Why I think Revelation TV is being investigated by the Charity Commission

Howard Conder lied about me for propaganda.

Yes, I know, there are many people out there who couldn’t believe such a thing. I didn’t think he was capable of something quite so awful, especially to someone who gave him a year of their life to help set up Revelation TV.

Howard did this because the Revelation Foundation is being investigated by the Charity Commission for various things. Howard wrongly believed that I had been one of the people who reported them. I wasn’t, but perhaps I should have been?

In his desperation Howard wrote a very long Facebook post back in November 2014. In it, he talked of a Sarah nee J. That’s me! However, my actual name is Sarah Acott. Unfortunately, Howard decided to rewrite history and made many false accusations about me.

The thing that is hardest to forgive, however, is not the lies about me personally, as there is a chance he may have just been confusing me with someone else. The real problem is that I sent a confidential report to the trustees in 2012, which together with the lies, Howard EDITED and posted on Facebook!

Why would Howard do this?

The only logical conclusion I can come to is that he needed someone to blame for the Charity commission investigation. He had to vilify someone. How else could he explain the investigation if there weren’t evil people out there?

I’m not the only one he’s lied about either. There are so many people who Howard has attacked through his Facebook page and reading his other posts made me feel a little ill. He’s even attacked my entire family publicly, both on air and Facebook with nonsense about how we’ve brought down churches!

I honestly can’t think where that came from as my family have taken unpaid pastoral roles in the past in order to save 2 churches. My mum has provided free Christian counseling for countless people and done so at great sacrifice. My father was one of those in the early days of Christian TV (He even helped Howard (unpaid, I believe) set up his pre-Revelation studio about 20 years ago, when I was just a child) and has a great reputation for not only his expertise and dedication, but also being of good character, which Howard has tried to ruin.

I know of many people who Howard has threatened with solicitors, myself and my father included, just for questioning things. Normally Howards intimidation works, but he’s libelled me and so I can now write these things without fear.

All of these things are pre-meditated. It took a lot of thought to not only to lie about me and my character, but to actually take a legitimate well-intentioned report and edit it for propaganda… you don’t do that without thinking about it first, do you?

My report, which you can access below, was addressing fundraising tactics. At the time, when asked where the Conders get their money from, they would always say they don’t take money from Revelation, they have “other means”. This was not true as the Conders were getting paid by the back door through 21st Century TV Ltd (a private limited company) the whole time.

I can’t count the number of people who would tell me how wonderful it was to see Howard and Lesley running the station with no financial reward at all and how great it was to see where every penny goes. I never had the heart to tell them it was a lie. Perhaps I should have, but I didn’t have the proof until more recently.

One person I know has donated nearly £200,000 (yes you did read that right). This person is now trying to get their donations back as they donated because of deception and in this particular case outright lies concerning 21st Century TV.

How many others donated because they were deceived? Were you one of them?

I have sent many emails both to Howard and the Trustees and the only person who has actually made the effort to put things right is Alan Tun, who is sadly no longer a trustee. The only other communication I had, is Gordon Pettie distancing himself from the situation and denying any responsibility to act.

I have been informed by Alan Tun that Howard won’t even read my emails, because it will get him too stirred up. The reality is that I can prove Howard has lied and he knows if he reads my emails he will actually have to deal with the truth.

As believers we need to be the ones to expose this. The Independent have already published that the Revelation Foundation are being investigated and it’s important that we tell the story as to why first. We Christians are the ones who funded and gave our time to Revelation, so we should be the ones who correct it.

Click here for my letter sent to the Trustees in 2012

Click here for the BTF report to accompany the letter to Trustees in 2012

Click here for my response from Peter Darg

Click here to access Howards facebook Post for Propaganda

Click here for my response to Howards Facebook post sent to Howard and the Trustees

Click here to see the response received from Revelation TV – Latest dated May 2015

283 thoughts on “Why I think Revelation TV is being investigated by the Charity Commission

  1. They really are a nest of vipers. I wonder how they can stand before God. They are indeed taking advantage of the poor.


    • Gill, I’m so sorry they have responded badly yet again.

      One way or another we will stop them. They have shown themselves for the wolves they are and as such they need to be dealt with as wolves.

      There is nothing wrong with taking legal action against those who persist in wrongdoing and will not submit to the church.


      • Hi, as much as they may have done, and continue to do wrong, it’s not true that there’s nothing wrong in taking legal action from a Biblical view.

        1Cor 6:7 To have lawsuits at all with one another is already a defeat for you. Why not rather suffer wrong? Why not rather be defrauded?


      • I know where you are coming from, but this passage applies to two believes. Howard and co have proved themselves not to be true. Their actions are deliberate and unrepentant. The Bible makes clear that we should treat such people as unbelievers.

        I understand what you say anonymous, but I think this is a different situation.


  2. I tried yet again to email Gordon back and yet again I am blocked. So they are allowed to mail us but when we want our say, they do not want to hear. Really disallusioned with Revelation. If they had listened to viewers concerns we would not have felt the need to air our grievances. Instead they blocked us and so I have to send any emails via H.W. Fisher and Company.


    • It sounds like you are getting the standard treatment.

      It appears that the interim manager will start next month so yes you are more likely to get a response from them.

      Alan Tun is the only one who has made the effort to listen, but he is no longer a trustee and doesn’t seem in a position to do anything.


  3. When I first felt uneasy in my spirit about Revelation I did some research into a number of companies Howard had set up and Gordon. I was surprised how many had gone into liquidation. Not a good advertisement for a solid financial background. Then I came across Jamsync run from the Revelation studios in Surbiton. They used all the equipment bought by Revelation viewers to their own ends. Not like my husband when he had a business no-one donated equipment for him. No, we have funded the Conder and Pettie families for too long. I am just praying that maybe someone within the inner circle will see through all this. Church without Walls is certainly true. Their are no boundaries and no real accountability. Alan Tun has only just appeared back on the scene and he has no idea what has gone on.


    • There are defiantly a long list of companies associated with the Conders and Petties. Gordon Petties investment company has many unanswered questions and jamsync etc is just not on.

      There are too many dodgy deals going on and the only ones benefitting are the Conder family. I’m still working out pettie as he may be more interested in being on tv than money.

      The inner circle all know the full story, but their refusal to act means they are condoning the behaviour.

      There was an anonymous post by a volunteer at rtv. It seems that the volunteers at least are questioning the direction of the channel. Sadly they are the only ones with nothing to lose. The others have been complicit and so have to carry on with the lies.


  4. Well the non-volunteers who are by default condoning what is going on are just as responsible. They too will be held responsible before God.


  5. I have just read the report from Howard regarding Revelations finances and they have been earning £40,000 a year by his own admission and considers it chickenfeed. I am sure a lot of the people who have given would have liked to have earned that money but perhaps his idea of wealth is different from ours. I know he also said the hours they work but what about the hours the people who have donated have worked. It is not exceptional work for the Lord. There are many doing the same voluntarily. There seems to be something quite wrong to pay your own family wages (some of which are not Christians) and then volunteers nothing (they have the balance wrong). I know it is human nature to look after our own but it is an uneven playing field.


  6. Well Sarah I have been blocked by all the Trustees now even Richard Kent and even blocked by H.W. FIsher and Company so I do not know what they have said to malign my character to these people enough to block me and all because we asked some awkward questions about “Howies” the OB truck and other concerns. If they have nothing to hide why block people who have asked questions. Well it is in Gods hands now and the law. I do no know what possessed Howard to put Gordon in charge of their finances knowing his history but perhaps at that time Howard was not aware of his involvement in the Barlow Clowes debacle.


  7. Just a last thought. When you belong to a Church and tithe to them, the books are open any time for scrutiny and should there be questions the appointed people in the Church are answerable to the body and of course God. We are not barred from walking in that Church again. When Gordon was asked some years ago about the accounts all he said was “they are out there in the public domain”. No details as to where we could find them and that you would have to pay to see them. I have come to the conclusion now that all the Trustees integrity has been brought into question and it is not “satan” attacking them but they are a product of their own ineptitude.


  8. I today heard from the interim manager and he said it was the prerogative of the trustees who they block and whether they return donations or not. They apparently told him I threatened litigation and they all saw fit too block me.


    • That’s terrible! I’m surprised that they are being so laid back about such serious things. I’m assuming you explained why you want the donations returned. This might be to stop the floodgates opening as if people find out about returned donations it could sink charities. This is not good enough though. Have the cc said anything directly or just the interim manager?


  9. The interim manager emailed me to tell me why I was blocked and I said he did not seem to be impartial and he said he actually dealt in facts not hearsay! I just feel utterly sad to think these people we looked up to as being transparent have showed to me their ruthless side. They can degrade peoples characters, even on air i.e. HUGH and HOWARDS remarks when fundraising “that every £1 that comes in will be a nail in the coffin of Howards enemies” but the minute we challenged them we were blocked. They led the interim manages to believe I was blocked recently but I was blocked when I asked questions about “HOWIES” last year. Thats why I had to go via Brian Johnson at H.W. FISHER AND COMPANY. Well this has taught me a lesson. I will never donate to televangelists but tithe to my own Church. At least I know my Pastors lifestyle is humble and nature caring and exhibits “the fruits of the spirit. GODBLESS.


    • That’s terrible. I think I will contact him too to explain our grievance further. This is not hearsay at all, but fact!

      I agree always tithe to those who you know are genuine… It’s too easy to put on a show for the cameras.


  10. I personally think that the more of us that contact him the better, with factual info that can’t be disputed. I intend to ask exactly what happened to the OB truck money. We need to make direct contact, as many as possible to show him the truth.
    REV’s attitude gets worse and worse, I will also state that they never made it clear about 21st Century TV until very recently.
    Gill do you have the direct E Mail for the interim manager himself not just the company, would you mind E Mailing it to me if you have, this cannot go on.
    I will also ask if the trustees are allowed to not answer legitimate questions re viewers money.
    We have to stand together on this appalling behaviour


  11. Gill go to your MP, you have evidence of your donations and you require your money back, the money you donated was not used in the way you was trusting it should be used, that is your honest belief and you have a right to get it back. the trustees have a legal obligation to respond to the public who supported them , check the rules regarding trustees the interim manager is incorrect in my opinion. If you had poor service from a retailer you would expect your money returned.


    • I agree. What has likely happened is that they have lied to the interim manager about you and he has responded based on the lies.

      I will try to make contact with him myself when I get the chance.


  12. Thank you Israel for that advice. I have already contacted my MP with relevant information and asking her to find out more about Gordon’s involvement in the Barlow Clowes scandal.


  13. I still find it hard to understand why we were all blocked from facebook and then emails just for asking perfectly reasonable questions about the OB truck which money from viewers bought and “ring-fenced” for outside broadcasting and asking about “HOWIES” and now it makes me worried for others when they say the money for the new build is “ring-fenced”. Why or why did they not put out a statement if there were concerns instead of making nasty comments.


    • Hi Anonymous. I’m afraid my business has got super busy and I’m working around the clock.

      I can tell you there is something in the pipeline which will hopefully go live over the next few weeks. Will keep you all posted. Xxxxx

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  14. Gill its the fact of them not making statements that makes people suspicious, they say they are transparent and that the viewers are family but they ignore so many perfectly reasonable questions and then complain when people query things.

    They need to remember that they are a charity and should be accountable to answer queries more so Christian need to be sure that they are being wise with Gods money and whom they donate to. Any reasonable Christian would have no problem answering and being polite to their viewers or supporters.

    They say they are a church without walls so would any pastor stand up and falsley accuse anyone without even having the facts or make threats or be downright rude. Or lock the door on you and refuse to answer you. the problem is they are not accountable at all to any Christian body or church body or church. Suggested arbitration has to wait until lthe investigation with he CC is over, when ever that will be.
    Hugh Jackman backed out of helping with that based on something he read on someones blog that was nothing to do with the people involved in proposed arbitration.

    It makes you wonder why.

    Howard could have make an honest statement re Howies and also the supporters and viewers are surely entitled to know exactly where the so called ring fenced money went for the OB Truck. I have E Mailed the interim manger with my concerns over it. Someone has a recording of the fundraising night for the OB truck. They should say exactly what other vehicle ahs been purchased and exactly what it is being used for as it is not being used for the original purpose that people donated for.

    It would seem that no one in UK is benefiting from the alternative purchase either.

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  15. My husband has emailed Mr. Johnson and Gordon and he too has been blocked. He just wanted to confirm the donation was from both of us and agreed with my request, So they are all closing ranks. Well why am I not surprised.


  16. I am watching all this with interest. I have been telling people who I fellowship with for a long time about the allegations against Rev & Howard et al. But some of them can barely speak to me now because they are so blinded
    to the truth. I’m just warning them as I know they finacially support the station. I lost interest in the station when they began to have these dreadful WOF preachers on & Howard started to defend them saying they paid the bills. Utter rubbish! If the Lord is truely in support of any venture, it will succeed. If it then subsiquently fails, perhaps it ‘s season is simply over.
    I am supporting all who want to expose these works of darkness in prayer, the truth will previl. Keep strong in the Lord & may He bless all your efforts. We are all too often afraid to stand up against the “big boys” & we as believers know we must not faint from doing good. Fight the good fight dear ones. Wishing you every blessing.


  17. Sheila’s last comment hits the mark bang on target!
    What exactly does “church without walls mean”? Most think it means non-denominational, but the truth is that RTV are a “law unto themselves”. Church “without walls” in their case means a church that can do as they please, when they please? In my understanding of God’s Word they have used the Word of God as a tool to “blaspheme His name” Romans 2.24.
    The divines of old would live within walls, that is they would sign up to “Confessions of Faith” i.e. the most noblest of confessions, that is the Westminster Confession of Faith (Presbyterian) or the Thirty Nine Articles (C of E).
    But these charlatans have NO confession-they freely confess that they are “WITHOUT WALLS!” That means they can do as they please. Yes they have “a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away” 2 Timothy 3.5.

    Why have we been so blind????!!!!!


  18. Yes my Church supports Rev tv and I havd not said a word to them. I will leave that to God. What really upsets me is that we sent money in the belief that they were not taking anything and we felt sorry for them and yet they have should disdain for some of us who literally gave out of our meagre pensions. Personally I gave all that my mother left me and then to see them living it up on the Costa del sol (millionaires playground) and the pictures of “HOWIES” open night a very opulent affair, makes me realise that they cannot be listening to God because at the time some of Gods people in this country were really suffering and did they help them. By that time they had totally lost touch with Britain.


  19. Thank you Miriam for supporting Sarah and us all in prayer. Godbless you. I have noticed on their website Hugh Osgood is no longer under the heading “presenters” and they have Del Bearfoot instead but I understood he had a Church in Dartfood. So perhaps he is in Spain now too. Perhaps someone could let me know as I never watch Revelation tv now.


    • Hi Gill

      Not yet. It’s on my to do list. I’m in spain at the moment, but am working on a video presentation which will make our case very clear with indisputable evidence.

      Problem is there is so much footage to go through, but there is so much gold it takes time.

      Be assured things are happening even if it feels a little slow at the moment.


  20. Time for Revelation last night. Lelsie said that the investigation by the CC hadn’t stopped giving it had ,had the opposite effect !, yet ther has been a defecit each month since January ?

    Jeremy gave a “nostalgic ” history of Howards and Family’s sacrifices from
    the start of REV TV , strange he failed to mention 21st Century TV in it all.
    We had a repeat of the sickening legacy clip.
    No meniton that Gill had asked for Mums inheritance back and been refused and ignored though !

    Then we had all of the flattering E Mails read out by Cyrus, with a smirk all over his face Strange never reads any negative ones out, just promotes the wondeful REV TV.
    Does the bible not say that he who exalts himself will be humbled and the humble shall
    be exulted.

    Then the usual “our wonderful” viewers over and over. I guess the not so wonderful ones are the ones of us who speak truth and ask questions, so take head wonderful viewers if you cross REV TV you won’t be called wonderful then, you will get falsly accused and berated on air and blacklisted and blocked and ignored.

    I only watched as they said they would be talking about the new building, not much said about this, much more over and over saying that people were giving in this way and that way maybe trying to cajole viewers to do the same ?

    Then Hugh Jackman in my opinion was doing a watered down more subtle approach that the other christian channels do by reading about a blessing if in unity so if you support and are inline with REV you will get the blessing, , very much more subtle than other “promises ” by other channels but the message was there, give and you will be blessed.

    Yet it was hugh that backed out over seeing arbitratoin with Howard and Sarah and Myself,! because someone else put what he considered a detrimental comment about him on a blog, then he sits by whilst howards berates other christians. ,where is the unity there Hugh


    • Very interesting. Particularly re Jackman. I have been going through past shows and found a very interesting one with Tim Vince. It seemed Tim was trying to give integrity to fundraising and part of a promise they made was to never manipulate people to give in exchange for blessings.

      It’s so sad that the few good people who were involved are mostly gone. There is no integrity left.


    • Hi Sheila,

      Did you notice Howard’s big blunder on Time for Revelation (at 10:40pm) when he was on with Ian Bell?

      Howard: We have a lot of advertising space on the channel and my idea is not to have quite so much. And I’m sure you’d all agree with that but some of the things that we need to do at television stations is to have some adverts because it helps to pay the bills.

      Oh really? Which bills would that be Howard? Because the “advertising space” sales don’t go to Revelation Foundation or Revelation TV do they?



      • Interesting Anonymous. They seem to constantly make these blunders don’t they?!

        The advertising revenue goes directly to Howards pocket and he is on record with this!

        I suspect future advertising revenue is to fund another luxury expense on the horizon. He’s already had a boat, a nightclub and his own TV station with the latest tech, but I’m sure he will astound us again with his lack of touch with those who help fund his lifestyle.


  21. Thankyou for that anonymous, I sort of recall something about adverts but was so sick of the smarm that went on that I didin’t fully take that on board, well spotted.


  22. Late show last night, Howard threw a few darts into the conversation . In the first 15 minutes he “joked” about could he go home now , have I earned my wages, then shot in with ” I don’t get a wage “, you really would think that will all of the controvosy over 21st century TV and them not making it clear that they got the benefits from REV TV through this he would let the subject drop , not keep making these remarks as they have done for years.
    Then he made a remark that they have 8 or 9 cameras around their home, had to add that it was so that people could watch what they are doing.
    Hugh later on said that some people think they are evil, so it seems that asking questions or pulling them up on wrong issues makes it that people think they are evil.
    Among all of this unecessary sarcasm an aethiest e mailed in ,they were trying to tell him about God but surely they should be showing him God be not behaving in the this manner on air, ” “you will know them by their fruits”.
    The subject about dividing the sheep from the goats or wheat and tares was very biblical and interesting but maybe it was a bit too close to home with all that has and is going on.
    They say some people think they are evil but as ever overlook their part in accusing people falsely, I for one would not be on here or even watching anymore of howard had not falsley accused me of conspiring to contact the charities commision, they provoke people to respond to their comments etc by their unreasonable behaviour and then complain.
    Hugh backed out of arbitration because a third party had made some comments on her blog, he chose to go that way.
    Is it not evil to block people and ignore E Mails anyway, all of the trustees have done this.


  23. Sarah, I saw on Smiffys blog that you said your dad was Steve the thumb, who I remember being mentioned on Rtv back in the day, is that Steve Maltz, or have I got the 2 confused? X


    • Hi Anonymouse

      Yes Steve the Thumb is my dad, but Steve Maltz is another Steve, who is actually a family friend. My dad used to do all the tech and run the shows including voice in the wilderness, which he was particularly fond of. Xx


      • Thank you..I remember Steve the thumb being mentioned often..I watched right from the very beginning..I’m really sorry for you all xx


  24. AWE, I loved steve the Thumb and Mark the Cabbie they was excellent. I was an avid viewer then too, what a shock and a shame. God Bless and keep you all. The truth will out….


    • Thank you Just. It’s such a shame that they have not listened to what viewers really want.

      From talking to people it seems there is much disappointment over the lack of programming like Voice in the Wilderness where people can feel genuinely heard and related to.


  25. Sarah,
    I haven’t watched RTV for some 4 years now. I don’t have the SKY set up (wouldn’t pay for it anyway! Though I still get their e-mail updates) and up here in the Outer Hebrides our internet connection leaves a lot to be desired! (though it is improving).
    I was never a ’round the clock’ viewer of RTV, but was more selective only watching what I considered at the time to be programmes with theological content (at that time men such as Jacob Prasch).
    I considered that “Mark the cabbie” (though a very likeable man) was given to much rambling, much the same as HC. Strangely enough, I never heard of “Steve Maltz” or “Steve the Thumb” though I am quite hard of hearing! (Which explains a lot!)
    That much older gentleman, I forget his name, I think he used to present Voice in the Wilderness, what was your opinion of him? He seemed such a genial old man, but subsequently have learned that he was not all that he seemed?
    I did try my best to alert the wider Christian community about RTV through channels such as Alan Franklin’s Free press Homepage, but this was a weak effort! But much better than alerting the BBC-as they would think both sides should be locked up in the loony bin?
    The Justin Peters incident was my watershed.
    God bless you.


    • Hi Colmford

      I share your sentiment regarding TV. I do not even have a TV licence so can understand your position Re Sky.

      Regarding Voice in the Wilderness, I cannot endorse the two presenters you have mentioned. Sadly, there are some complicated things that I am aware of which make it difficult. One of which included taking a very strange position regarding a co-presenters behaviour toward their now estranged wife, who I personally spent years trying to help her get over his abuse.

      I think part of their appeal was their openness about their faults, which is very endearing and helps people to feel understood in their own struggles. There is a place for this, but it has got to be done well or it ends in HC like rambling.

      It’s very difficult to be balanced and fair, whilst still exposing things fully. Like yourself, I don’t see this as a secular press news story. They won’t get it.

      Things are being worked on to take things to a new level with this exposure, but my American Diner is manic at present and whilst it’s great to be busy, it’s slowing me down.

      We will get the message out there.


  26. Further more re Voice in the wilderness, they said they wanted it on 7 days per week as it was so important , yet it has dwindled to very little now.
    Then the thing that gets me is Lorna once used it in a newsletter, saying how important it was and that please give if only to keep voice on air !
    Voice went under when the 700 club took over its slot , that seemed to take presidence , wonder why ?


  27. I have now told a few trusted friends of my recent dealings with Revelation TV and my inheritance and my church is looking into this. Regarding Cyrus on the building project, he is going to be bias as his mother has made a lot of money selling property to Howard and friends. I get fed up myself with their sycophantic programs extolling all the wonderful things the Conder family are doing


  28. gill, good to hear your church is looking into it. Cyrus seems to be getting more and more involved in REV TV, yes his mother used to promote her villas’s on Rev TV, she also was very insulting to me when I tried to tell her what Photo’s I had seen of the conder children, she actually called me a “So called Christian ” and said they were a wonderful family “. Howard used to talk of his dream many years ago to have a Christian. community in spain, I guess him and Barbara Fernando (Cyrus’s Mother ) went about it together.
    REV TV seem to promote many peoples businesses indirectly on air , like Felicity Corbin Wheeler, Dr Grinstead, Phillip days books.
    Jeremy Park, Howards brother in law has become a class act at promoting the wonderful sacrifices etc that the conders have made.


  29. Agree Gill,

    God is not happy when people take away Gods Glory and place it on themselves. Everything about RTV is about what they have done for God. It has become the Condor show.


  30. Sarah, The SIMPLE answer is “Are these people brothers?”
    Ever remember, the martyrs that CHOSE death rather than cosy to Rome? (as RTV has consistently done?)
    Without going into a lengthy biblical exegesis, yes, your reply is sufficient.
    Long time no see! RTV had gone off my radar!
    Every blessing.


    • Very good point Colmford!

      There are things happening with RTV including more lies and accusations. The most significant development is that the cc have not given the green light to the land purchase as previously said. It seems they have made a codition that Howard transfer his shares and therefore his hidden income over to the charity.

      This is a big development and I would like to write about it in detail, but my time is very limited at the moment.

      Things are happening.


  31. There is an organisation called ‘Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship International’ which needs to be looked into for similar reasons. Its late leader, an Indian man, named Joshua Daniel, in fact used Revelation TV to ‘preach’ in promotion of his activities (birds of a feather????). I would be grateful for guidance as to how to get the Charity Commission at least to look into its registered London branch. It is impossible to speak to anyone at the CC on the telephone to ask for advice on how to access crucial CC records (the significant year’s has apparently been ‘archived’, but I cannot find it on the govt. site) , and how to decide whether an investigation should be requested. There seems to be no office where one can call in person, and the online blurb simply does not cover the questions that need to be asked.

    A couple of general questions:

    Are there any circumstances in which a trustee can be paid a salary?

    Can proceeds of charitable trusts legally be sent abroad to support the lifestyles of organisation leaders in other countries? Allied to this, can trustees in any case ever benefit from the proceeds of a CT? I know that it is possible to pay trustees who can supply essential practical services to the organisation provided that the trust documentation allows for this, but where can one find such trust documentation?


    • Hi Concerned

      I’m not an expert, but I’m a trustee of a charity who I’m doing a lot of work for. I cannot be paid for this work as it would be conflict of interest.

      Trustees are there to ensure that a charity cannot be used by individuals to exploit. If you do believe this organisation are doing wrong then you should take it to the charity commission.

      The question is… do you have any evidence? If you give a few specifics the others and I might be able to help further.

      In any case it does sound like there is a conflict of interest. The use of money abroad isn’t a problem, but if it’s being used for reasons other than the Charities objectives there could be an issue.

      You’re welcome to email me directly sarahacott@yahoo.co.uk


  32. It would seem that Rev TV have purchased the land for their new studio. It’s on Facebook and Twitter. Clearly, the CC investigation is not stalling these charlatans from expanding.


  33. Lesliecondor is scripturaly illerate I have yet to hear one remotely intelligent word from her something as yet unaddressed by every pathetic synchophant as demonstrated by their nauseating e/ mails also please note fostering children is a lucrative business so please note she was well paid which no doubt was her only motivation


  34. Time for Revelation last night
    Very ungodly comments about five people trying to thwart there plans and asking for £42,000 for a piece of equipment. Howards actitude is bad and quoting scripture to justify what has gone on. No mention of them having to put there trust fund into the new build
    A condition of the charity commission if they allow them to purchase the land with viewers money. They are repeating the program now.


    • I don’t watch at all now, but it seems that more has been said last night , did Howards say who the 5 people are that are trying to thrawt them, I just had a lot of new comments come through on my E Mail, I can’t find a repeat of last nights show, it sounds like Howard has been off accusing people again. The last I heard he was breaking away from CC and sending donators their money back, yet the land has been purchase, he gets more unstable, not sure if Luke still works for REV TV but he certainly had a ball at more than one vile Haloween venues, don’t they talk about Haloween, Doug used to, if he still works for them its a very bad apple in the ministry.


  35. The advancement of God’s Kingdom is not only financial blessings. It is evidenced also by people’s attitudes. For instance integrity and honesty. Another building project being financed is not necessarily a sign of God’s blessing. Is secular fundraising then a sign of God’s blessing. Howard’s remarks on Time for Revelation do not show either integrity or honesty. They have a platform to say what they like but when people challenge them over concerns they are blocked. Howard is surrounded by yes men. And many bad rulers in the Bible have done the same.


  36. Just turned on Time for Revelation whilst changing channels
    Lorna and Gordon were extolling the virtues of Howard’s genius. I think they have missed the point. It is God’s channel and this sychophantic behaviour only makes me think why do they feel the need to “big up” Howard perhaps they think gullible people will overlook his ungodly behaviour. You can be a genius and have no grace. Christianity is all about Jesus not Howard Conder. Sorry Rev TV but we can see right through you all.


    • I had a look at the repeat of time for revelation, Howard is still accusing “4 or maybe 5 people of reporting them, if a Person contacts the CC I thought it was totally confidential, so how can he keep assuming and accusing People. He goes on about biblical Characters having their own people against them, it is HE who is against innocent people, he judges without any factual evidance Does the bible not say take one or more witnesses to make an allegation, So much for his so called arbitration, he was supposed to want with some of us. Moreover his so called apology on his facebook page that said “If ” I have wrongly accused anyone, He still is !
      Viewers must be blind and dum to pay of air time for him to mess about with his latest toy
      “camera “, where on earth does that show the Gospel of Christ, just him messing about. Yet Gordon has the nerve to even cover him with his childish time wasting behaviour, He goes on about how much it costs to put live shows on yet he wastes time with his silly camera and then it’s is shown again on time for revelation, maybe he is trying to reveal what an utter time wasting money waster he really is. Leslie even lf said that if a new viewer tuned in they would turn off.
      Thy are still so smug that God has overcome everything that has been against them, the proof is that the land has been purchased , BUT Howard said he was returning peoples money !!! and breaking off with CC, so unstable the whole lot of them, they say one thing do another , always have ,make promise about what they are going to do them don’t carry them out, ” let your yes be yes ”
      I remember how “Bishop ” Mike Reid used to come on, with how wonderful his ministry was, what miracles they saw and how people came from all over the world to his church, they had a Choir all dressed in matching clothes, YET all the time he was commiting adultery with his choir mistress, God does always step right in , he lets things go until his timing them acts.


  37. Any dissenters are blocked on Twitter and their texts and e-mails are ignored, yet they have the cheek to repeatedly say they want to engage with believers and non believers alike. I fully agree with the comments about Leslie Conder, she is dim in the extreme.


    • Thank you Mr Conder for providing this information. Please do be aware that none of us actually wish to be negative and that we are merely responding to lies and accusations from yourself. Whilst rtv continues on its destructive path others must be warned of where their donations go.

      We would all genuinely appreciate a proper response from yourself. That was all I asked for before setting up this blog. There have been some admissions, which I’m pleased with, but there is a constant vilification of myself and others when our only crime has been to try to help you.

      You have all my contact details so please do get in touch if you wish to speak directly.

      You are already forgiven for what you have done, but that doesn’t make the situation ok.


      • Yes Sarah, I guessed it was him, his tone as ever. I would have no complaints if Mr Conder had not named me falsely re CC, I would not be involved at all, Howies and the lies surrounding that was the very very end for me and Gordon threatening Me., It is Howie who is making comments and allegations to his hearts content, yet he is blind to what he is doing, He throws his poisenous accusing false darts at one and all and expects nothing back, He is too cowardly to contact us, he had an opportunity to do so. He sits on air making comments about all and sundry and we are blocked, FB page taken Down, no response from Trustee’s I think someone once reffered to howard in his Cowards castle.


  38. This is my old link to the Revelation TV page which doesn’t work!

    But a specific page that I had marked does. There isn’t much though:

    The Revelation TV page that IS active is this one.
    It is a community page (whatever that means!)


  39. The “What Howie is doing now” video is yet another example of this mans narcissistic personality. He is saying, look at me, aren’t I great. He believes himself to be beyond criticism, as is common with narcissists, and this is evidenced by his childlike tantrums when his many shortcomings are pointed out, and him getting rid of anyone who crosses him. In many ways, he is a rather sad and pathetic individual who has surrounded himself with sycophantic yes men to shore up his fragile temperament. I find him fascinating to watch if I’m honest as he is incapable of masking his shortcomings and often looks very foolish.

    Liked by 1 person

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