are right William… he’s been spending too much time with Howard. The sad part is, how many more people have “learnt” from their time at RTV.


      • They all seem to think they are beyond reproach, you can never ask any questions that might rock their boat, the times I’ve heard we listen to all points of view etc etc, asking the preverbial sin of a question is like a red rag to a bull with them, they can give it out big time on air and on FB but let you ask then they are arrogant, sarcastic, condescending always have been , but God opposes the proud and the pride in that lot is rampant , they are totally unteachable, totally proud and arrogant, Totally blind o their own sin and fault. Leslie was so so arrogant and insulting to me when I questioned re BISHOP Mike Reids attitudes yet all the time he was being the” bonking” Bishop as the press called him with his choir mistress, he also was arrogant to the core and condescending insulting etc etc, but God had had way with him in the end , far better to come of your own accord and admit your sin and error than have it on the front page of the press, whilst Howard is a law unto himself totally and completely and such a hypocrite with self serving double standards, I believe Gordon Pettit has had much influence for the worst in his role. When I privately told Howard of his Childrens disgusting open social media pages with obscene photgraph’s and foul language and talk of being crazy drunk whilst they were working at the station one on reception, I was initially met with Howards usual abusive behaviour towards me , like go take a hike, get a real life in Jesus, he did not believe me until a friend gave him the indisputable evidance but Howards wanted to resign and quoted scripture to do it and sack his children I understand that Gordon stepped in and compromise came about, also a very lengthy conversation I had with Doug Harris re Howards behaviour and other matters in which Doug thought an on air apology was called for once again Petit stepped in and took over, Sad as Doug’s untimely death was, I have always believed he has been spared from much worse if he had carried on working with this lot, I believe that God took him away from it all as he was slowly being corrupted by them, most decent honest Christian leave the stain as they see the reality of what goes on, Yemi was another and strange these people never get a proper send off and we never got any proper explanation , its always they have moved on despite the cries of ” we are transparent , we are family, family share ” oh but silly me that is only on giving night.


      • So true Sheila. They are only family when it’s fundraising night.

        Yemi came to my diner last week. He’s one of the good ones. Just sad that Howard saw him as “competition”. There should be no competition when it comes to the gospel.


      • Now there is a very humble Man , Nice he came to see you. Yemi, he told me about Howards refusing to share a studio with him as it would be competition to him, I was astounded as I thought all Christian TV had the common goal of saving souls , I was not aware that competition came into it at all.
        My reason for contacting Yemi was that on air Leslie was he usual condescending self towards me, insulting me and being sarcastic, calling me Mrs Sheila, Yemi and Sylvia had no idea of the history of her and Howards abusve ways towards me and they joined in and laughed, when I enlightened him as to the whole story and of the disgusting things I had learned about the Conder children via their various social media sights , he apologised profoundly on behalf of himself and Sylvia, he also confided in me that he was about to leave and told me al about how howard had upset many people including himself and Sylvia and was always too proud to aplogise. I imagine you had some interesting conversation with him at your diner Sarah


  7. Correction to the posting by our anonymous friend. Doug Harris appeared live on RTV saying that believers should fellowship in Roman Catholic Churches!!!!
    And Harris was supposed to be running a ministry delivering us from the cults-of which the Roman Catholic Church is the head of them all!!!!
    Some years back I wrote to Alan Franklin (Free press home page Surrey) to alert those being deceived by Harris and Conder. It is all still on line-for those who are interested.


    • I read the article a year ago and it wss an interestimg read. I must agree that Doug was at best misguided. In my original report to the trustees in 2012 there was a transcript of Doug and Gordon very deliberately misleading viewers with fundraising. He was complicit in my view.

      It’s also true that he was an alleged cult expert, but not only promoted catholicism, but RTV too. It should be noted that RTV have a cult like set up based on the ever changing Howard and his thoughts and feeling to others and the world around him. There is little in the way of sound doctrine, often just Howard ranting and vilifying those who see through him.


      • Thanks for that anonymous, but I hope you’ve said the same to rtv. The hours they have put into trying to discredit those who challenge them is astonishing. The bible is clear that if you don’t challenge a person’s sin, you become guilty of it. It’s convenient that a lot of Christians seem to forget that.


      • Sarah,
        I’ve now subscribed to your comments & my husband & I are increasing our prayer for you. You remind me of a small voice in the wilderness ( sorry, couldn’t help that one!) However I’ve just had a copy of a comment that isn’t yet on here, your reply was that if we don’t point out a Christian’s sin , we are guilty of it. Can you post the scripture reference on here, I think it’s an important point for people to remember.
        We have just had to end a very good home study group due to the sin of our teacher & another member, it simply had to be done. I know the biblical princial, but would appreciate the reference.
        Wishing you a peaceful Christmas…carry on dear one, so glad you’ve taken a stand at what seems great cost to you & your family.
        Lots of love to you,


      • Thank you Miriam. The scripture reference is Eze 33:8. It’s such an important scripture and I feel too many Christians are afraid to be straight with those who do wrong. It’s why Christians are seen as hypocrites and irrelevant by non christians.

        You’re right, I’m a small voice especially when compared to a TV station. That doesn’t worry me though as I know I’ve only ever written the truth.

        Bless you Miriam.


      • Has what Yemi said on the Late Show changed any minds or is everyone still entrenched in hurting each other?


      • Hi Gary. What Yemi said on that late show was nothing but lies. My entire issue has to do with transparency. If you look on my first article you will find irrefutable proof of the situation. Contrary to what Yemi and Howard said I have evidence to prove everything I’ve written about 21st Century and even have Howard himself on record. What is strange about the show is that neither of them ever mentioned the actual grievance. They deliberately avoided it as they know it is fact. Ask them why they have denied me a right of reply after lying about me for 2 years? Why not settle it properly or even let the viewers decide?


      • Hi Sheila

        Chris told Howard about Yemi giving him the information regarding 21st Century TV Ltd. Yemi has denounced our evidence as “gossip” and “innuendo”. He lied about various things and even named my father who has actively distanced himself from the situation.

        I’m really saddened. As you know, I considered Yemi a friend and he knows that my mum has recently had a heart attack and yet told outright lies including that I have tried to blackmail him. I asked him to meet and explain himself to Chris, but he’s ignored me.

        Yemi made it look like he has not given any information of significance to Chris or others, but I know he even told you some very serious things before he left RTV.


      • So sad to hear that Sarah and so sorry to hear your Mom has had a heart attack.Yes Yemi spoke to me at length on the phone re Revelation TV, the mind boggles at it all but God knows the truth and we have to hang onto that


      • I knew he was 2 faced the minute he went back to RTV. Dont worry Sarah we know the truth. I have your emails concerning Yemi from way back and I was suspicious of him even then. God bless x


      • Bless you Treena. I know you were always skeptical of him. Sad that he has let himself down as well as the whole Christian community. One way or another he will answer for his actions. Xx


      • Sarah Howard has to give you right of reply may be a strong Christian leader could mediate between you. The pain and anger is palpable on both of you. I believe you do not want Revelation TV to fail, but I think some people offering you support in these comments do we should all pray that God gives you wisdom and peace on this.


      • Thank you Gary. I really appreciate that.

        Unfortunately, there was a failed attempt at mediation where Hugh Jackman was to pick 3 mediators and I had no control over who they would be. It would have likely been futile, but I was willing to go ahead in spite of this. It failed due to another blogger writing an article about Hugh Jackman. He took it personally and it fell apart.

        The other thing is that I was asked to “refrain from public comment” during the process which I adhered to, but found Howard and Hugh on live TV talking about the bloggers and their “lies” during the process.

        I would love to deal with this privately and am still actively working on a behind the scenes resolution. I just hope that this can be achieved as I don’t take pleasure from blogging.


  8. Further to my post above, I have had a further response from Hugh Jackman,

    The delusion of social networks! intruders like you who think that we give a hoot about what you have to say!! #Getalife

    It would seem I have touched a nerve asking him about his “Dr” title, he has suddenly become Mr Angry. I know many people who have worked hard for many years to earn the right to call themselves doctors, and people like Jackman, McMurtry, Corbyn-Wheeler, Murdoch et al simply buy a dodgy degree from some back street unaccredited college to make themselves appear credible. If Jackman was genuine, he would have no problem with my request but as always with Rev TV, when you ask the awkward questions, all you get is the ad hominem attack.


      • Usual response as ever block block block, I thought they bragged on that they welcomed all views and comments, but we can all rest assured that will NEVER EVER block God on the day of Judgement !!!!!
        They can slag anyone off on air on FB and then never give a right to respond, Hugh needs to look a bit closer to home re comments on FB like the ones Howard put on about men and others , be good for Chris to meet Yemi Sarah.
        They will never block you on here though, has anyone else heard about Howards and Elenor who used to work there , or is it a rumour ?


  9. Now I see why our dodgy doctor was so reluctant to talk about his “Dr” title. It would appear it is an honorary award from Excel University, whoever they are. Now why would he be so reluctant to state that clearly, I think we all know the answer to that.


  10. Hello Everyone,

    Just over 4 years ago, a Jedi Sentinel Investigator was dispatched from Kashyyyk to planet Earth. His exact mission is unknown and details are very hard to come by.
    It seems that he has been investigating dishonesty and corruption within the faith and plans are underway to bring these “naughty people” to justice using the authorities in the United Kingdom.

    Many things about this Jedi Sentinel are weird!
    1) It was thought that all the Jedi Sentinels were eliminated…
    2) Kashyyyk is the home planet of the Wookies, so what the hell was he doing there?
    3) His lightsabre has been seen in public only twice. Both reports indicate that the light-blade was bright pale green but one report mentioned that a yellow tinge was clearly visible on one side of the light-blade. Jedi Sentinels have yellow lightsabres and Jedi diplomats have green lightsabres, so is he here on some kind of diplomatic mission or it is the case that he started off as a diplomat and has slowly been forced to revert to his normal role as a Sentinel Investigator?
    4) There is a rumour that he is either the brother or cousin of Obi-Wan Kenobi because they are almost the same age.



    • Thank you Anonymous for your interesting post. Not quite seeing how this relates, but anyone who investigates corruption and dishonesty with the view to dealing with such “naughty people” is always welcome.


  11. I tried to “spot the dodgy doctor”. I think I could make the inglorious ‘doctor’ out but then they all look dodgy to me!
    Arthur Pink captured it correctly when he refused a doctorate from a fully accredited university (if that means anything?) Pink said back in the 1940s that “Bible colleges were the breeding ground of the Devil’s children.” Flattering titles? Job 32.21. Don’t they just pump you up?


  12. To the vulnerable and weak minded, someone with a Dr title will impress and exude an air of masterly authority who should not be questioned or doubted in any way. It’s the argument from authority scenario, and it’s why so many of these “pastors” get themselves the title by whatever means, so they can fleece their flock, and impose their view without fear of resistance or argument. I would regard most of Rev TV’s viewers as weak minded, they simply must be to be taken in by these obvious charlatans. I am not a believer in awarding honorary degrees as a general rule, although in some cases they are well deserved. However, most honorary Doctors don’t use the title, even when it’s from a proper university. The Excel university is most certainly not a fully accredited seat of learning. Hugh Jackman is no more a doctor than my pet dog, hence the angry reaction when someone like me presses the right buttons and, in his mind, dares to question him. I know lots of wonderful, decent, hard working and hugely philanthropic Christians who do so much good work in their communities without seeking reward or praise, they just get on with it, day in, day out. For me, Conder, Jackman and the rest of them are at the other end of the spectrum and are an affront to decency and morality, and the people I know stand head and shoulders above them. Sorry to go on a bit, but this makes me so angry.


    • You’re right to be angry William. It’s very wrong that people use titles to gain the trust of people and ironically as you point out its often the more genuine and mpte deserving ones who don’t use the title Dr.


  13. Sarah, Do you have any idea when the CC are going to produce their report on Rev TV? It’s been over a year now since the investigation was launched.


    • No idea! They can take years with these things and don’t give anything away.

      I don’t understand why it takes so long, but I assume part of it is that they are trying to fix the issues of conflict of interest etc before concluding.


  14. According to that great bastion of truth (Wikipedia) Mr and Mrs Pettie are meeting up with the Charity Commission on 27th January. This will be a “walk in the park” for Pettie!


  15. I ‘think’ you are both correct; however when I first read the article it seemed still future. Upon reading it again, I believe not. Pettie’s divulgence of this meeting in January 2015 seemed too close to the event itself. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen if it was “a walk in the park” for him. Sadly, I believe this will prove to be the case.
    I am not ‘up to speed’ with how Wikipedia works; would have RTV have uploaded the information?
    Happy Christmas or non Christmas to all!


    • Hi Anonymouse

      I’m afraid life has been a bit busy lately. There are a few things on the back burner but it will be a little while before I have time to push forward.

      Chris F came to visit last week which was good.


    • Oh… To be honest I thought it was dormant. It’s Ichabod who set it up so I guess he can do as he wishes with it. It’s not my views or what it was intended for but Ichabod owns it.


  16. I am amazed to see Neville Stephens defending and promoting Howard Conder on his blog. Will you ever see a more egregious example of unashamed hypocrisy than this. That said, judging by the increasingly bizarre nature of his utterances recently, I suspect Mr Stephens has lost the plot completely.


    • Hi William. Yes, sad to say Nev seems to have lost the plot.

      I an convinced that Nev is only doing this to discredit Treena who is rightly not being bullied into removing post on her blog that are unrelated to the issue.

      It’s a very sad thing when people become the very thing they set out to challenge. Nev has tried to expose wrongdoing, but is doing wrong in the process. It’s just so hypocritical.


    • Its pretty unbeleivable, He has started on me now and hasn’t even put my comments on. He has accused me of hating Howard Conder., I don’t hate anyone just their behaviour . He seems to be trying to goad people and getting some pleasure out of what he is doing, it is such hypocrosy, I cannot imagine what he is thinking of. He also said this blog is dormant, he told People to have a look and see.
      People won’t want to listen to anything he says now as if he can totally change direction on Howard after all he had to say last year, he will loose peoples trust.
      I have felt pretty hurt over how he has attacked me, but Im not going to even respond to him, it what he wants for some reason

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  17. It is indeed very sad that Neville has completely “lost the plot” as William says. Neville was, only a matter of weeks ago writing and blogging against the manifest errors of Conder and RTV, and now he has done a complete about turn! It is good that Treena has not risen to the bait. For myself, I belief Neville is an attention seeker and loves publicity, be it at the cost of truth.
    We can but hope and pray that he will come to his senses, unless the Lord has given him over.

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  18. I refuse to be drawn into Nev’s very strange world any longer… I have been concerned for some considerable time, but I have kept silent. I recently voiced my concerns to him and I asked him to seek help. His response was very hostile.
    I was berated by Nev a couple of weeks ago because I refused to take down a post that offended him. Nev is a friend of Brian Gemmell and administers his website. My post about Gemmell was written in 2013 and is apparently negatively affecting his ministry…
    Another reason for Nev’s hostility toward me is that he does not agree with my pre-wrath rapture postition. He has demanded that I stop writing about the rapture!
    As you say Colmford, personal issues should not get in the way of our walk with the Lord.
    I should add that is widely suspected that many of Nev’s anonymous comments are authored by his alter-ego. God bless tx


  19. You are not true Christians .By their fruits you will know them.You are tearing each other to pieces . I knew Doug Harris on a professional and personnel level. He was a true man of God.Granted he wasn’t infallible. Who do you think you are ? You are no different than he was , putting your point of view across. Jesus taught us to be loving and kind to each other. We should not condemn . We should not judge. Can you all not see who is behind all this ? Not my God ,that’s for sure.


    • Hi Anonymous

      Why do you bring Doug into this. He was a good man, but sadly he was wrong about rtv. I was and so was my father. We were all involved, but having the courage to tell the truth is not a bad thing.

      You are saying a true christian does not judge or condemn, but you have just judge me as unchristian.

      Would you rather the wicked go on being wicked without challenge? The only people Jesus really took issue to were the hypocrites and they were the ones who everyone saw as holy. Do not be blinded by their position. What they do when the cameras are not on is disgusting and no true Christian would be ok with it.

      God bless you. I hope you find the truth.


  20. No sign of any building then. I expect the money is ring-fenced as was the OB truck which we never saw come to fruition. So very concerned for the people who have sent their “widows mite” and will probably see no studio. I still have not received the £1000 I put towards the OB trucks refurbishment. Well there you go God sees it all and RTV will have to give an answer on Judgment Day. Godbless.


    • I do believe they have secured the land, but as for actually building it… who knows. I do know that this is something Howard wants so it will likely happen even though it’s an inessential purchase.


  21. It would seem that Hugh Jackman, the one with the dodgy doctorate, is leaving Revelation TV. I would suspect he wants to get out before the CC report is published and not have his name associated with this corrupt set up. Rats leaving a sinking ship.


    • Interesting… I dare say he is fleeing the ship. Hugh and Howard have had a fall out in the past resulting in Hugh leaving.

      Whatever they say publicly, there will no doubt be more to it.


  22. Yes I saw he had left when I saw the presenters list. I very rarely go to there website but just took a peek today and no “Hugh”.


    • Yes, it all seems very much confirmed and on the surface amicable. However, I’m pretty sure underneath it was a knowing that the ship is sinking and that there are dodgy things going on.


  23. Yesterday, I texted the R Mornings show on Rev TV to ask why they continue to ignore my e-mails and why they have blocked me on Twitter. Some 30 minutes later I texted again to say that they would not read out my text and I accused of them of being the church without ears. About 5 mins later, Lesley Conder(with a smug grin on her face) read out my second text to “prove me wrong” The whole station, and everyone connected to it, is rotten to the core and despicable in so many ways, it’s just surprising that more people seem unable to see through these charlatans for what they are. And they have the gall to call themselves righteous Christians!


  24. I have e-mailed the Charities Commision today asking them to indicate, if they can, when they expect to publish a decision in respect of the Revelation Foundation. It is now over a year since an Interim Manager was appointed and I am curious as to why it is taking so long. If and when I get a response from them, I will post it here.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. They are a public body, they can’t withhold information for no good reason. After all, I am only asking when they expect to publish their decision and not for any details of what that decision is. We shall see.


    • Hi Gill
      I’m not sure of the current situation with Tim, but the last I heard he had a position with another organisation.
      Its my understanding he has been independently making programmes, but this may have changed.
      My news is about a year old so probably out of date now. Anyone else?


  26. I have just checked the RTV website and it appears that Vince in a presenter once again! I don’t think we should really be surprised. Between 2010 and 2013, Vince was CCM Chief Executive Officer at Moggerhanger Park which is ecumenical.


  27. Howard Conder and the avuncular Gordon Pettie on The Late Show sofa tonight telling everyone that they are whiter than white, that they have done absolutely nothing wrong and that the Charities Commission are now getting desperate by referring their case to HMRC in a last ditch attempt to find fault with their organisation. Howard also chastised by Pettie for admitting that he cannot forgive his accusers, preferring to allow God to judge them. Yet another example of Conder’s bloated arrogance and Pettie presenting himself as Mr Clean, despite his dodgy past. I’m sure Conder’s “accusers” won’t lose any sleep over his inability to forgive them, and, for myself, I would prefer to wait for the CC report rather than believe individuals who we all know have been less than truthful in the past, who brook no criticism from anybody and continue to flog airtime to some of the most despicable prosperity “pastors” out there.


    • I’m yet to actually watch it myself, but you’re the third who has mentioned it to me. I can’t believe Howard was again threatening people on air. He was told off for that by the Charity Commission at the beginning of the investigation.


  28. I watched it too William – Conder repeated his unchristian rhetoric the next day!!! The immorality of airing many false teachers for money is not even on their agenda! Conder said that TEN people reported RTV to the CC… and he is “going to deal with them after the investigation”. TEN is quite a number of complaints! Furthermore the CC will not take action just on hearsay without a reason. Conder should consider the terrible consequences of airing false teachers and now he even suggests that Christians should not forgive.. this man is a false teacher through and through!

    “But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive opinions. They will even deny the Master who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves. Even so, many will follow their licentious ways, and because of these teachers the way of truth will be maligned. And in their greed they will exploit you with deceptive words. Their condemnation, pronounced against them long ago, has not been idle, and their destruction is not asleep.” 2 Peter 2:1-3


  29. Very little surprises me with Howard Conder, his vainglorious utterances and empty threats are typical of his extremely narcissistic personality, as is his inability to accept any criticism. Watching him interact on the sofa with whoever is with him, including his wife, he constantly talks over them and will even rebuke them if he senses they are not listening to what he has to say. He did this yesterday with his wife on R Mornings. In my view, this all masks a very weak and insecure individual who gives meaning and balance to his life by over controlling everyone around him. It really is worth watching him with Pettie on the late show yesterday to get a sense of what I mean. Try counting the number of times he talks over Mr Pettie, whose exasperation is only too obvious.


  30. Certainly not the money grabbers Sarah as they seem to revel in fleecing the lost sheep at every opportunity.

    And when Howard Conder can actually call out the lady in charge of the CC investigation during one of his live programmes then the whole “Christian” façade simply erodes


  31. What really frustrates me is how many Christians still watch RTV & whenever I point out it’s flaws, they look at me like I’m satan himself! Discernment & Bereans are lacking these days. All they can say is “well we know people who been saved by watching … (insert favourite false teacher)….so it must be ok”. Well no, it’s not ok, it’s just that at some point the Gospel is preached & that is the power of God unto salvation, as we all know, not some man.
    So for that reason people continue to blindly support RTV, just the same as the Alpha Course & every other wrong thing that is loosely connected to Christianity, because everyone knows someone who got saved…grrrr!
    Will continue to pray Howard et al will be exposed, but I do fear they may not. So glad to still find out what’s going on , here. Thank you all.


    • Hi Anthony

      Have you read the report? It actually confirms my main concern about funds going to 21st Century TV Ltd. As I’ve always maintained this isn’t illegal, but it’s at best misleading to say that the old pie charts reflect “all income of Revelation TV” and that Howard and Leslie “don’t take a penny” when the biggest source of revenue is going straight to Howard and Leslies private company.

      Unfortunately, the report only mentions the advertising revenue going to 21st Century TV Ltd, but they missed out that paid programmes also go into this account and at what is probably an average of £500 per half hour slot – this is huge. On my first article I showed proof directly from Peter Darg where he volunteered the information that Howard and Leslie retain rights to sell up to 40 hours a week of airtime.

      I thought about writing a response to the report as it actually raises some huge issues. However, whilst I’ve never received a proper apology, Howard and I are at a place of peace and whilst I’m angry that a friend of mine was conned out of £200k based soley on the lies that Howard and Leslie didn’t take a penny from the channel, I don’t feel to stir things up at this time, although I was angered that again RTV have released a statement that “clears them of all wrongdoing”, which is an untruth. They published a similar article years ago, but the Charity Commission had done no such thing.

      Regarding what i am doing for the Lord, I don’t need to justify myself, but what I will say is that my family have been behind the scenes pioneers of Christian TV in the UK for over three decades. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the very, very ugly.

      Unfortunately, my years of experience has shown me that those who like to be infront of the camera are often the ones who should never have a platform as the temptations are too great whether it be money, sex or power – most sadly do not hold true to their Christian values in the end. It’s always very sad to see.

      Shalom and blessings to you.

      Liked by 1 person

  32. Hi Sarah!

    I received the same comment on my own blog today, and replied as follows:

    Thank you for commenting, but with all due respect, in your desire to be apologists for RTV and the Conders, you’ve actually missed the point entirely!

    The report, if you’ve read it closely, is far from complimentary. Being cleared of illegality is neither here nor there, as no allegation of breaking the law was ever levelled at them by those you label “accusers.” The issues were focused upon the Conders’ and RTV’s morality, or rather the lack of it. It is not in the Commission’s brief to examine issues of morality, neither is it in their brief to examine and draw conclusions on theological issues, like their having played fast and loose with the Gospel for very many years by airing – and Mr. and Mrs. Conder being paid to do so by – utterly false teachers like Duplantis and Meyer.

    Shame on them, and sadly I have to say shame on you also for defending what is indefensible before God by the standards of His Holy Word. Obviously you won’t like me saying it, but I’m afraid that it is yourselves who need to wake up to the reality of this situation.

    BTW, when it comes to what I do for the Lord, I will not be tempted into justifying myself, nor should such a thing be asked of any believer. As Isaac Watts famously wrote, “Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast, save in the death of Christ my God!” I will answer to Him, as we all will.

    I continue to absolutely stand by all that I have written about this heavily compromising couple and the heavily compromised TV channel that is RTV.

    Sincerely in Jesus our Lord,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Rob

      Agreed, whilst I do believe there is a case for fraud when it comes to the fundraising tactics, as you say – this is mainly a moral issue.

      It’s sad that people will read the Charity Commission report, but ignore the serious concerns raised as they would rather be entertained than seek truth.

      Thanks for your support through the years.



    • Hi Brother, and greetings in Yeshua.
      I take it you mean me to that reply??..
      Maybe I should THEN look MORE into ALL this properly myself! As I have already stated; I’ve only just recently started looking into all this, as before I just thought it was people attacking Howard! Even though, at the same time, I’ve NEVER agreed with the charlatans that they have given airtime too, BUT I just thought they did that because they were desperate to stay afloat?!
      Thanks for your time and reply
      Shalom and much blessings to you in Christ


      • Hi again Anthony

        I really wish it was just people wrongly attacking Howard.

        When RTV first started that was the goal – not to have paid “ministries” and only provide a platform to those who were wholesome. That was part of why I was willing to quit my job and volunteer to set up the channel.

        I think it was perhaps a slightly unachievable goal in some ways, but I believe it could have been done. It would have meant no flashy studio complex, no big money, no Spain and a small crew, but it would have been worth it to be authentic.

        There’s almost certainly enough money in the 21st century cookie jar to get rid of some of the more dodgy ministries tho.


      • Hi Anthony-Wayne!

        I’m so pleased that you’re prepared to re-appraise your own evaluation of the situation, that it was just people attacking Howard Conder. It has actually been an earnest endeavour for the truth to be told, truth which the channel and the Conders have very sadly seen fit to be very economical with.

        Serious questions have needed to be asked of the RTV/21st. Century Television intertwined operations, questions of morality, hoodwinking of their viewers and the airing of false teachers with “another Jesus, another spirit and another gospel.” (2 Cor. 11:4). These are very serious things which they have long been not prepared to deal with in a proper Christian way.

        Broadcasting what you have yourself seen to be charlatans is frankly inexcusable; God hates the mix of truth and error, light and darkness! The Conders have willingly and needlessly compromised, netting a very tidy income for their private company which has £88K+ in net assets and a “float” of nearly £45K in the bank which they have exclusive access to. (How much they transfer annually from the company’s account into their own private bank accounts, and how much they hold there is unknown). Would God have allowed RTV to go under if it was truly of Him? Jehovah Jireh would assuredly have provided; no, the Conders saw the opportunity for big bucks to flow into THEIR company from the charlatans, dirty dollars which the “money preachers” had cynically conned their audiences into parting with.

        Unfortunately, too many people are too trusting, too prepared to take things at face value. But when you start to turn over the rocks, some rather unpleasant things that you’d rather not see might just scuttle out from underneath them. As the old saying goes, “Truth will out!” I take zero delight in exposing such things on my blog, but exposed they must be. It is a sober responsibility, one that I take very seriously indeed.

        Best regards in Him,


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