Why I think Revelation TV is being investigated by the Charity Commission

Howard Conder lied about me for propaganda.

Yes, I know, there are many people out there who couldn’t believe such a thing. I didn’t think he was capable of something quite so awful, especially to someone who gave him a year of their life to help set up Revelation TV.

Howard did this because the Revelation Foundation is being investigated by the Charity Commission for various things. Howard wrongly believed that I had been one of the people who reported them. I wasn’t, but perhaps I should have been?

In his desperation Howard wrote a very long Facebook post back in November 2014. In it, he talked of a Sarah nee J. That’s me! However, my actual name is Sarah Acott. Unfortunately, Howard decided to rewrite history and made many false accusations about me.

The thing that is hardest to forgive, however, is not the lies about me personally, as there is a chance he may have just been confusing me with someone else. The real problem is that I sent a confidential report to the trustees in 2012, which together with the lies, Howard EDITED and posted on Facebook!

Why would Howard do this?

The only logical conclusion I can come to is that he needed someone to blame for the Charity commission investigation. He had to vilify someone. How else could he explain the investigation if there weren’t evil people out there?

I’m not the only one he’s lied about either. There are so many people who Howard has attacked through his Facebook page and reading his other posts made me feel a little ill. He’s even attacked my entire family publicly, both on air and Facebook with nonsense about how we’ve brought down churches!

I honestly can’t think where that came from as my family have taken unpaid pastoral roles in the past in order to save 2 churches. My mum has provided free Christian counseling for countless people and done so at great sacrifice. My father was one of those in the early days of Christian TV (He even helped Howard (unpaid, I believe) set up his pre-Revelation studio about 20 years ago, when I was just a child) and has a great reputation for not only his expertise and dedication, but also being of good character, which Howard has tried to ruin.

I know of many people who Howard has threatened with solicitors, myself and my father included, just for questioning things. Normally Howards intimidation works, but he’s libelled me and so I can now write these things without fear.

All of these things are pre-meditated. It took a lot of thought to not only to lie about me and my character, but to actually take a legitimate well-intentioned report and edit it for propaganda… you don’t do that without thinking about it first, do you?

My report, which you can access below, was addressing fundraising tactics. At the time, when asked where the Conders get their money from, they would always say they don’t take money from Revelation, they have “other means”. This was not true as the Conders were getting paid by the back door through 21st Century TV Ltd (a private limited company) the whole time.

I can’t count the number of people who would tell me how wonderful it was to see Howard and Lesley running the station with no financial reward at all and how great it was to see where every penny goes. I never had the heart to tell them it was a lie. Perhaps I should have, but I didn’t have the proof until more recently.

One person I know has donated nearly £200,000 (yes you did read that right). This person is now trying to get their donations back as they donated because of deception and in this particular case outright lies concerning 21st Century TV.

How many others donated because they were deceived? Were you one of them?

I have sent many emails both to Howard and the Trustees and the only person who has actually made the effort to put things right is Alan Tun, who is sadly no longer a trustee. The only other communication I had, is Gordon Pettie distancing himself from the situation and denying any responsibility to act.

I have been informed by Alan Tun that Howard won’t even read my emails, because it will get him too stirred up. The reality is that I can prove Howard has lied and he knows if he reads my emails he will actually have to deal with the truth.

As believers we need to be the ones to expose this. The Independent have already published that the Revelation Foundation are being investigated and it’s important that we tell the story as to why first. We Christians are the ones who funded and gave our time to Revelation, so we should be the ones who correct it.

Click here for my letter sent to the Trustees in 2012

Click here for the BTF report to accompany the letter to Trustees in 2012

Click here for my response from Peter Darg

Click here to access Howards facebook Post for Propaganda

Click here for my response to Howards Facebook post sent to Howard and the Trustees

Click here to see the response received from Revelation TV – Latest dated May 2015

283 thoughts on “Why I think Revelation TV is being investigated by the Charity Commission

  1. Great Sarah I am really glad that you have put these things in your own words. Posted to Facebook and also put a link in my follow up post. God is not mocked!!!

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    • Hi Anonymous

      Howard probably has accused Jacob Prasch of such things, but in this case he specifically named the J family and said other things that were clearly about us too.

      Unfortunately, Howard has said a lot of things about a lot of people with no regard for truth.

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  2. Keep your chin up Sarah, God will prevail.The fact that Jacob Prasch spoke out about Revelation TV, albeit on a different subject, was enough for me.I expect there will be further “revelations” in the future.God Bless

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  3. Hi Sarah!

    Treena has advised that Conder and Pettie now want to meet with you. I echo her misgivings about this. Caution is essential!!! It may well be wisest to decline, but if you feel that you should go ahead and meet with them, there’s no way that you should do so without trustworthy Christian witnesses on hand who will be able to testify to what is said. And as a further safeguard, the meeting should be taped, with an opening statement as to the date, location, and names of people present. The issues here are FAR too serious for such measures not to be taken. Appalling that such things should be necessary in a meeting of Christians, but it’s only right to be realistic about the gravity of the situation. These people have a VERY great deal to lose, and it is obvious from what has already transpired that they will resort to any means at their disposal to get a result in their favour, no matter how lacking in proper Christian grace and righteousness those means might be! Caution really is the watchword here!

    Please forgive me if I’m being presumptuous in sharing these thoughts, but I am genuinely concerned that these men have only their own selfish interests at heart, and will be out to protect those interests at all costs. They are sold out on compromise, and have fully demonstrated that to have any trust in them would be a fundamental mistake!

    You have shown tremendous courage in doing all that you have in the interests of Truth, and your own integrity serves to highlight the Conder empire’s lamentable lack of it!

    Every blessing, in Jesus’ mighty Name,

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  4. Hi Sarah they ONLY want to talk to you now because you are now a serious threat to their aspirations – I doubt there is any change of heart. they had their chance!

    The Cat is out of the bag – its too late now or any nice words.

    I have had this experience myself (to a lesser degree) The pastor was too busy to talk to me – but when the time came – I stood outside with a banner. Then it is too late to “discuss” . Simple.

    Its the same with the Lord’s coming – there come a time when Grace runs out. Period!

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  5. Hi Rob, Treena and Louis

    Sorry for the delay, yesterday ended up rather a busy one. I completely agree with all that you are saying.

    I did ask Alan when he called what had changed? He couldn’t really give me an answer. My response to him was that I would think on it, but from the sound of it, we are all on the same page.

    Unless Howard is ready to change or at least apologise for the lies he wrote about myself and my family, there is little that a meeting will do. If they wished to explain themselves, they could have done that by now.

    I will echo our collective concerns to Alan. My personal feeling is that they know I haven’t pushed this that far in the media yet and they probably hope that a future meeting date will keep things on hold.

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  6. hi sarah,

    God keep and bless you, i would make sure you take a Christian friend with you if you decide to meet and record it also. I would also direct alun tun to these blogs to show the depth of feeling toward how reve tv is being run they still insist on having these false prophets on the tv station all for money.


  7. Well done Sarah for being so brave to come out into the open and sharing your inside knowledge of Howard Conder and his running of Revelation TV.

    Good to see that both Treena and yourself have made comments on my blog, and please keep me informed of all developments for I would like to assist in any way I can.

    God Bless you richly as you move forward in His Name.


  8. I used to watch rev tv a lot and thought they were different, Howard seemed really sincere, but in recent years I’ve had the same suspicions as you. I noticed something was wrong when another blogger – Gordon someone, posted information about revelation foundations charity accounts – these can be viewed online. In them it noted that his sons were getting £80,000 for what looked to be labelled “consultancy” fees, and the daughter, who was only 14 or 15 was getting £15,000. I thought these were extortionate sums for a charity surviving on widows mites and donations from people who were probably earning less than the young daughter was being given.

    Also in the blog information about Howard’s private tv streaming company was given, and it looked like something dodgy was going on with sums of money shifting between the two. It also looked like his sons had set up a music company and were using revelation tv equipment as their business was registered at the same building as rev tv. (it looked like a lot of “wheeler dealering” was going on with the channel)

    One of the big issues I also saw is what you noticed – in all the “building the foundation’s” the chart never included the income from all the tv ministries and advertising. It was disingenuous to present to viewers a shortfall in channel costs without including the large sums coming in from tv ministries.
    I wondered “how much is rev tv making from all the tv ministries? (some of which have screaming american or african preachers I can’t understand) why not tell the viewers how much that part is paying for sky air time and so on? You’re right, that did, and does seem misleading. The channel could probably survive without ANY donations if it just ran a few more tv ministries, so the constant position of being in debt and need seemed false. I considered emailing or tweeting them about this, but I doubt there would have been a response.

    A lack of response is another issue – especially regarding recent events with Tim who left. countless people have emailed the channel it seems, but its as if everyone has been commanded not to answer. Apparently there was a personal disagreement Howard doesn’t want to detail, but Tim was such a well known part of the team for many years, just cutting him off and not giving the viewers any real explanation is very inconsiderate and unchristian I think.

    Another recent issue was that amazingly Howard had set up a cocktail bar and restaurant / night club in spain, which several people thought didn’t quite fit with running a christian channel. What got me about that was how Howard always presents himself as if he is working 24-7 on revelation tv and everyone is strapped for cash and the channel is needing money, but he has time and money to set up a business on the side, very strange.

    Lots of misgivings have arisen regarding rev tv in my view – from the outside it looked like money was being taken from the channel and given to howard’s private company, while he was on air saying he didn’t take a penny from the channel – I understand him paying his children if they work, but the wages seemed excessive for a charity and the treatment of viewers in relation to Tim has not been good.

    You are right to come forward to clear the air and voice these concerns, although it looks like your hand was forced by Howard naming you (you should have maybe written about your first hand experience on a blog sooner, having said that I have held back with similar concerns about the channel also, due to not wanting to interfere or cause a fuss).

    I don’t like the climate of secrecy at revelation TV, not telling viewers why Tim left, what the falling out was over, and yet pretending to be a family and asking for their money, seems two faced.

    A lot of this could be cleared up simply if Rev TV published the wages of who works at the station and how much income they get from the tv ministries, this is what the concern has risen from mainly I think.

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  9. Where did you hear that about Tim? As far as I know Tim left to work at a Clifford Hill Christian centre at Moggerhanger, which he has now left. As to the bar, Howard said he did not set up the bar/club, he stepped in as an investor to help a friend as the buisness was dying, which it did eventually do. God bless.


  10. As I understand it Tim Vince worked at Moggerhanger for a numbe of years – this was not the reason he left RTV. I have read somewhere that Conder referred to his departure being due to a “disagreement”. RTV have a culture of secrecy and fear – no one wants to upset Conder for some strange reason that I cannot understand. “The fear of man brings a snare…..” Proverbs 29/25


  11. I think one of the worse things they did was shut down the original facebook when people were asking questions about the OB truck and about Gordons history and Howard and Hugh on a fundraising evening that every £1 they get will be a nail in the coffin of their enemies, when all they were doing were asking valid questions, which anyone is entitled to do if they contribute to the work of any Church. That’s when I finished with Revelation Tv and after I had sent £1000 of my own money. I endorse and agree with all that you have said and Lesley actually lied to me about Howies club in Spain and she said it had always been a dream of Howards to open a bar with music. I then had to question Gods call on his life as this did not tie in with Christian living. She later denied him even having a bar and blocked my emails. But it was so ridiculous as Bethany their daughter had already tweeted that she was glad her Dad had a bar, as she could get “smashed every night”. Gordon sent a letter to a friend of mine threatening her with legal action because she had asked questions about his involvement with the Barlow Clowes scandal. So that too was unscriptural as you do not take another brother to Court according to the Bible.


    • Yes Gill I agree that shutting the Facebook down made a lot of people suspicious , it appeared that too many uncomfortable questions were being asked.
      They wont be accountable , if any questions are asked they either avoid them or rudely insult you, I am also named on the Facebook page that Howard wrote last December as S Pringle, I stand before God and state that I have never ever contacted the Charitable commision and any other things I did were ask questions and put my opinion or factual evidence about things gong on with finances. I repeatedly asked what happened to the money ring fenced for the OB Truck no answer time and time again, also equipment was fund raised for it neither of these came to fruition they actually admitted on air it was never of God yet still dindt say what the money was being used for, surley the givers should have been given a chance to voice an opinion or have their money refunded if they so wished giving for a specific item, Surely an announcement should have been made about it , The Barlow Clowes scandal became public knowledge to many Viewers.
      By looking at Bethany Conders Twitter pages and Jack Bailey Powels who is her Boyfriend and works at the Station much much was revealed in photographic evidence, especially re Howies the Club, yet I have been called all sort by viewers saying it wasn’t true, a lot of the Rev team attended the opening night there were photos of them all and I reiterate what Gill has said about Bethanys comments.
      I have never disclosed any of this publicy either , I could have if I had wanted to ruin Rev TV as Howard is accusing us of, its them ruined themselves by not answering and covering things up.
      I had reason 5 years ago to discreetly contact Howard and the Trustees about some very unsavoury things on social media and photos of the Conder children, I could have made it public , gossiped but no I didnt even want to contact them as I was black listed and labelled by them for asking uncormfortable questions, my rights at the time as a financial supporter, but God convicted me to tell them , I was not believed but I had a Friend who had photographic evidece as back up, Howard put his resignation on the site and said he would sack all of his Children, I was told Gordon stepped in and stopped him resigning and would not allow the children to be sacked. I will still withhold publicy things that I think most viewers would be speechless at the behaviour of the Conder Children open to the public whilst they were working of for a Christian tv Station, I have been falsley accused again now and this time I wont take it lying down, enough is enough I will be sending a full report of all that has happened to me to the Charitable commision, I have been slandered on air by the Conders and treated appalinglye all to save their own face, Im afraid no more, God is the God of truth and I think too many of us have kept quiet as we aways get attacked by the Conders and Mr Petit, we all need to pray that the absolute truth of everything that is hidden in the dark will be brought into the light and shouted from the roof tops, I personally believe they have been given more than enough grace and chance to treat supporters and Viewers and ” Family ” whom they are totally transparent to , yet they still turn it al around and falsley acuse us and intimidate us by threatening libel to intimidate us when actually Howard Conder has libelled me and apparantly on Facebook.
      I would now call very witness that has been lied to , libelled, had questions not answered especially finances ,insulted , berated by the Charity to write in full detail their experiance I am sure that Charity must be accountable to the people supporting them speak by writing in numbers lease seek God re your experiences ,I thought was alone in being targeted by the Cnders but clearly I am not.
      Gordon Petit said to me today that has no comment to make on Howards Facebook false accusations
      that if your Christian Brother sins try show him his error and if he doest listen take two more witnesses and if he still wont listen treat him as, an unbeliver can Revtv have an unbeliever as CEO.
      Itis untrue hat Hwards said about us, yet he is not answering our E Mails, yet the Church without Walls is keeping unrepentant Man as the CEO


      • Sheila,it is so good of you to post this. I was thrilled to hear from you last night and even more do that you have decided to go public too.

        They can’t lie their way out of this situation and the more of us that stand up to their wrongdoing,the better.

        I was sad to hear of your story and that you were also threatened with legal action. The law will not find fault with us, but with them.


  12. Sarah,
    I only became aware of the current situation regarding RTV because I recently(by chance?) visited Jacob Prasch’s Moriel website.
    As a family, we used to watch and financially support RTV by means of direct debits and donations.
    The way Mrs Conder reacted to Justin Peters was quite something! I went public at that time back in 2010 through Alan Franklin’s Free Press Home Page (Franklin had appeared previously on RTV).
    Just search “Justin Peters” on the “Free Press” site and you can read it. Subsequently I alerted Franklin’s Free Press regarding Doug Harris’s endorsement of Roman Catholicism. To those that are interested please look up on the Free Press: “Revelation TV needs more revelation on sound doctrine-and Reachout Trust needs to be more discerning when broadcasting.”
    One could hardly “Sound an alarm” Joel 2.1 to the secular press?
    I said some pretty harsh things back then about Howard, Doug and Co. And I must admit that there were times that I felt I went too far with my diatribe, but did I?
    Tragically, I believe as the “Wheat and the tares” are now growing together, (True and false Christians) this will be how it will continue until the rise of the antichrist. I can almost hear his footsteps.
    Thanks be to God that we have The Saviour-Jesus Christ? He will destroy the antichrist as described in Daniel 2.35.
    Some of the stuff I read about Howard and Co, is quite simply unbelievable? How we were all taken in by them?
    We truly do live in evil days.
    God bless.
    Colin Ford


  13. Hi Colin

    Thanks for your message. I have actually been in contact with Alan Franklin due to the articles you speak of.

    Jacob Prasch seem to be reposting everything, which us wonderful and I’m really greatfull for their support.

    You ask if you were too harsh on Revelation, but you were bang on. It’s just sad that there are still so many who blindly trust Howard and won’t hear a bad word said about him and that’s what we need to change.

    People give more than they can afford based on lies and that has to stop.


  14. Just reading Sheila’s comments again, regarding the OB truck, if my memory serves me rightly, I think they raised something in excess of £300,000 for this ‘venture’ which never came to fruition,
    I believe the ‘mission statement’ in regard to this, was that the RTV crew were going to visit the cities and towns the length and breadth of the UK “getting the Word out” as they would say?
    Some questioned this sorry episode (criminal?) but it just ‘silently’ went off the radar. What happened to the money and the truck, equipment etc? It makes me wonder if there was ever any intention of putting the show on the road?
    And the ‘Christian’ property business in Spain, advertising apartments through Barbara Fernandez (I think that was her name?).
    It is very sad to read the words attributed to the Conder’s daughter. The night club etc.
    I remember well the Barlow Clows episode. I had no idea until last week that Pettie was an ex financial advisor and was involved in that scandal. Did the Conder’s bring him in because of his ‘expertise’ and veneer of Christianity? Certainly Mr Pettie would know how to present finances. I always used to wonder how the income/outgoings were very similar.
    I have no idea how this will all pan out. I certainly believe there is more than substantial evidence for a criminal/charities investigation.
    Truly a very sorry tale, and to think folk are still sending these charlatans money.
    Some Christians think that by giving to any thing ‘Christian’ they are doing service to God!


  15. Sir Fergus Montgomery MP for Altrincham and Sale in the house of commons and recorded in hansard:

    “I am always wary of giving publicity to constituents’ private problems, and many constituents have told me about their heavy losses over this fiasco. However, a church in Altrincham has been hit by that debacle. A recent article in the Manchester Evening News stated: An Altrincham vicar fears his church has lost £42,500 invested in the crashed £190 million empire of Cheshire tycoon Peter Clowes. Building work at St. John the Evangelist, in St. John’s Road, Altrincham, has been left unfinished after construction of a parish and community centre in the west end of the Victorian building stopped days after the crash. It went on to say: they went ahead with the investment on the advice of ‘a practising Christian’, Mr. Gordon Pettie. His Poynton-based Gordon Pettie Investment Services was last week suspended by Fimbra, the watchdog for financial intermediaries. The money came from the sale of the church hall alongside St. John’s, which is a landmark in the Altrincham area. Later in the article the vicar stated: ‘”What really sold us on this investment was that the brochure for BCI portfolio 68 implied that all the money would be invested in gilts.’ ”

    The government did compensate smaller private investors to 90% of their investment value. I am not sure if churches were compensated, or if this one was.


  16. Yes Colmford re th OB truck they raised money when they had that American Man over to help the fundraising , the money given was said to be to purchase the van then they went on to kit it out , once again asking for specific ring fenced money to do it, I remember one couple dionated for cameras and at the time I remember Gordon saying that I think Howard wanted 8 but they settled on 6, Howard always seems to want the very best at the viewers expense, yet when they started simple it was so much better.
    They came accross a lot of issues with the van and then it was found that because they purchased it abroad it coudnt be used in UK,, it meant to be used it travel over the UK spreading the word, which was exactly what Howard was doing last December with Dr Grady yet at night he writing hateful lies about me and others on Facebook , how can the two go together many People kept asking and asking about it and they eventually admitted it was never of God but NEVER said what had happened to it or the money raised, they totally ignored it .
    I asked again last year, I E Mailed Gordon and he said that they had, had a meeting and it had been decide to buy a van to use in SPAIN ! for what purpose I don’t know and he finished by saying I can see it now looking through the window, I don’t know if this is allowed to use ring fenced money for an alternative, or an alternative use. But whether it is allowed or not would it not have been the right thing to ask the Viewers especially those who gave on air or on their site or in the newsltter what suggestions they had but no they used that ring fenced money and exclude the “Family that they say the Viewers are
    I think in number we need to bombard the Charity Commision now with any doubts or suspicions we have on any financial matter or the way the viewers and givers are treated by the Conders and I actually just E Mailed Sarah about Barbara Fernado , Who really attacked me as a Christian for telling her of the Conder childrens behaviour , she said I was a “so called Christian ” she got free advertising its all seems to be wheels with in wheels for profit then Felicity Corbin wheeler came along who gives a little “Free advise ” on air , air time payed for by the VIEWERS and then if you need any more help she then charges £10 per E Mail or £50 for half an hour phone call then of course she has her retreats set up in Spain that she advertises, she will not give any free advise at all off air and obvioulsy only a hand full of people get through on air then she has the cheek to ask for donations on her web site as well, She appears to be raking it in, I challenged her on this when she refused to help me after following her advise on rev TV I got some problems and She said I had to pay to get her advise, or suggested on of her expensive retreats in Spain ! she then said she is worth what she charges as she has trained, she also said that Howard and Lesley are fine with it all ( I thought that is no recomendtion) she also said that another Man his name escapes my mind advertises his books on there, I E Mailed back with a lot of things like saying that her “FREE” help on air on Friday was paid for by the viewers and other things surprisingly I never got a reply !!!!
    They have as ever removed Sarah post from Facebook, so how will we get this message otu to the Viewers, we need to address the OB Truck and Felicity Corbin wheeler and Barbara Fernado each one us to the Charitable Commision also there was a business with a webiste calked Jam sync I beleive run by Joel Conder from the same address and phone number as Revaltion TV in Surbiton shorlty after the viewers were asked to raise money for the tiered seating for live shows Jam sync also offered the same type of seating on there website, I am not accusing but wonder if they were the same seating and if there is record of them paying the charity to have use of them and the Studio, even if they did pay would the viewers be happy to have their money used to share a studio and equipment without even knowing if this the case I reiterate I ma not accusing just expressing my concerns at the time , when I addressed this issue with Gordon a few years ago he said he had no knowledge of thisCompany !!! yet it ran form the same address and phone number at Surbiton. it raised questions in me , I reiterate it raised concerns in me I ma not making an accusation but I feel it needs putting to the Charitable commission also the amount of family members that are employed and paid by them Luke Joel sometimes down as consultancy fees, Rebbeca was not sure now, Bethany just answered the phone to me so is she now working there again and not sure if she is paid her Boyfriend Jack Bailey Powell is paid and employed by them, Jeremy Park has a position opened for him to do graphics was this necessary , Miles Conder, Gordon Petite’s Daughter was paid to do accounts, then a good friend of Joel, Medgi is employed by them, this surely cant be fair to take wages for all of these family members, some of which got free triaining at Revelation TV. I had along conversation with Yemi just before he left and he said it was all run like a family business.


  17. Do not forget the £1,000,000.000 collected recently for the new studios, which has now been put on hold, a bit like the OB truck, only thousands of pounds more, they have Ring Fenced this money now as it has come to a halt. All this is history repeating itself. Honestly people should be contacting the Charities Commission asking how they can get their proven donations back this is a disgrace.


  18. Personally I dont know anything about the building fund as I totally finished with Revelation after many years of insults and doubts form them and lies about Howies club and Gordon threatening me with libel.But I think anyone with any concerns should write to the charitable commission, even if its to complain about abuse on air or false accusations to themselves if others, image going into Sue Ryder Shops and asking a question or querying a price and the Manage told you to go take a hike or get a real life in Jesu or qaccused you of something you hadnt done Which is what Howard has done to me its the same they are a Charity and I think that Howardand co have got away with it for far too long now, there is place to report abuse and I think the time has come he and his co are only on air due to Viewers donations and he needs to remember that , it isnt his Station its a charity and charties cannot go around insulting and bad mouthing people and giving them a bad name which both he and others have done on and off air.
    There I only a few of us on here and don’t know how many are looking at it , anyone who has been insulted or has any worries about finnances should write the more the better now , it really has come to a head, I have E Mailed Howard , all of Trustees collectively, Alan Tun and some of the Trustees individually and had not one response, this is their usual trick to totally ignore you, surley a Charity has to answer E Mails.


  19. Following a telephone conversation with Alan Tun , I wonder if anyone will ever get through to these People.
    Last year there was a newspaper article from a Spanish newspaper about the two new co owners of a club called Howies also there was a website that showed Howard Conders Photograph and a small write up on his background also as the new co owner of Howies club, Bethany Conder put on her twitter account I beleive she as 18 at time that “she was so proud of her Dad owing a club” then on 14th Februray last year photographs appeared of the opening night of Howies, numerous Rev staff and Family attended, also photgraphs on Simon Fernandos Facebook of the same.
    Leslie told people that he had never owned the club and even asked one viewer if he was quite well for even asking !
    Now today Alan stated to me and he said for some reason he would only say it once that Howard never Co owned the club, he said re Bethany ” Sheila , how old is Bethnay , children write all sorts of things !!!!!!
    Then he scoffs at the newspaper article as if to day we all know newspapers get it wrong.
    When I mentioned howards behaviour which I trust many of us have witnessed on air in insulting people , threating to leave , rude and accusing, which I said was a bad witness to nonchristians he replied it was a good witness as non Christians will see that Christians on TV are not all angels, but to me you would think that a man of Howards age would have outgrown his need behave to behave like this with his long Christian walk, sureley non Christians need to see a differance , you will know them by their fruit !!! Salt and light etc etc
    Alan has a way with words ( presumabley with his proffesion) to try to change what are trying to put across , he kept saying I was repeating myself yet he kept asking me the same questions. He seemed very impatient and said how busy they are I reamarked that a lot of the extra work would be due to what Howard has done
    He said that Howard falsley accusing me of contacting the charities commision wasn’t a false lie , he said that contacting the Charities Commision would be a good thing to do so how could I take it as bad, this is the type of lines he kept putting out.
    I feel like giving up but need support of those who know what its like , not one of my Several E Mails have been answered at all, I E Mailed Hugh as well today as he proffesed on air last night that he follow the bible strictly , then how can he sit next to an unrepentant Man who makes false accusations and not confront him. Repentance require making restitution to those offended , Howard has answered neither mine or Sarah’s E Mails re his false accusations so we have both gone to the Trustees (Elders) and they havnt responded , most secular companies at least send an acknowledegment of your E Mail whilst they look into it, how much more should a Chrsitian Charity do this., HCoward seems to have retreated to his Cowards Castle again leaving everyone else to cover for him and sort out his mess.


    • Hi Sheila

      Don’t be disheartened. Something to note with Also Tun… he has been living in Canada for years and from what he told me,it sounds as if he’s not been in the loop and is either giving you a false front or possibly as deceived as everyone else.

      The truth is coming out and their silence is more telling than any words at this point.


  20. Hi Sarah and Sheila!

    This English language Spanish news report dated 3 April, 2014 remains online:

    Also in La Cala you must check out the recently opened Howies restaurant that used to be Mijas Playa.

    Named after its new co-owner Howard Conder – who was in the Barron Knights and has produced records by the likes of the Pretty Things – it is THE place to visit in the evenings if you are looking for live entertainment.

    “There will always be live music,” explains co-owner Luigi Sabbatuccy, from Rome. But food is also important, with the restaurant recently taking on Michelin-trained chef Cristobal Aragones, from Malaga.

    “It is an international cuisine with charcoal-grilled meat and the finest seafood on the coast. Scallops, oysters and lobster are very popular,” continues Sabbatuccy, who previously ran Mijas Costa.

    This is the URL:

    I would say that this is pretty conclusive. How can Howard (or should we call him “Howie?”) explain this one away? The establishment is even named after him, for goodness sake!

    You’ve summed it up very nicely, Sarah – the truth is indeed coming out, and I’d say their silence is absolutely deafening!

    Very best wishes in Him,


    • Hi Rob

      Yes, I found that one a few weeks back too. The other thing is that everyone seems to know about it. Denial isn’t going to cut it.

      My dad is refusing to be involved with this because there is some sort of legal gag clause, but I remember at the time him talking to me about everything that Sheila is saying,including that Howard was going to resign due to his kids, but then backtracking. I wouldn’t be surprised if my parents have even been to Howies bar. I will confirm this with my mum.

      I held off going into this other stuff as I dont personally have the evidence, but I know it’s out there and new people are coming forward all the time. They can’t suppress the truth forever.


    • Hi Rob

      Yes, I found that one a few weeks back too. The other thing is that everyone seems to know about it. Denial isn’t going to cut it.

      My dad is not wanting to be involved with this because there is some sort of legal gag clause, but I remember at the time him talking to me about everything that Sheila is saying,including that Howard was going to resign due to his kids, but then backtracking. I wouldn’t be surprised if my parents have even been to Howies bar. I will confirm this with my mum.

      I held off going into this other stuff as I dont personally have the evidence, but I know it’s out there and new people are coming forward all the time. They can’t suppress the truth forever.


  21. Thankyou for that Rob, I have started to feel Im crazy that was one of the articles I read, but theer was also a website Howies own website that showed a photograph of Howard and a write up that was not available at some point but this news press is dated 3rd April the club actually opened on February 14th that’s when all of the photos of the opening night appeared


    • Sheila,

      According to the registrar of companies in Spain, Howard was a director of a company called Howies la Cala SL which had aims in “Tourism, hotels and restaurants. Provision of services. Management and administration activities. Educational services, leisure and entertainment.”

      The other director of Howis la Cala was Gian Luigi Sabbatucci. They were also both directors of Jazgilo SL another company whose purpose was “The management and operation of all kinds of hotels and catering, bars, cafes, tavernas restaurants bars beach bars disco music bars, disco-pubs clubs with or without live music. ”

      It could be that Howard had no share capital in either company, and was therefore not an owner, but he was a director. Incontrovertibly.


    • Here is a screen capture of a review left on the Facebook page of a company that installs blinds:

      The Internet Archive has a copy of the old Howies Club web pages including this one (slow to load):


      “Luigi and Howie.

      Luigi´s background in catering comes from a long line of family hoteliers.
      He has travelled widely, having worked in the best five stars hotel chains including, Hilton, Sheraton, Westin and Meridian and for the past ten years Luigi has operated in Spain.

      Luigi´s experience began a few years ago when he was employed as the Manager of Mijas Playa but his real adventure began in 2010 when he took over the complete responsibility and management as owner of the restaurant.
      And now Luigi has teamed up with Howie whose background has been mainly working in the music business and more recently, producing programmes for Television.

      Howie – Howies Club

      Howie´s background began in the music industry at an early age of sixteen playing drums professionally for many famous artists. First for the Barron Knights in the early 60′s, then Joe Brown as a Bruvver. Howie also played with Unit Four + Two, Billy Fury, Peter & Gordon, Heinz and as a session drummer for Joe Meek, the record producer and composer of many hits like Telstar.

      After Howie stopped playing drums professionally he joined NEMS, the Beatles management company, (Brian Epstein and Robert Stigwood). He auditioned the Bee Gees with Stigwood and produced records for Billy J Cramer, the Pretty Things and Ruperts People.

      Howie’s Business

      Then Howie started a business supplying specialist musical equipment for artists like The Moody Blues, the Rolling Stones, Johnny Nash and the late great Bob Marley. For ten years, Howie lived and worked in the USA where he set up London Music in Tampa Florida, where he helped establish an up and coming singer songwriter who went on to sell 35 million records. Scott Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald Scott).

      It has been for Howie’s and Luigi´s dream for sometime now to start a venue where musicians and lovers of music can perform and enjoy playing, jamming and chilling out.”


  22. Thank you very much for that info ME , I beleive that Alan Tun was splitting hairs then , that He was a Director and not Owner these legal People can be very clever with words


  23. Thanks for the alert Anonymouse

    Howards apology is below. This is a start, but there is no actual acknowledgement of wrongdoing here and that makes it hard to feel that there is genuine sincerity.

    Howard Conder
    46 mins · Edited ·

    In and around December 2014 and or January 2015, I published certain names on my own Facebook of those whom I thought had complained to the Charity Commission about members of the Revelation Foundation and included myself and members of my own family.

    From memory, I named persons such as Sarah nee J., Chris F. and Sheila P. whom I believed had conspired to bring Revelation TV down and or malign members of the Revelation Tv team including members of the Conder Family. Now if this was not the case that these persons in particular did not themselves bring their individual gripes and assumptions nor did they conspire between themselves or others to defame or misrepresent the truth, then I sincerely apologise to one and all.

    I personally have come to the position that I place my trust in the living God to bring to a conclusion what I call is at the very least, misunderstandings between some members of the body of Christ and the workings of our ministry within the various organisations associated to the running of Revelation TV.
    With the time that is left in my life I would rather not try and defend every tounge that rises up against us,therefore I place myself under the judgement of Christ otherwise we all would be forever spending time on protecting our reputations and lose our focus and precious time in trying to bring others into the Kingdom of God.

    Once again, if I have hurt anyone in any way when I tried in the past to defend myself and my family, then I am truly sorry.

    My prayer and hope is that one day we can all fulfil this scripture: “Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity…” Psalm 133 verse 1

    Howard x


  24. Well done Sharah. I was in La Cala de Mijas when Howies opened .I have photos
    of the opening night .How can revelation TV ask for money to keep the channel going
    but never declare income from all the ministries and advertisements . They are very free
    with words like transparency and integerty.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Howard conder has closed his Facebook page and now the revelation TV Facebook is shut down I expect Howard and the presenters will now explain to viewers that this was because of the abuse they were suffering. Well done to you for exposing these evil, currupt people

    Liked by 1 person

  26. I am sad to hear this about Revelation Tv I think its one of the very few Christian channels that speaks the truth.I also wondered what happened to Tim.


    • Hi Gary

      Sadly, Revelation have a hypocritical side.

      I would have said that they were one of the better channels too, but having seen the inner workings and the misleading fundraising tactics I can no longer say such a thing.

      Regarding Tim, from my understanding he and Howard had a bit of a fall out although I’m not privy to the details.

      Tim has been making programmes independently of RTV with John Campbell. RTV are making it sound like Tim is coming back to work with them, but it’s just that they are going to broadcast his programmes. Tim is a good guy, as is John Campbell and I do hope they will get their programmes on other stations too.


    • 1 Corinthians 6:6-7New International Version (NIV)

      6 But instead, one brother takes another to court—and this in front of unbelievers!

      7 The very fact that you have lawsuits among you means you have been completely defeated already. Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be cheated?

      Very apt anonymous.


  27. I have gone over much of this but not all of this. My question is, did you send money back to donors, or are you aware of anyone sending money back to donors who were trying to keep RevTV on the air? Thanks.


    • Hi Jam

      Revelation TV are refusing to give back donations, even though many donated due to lies.

      My friend who gave £200,000 was not only denied his donations back, but Howard lied about him publicly and made him out to be a child who gave something, but then wanted it back for no reason.


  28. Hi, I apologize. I should have been clearer. I’m referring to a claim Howard made in the FB post you link to. In it, Howard claimed in the early days, when Revelation TV was first beginning, someone in the office was sending back donations viewers were giving to keep the station on the air. Do you know if that claim is true? If you don’t know, that’s fine. I’m just trying to determine if that really happened.


    • Hi Jam

      Yes, I do remember this happened for a short time-only days. It was a misunderstanding and nothing malicious. The office managers thought rtv were not taking donations. This was because of confusing statements made on the programmes by howard. No one was out to get Howard at all and everyone apart from an engineer and a sound artist were working voluntarily. Those there were pretty genuine. You generally don’t work for free if you don’t believe in it.


  29. “You generally don’t work for free if you don’t believe in it.”
    Never hast a truer word been spoken!!!!
    How I absolutely and utterly hate institutionalised ‘voluntary work’!
    However, may we as (true) Christians take care to obey Matthew 22.37-39 with all the available power within us????


    • Very true. Too many people are exploited by “good causes”. Often it’s those most in need that give their time and energy.

      I do believe that voluntary work should be something everyone do at some point as it can be very rewarding in other ways, but there needs to be a balance.


  30. Good to know it was a misunderstanding. That was pretty serious. I wanted to know if it really happened, and if it did, what was behind it. Thank you for answering. I’m still curious about the veracity of Howard’s statement that the person involved made the comment that he or she didn’t believe Howard had put in any of his own money when confronted over the issue. Do you know if that was true? Howard apparently saw that as indicating malicious intent.


    • Yes there was nothing malicious behind it at all. On air Howard was making a big deal about how they couldn’t ask for money and they assumed that extended to calls into the office. They didn’t realise that was Howards way of advertising they needed money.

      I did not witness anyone making such statements about if Howard had put money in or not. This was something Howard told me privately so I only have his word for that. It may have been that the person had been misunderstood with their question and Howard taken it the wrong way.


  31. Hi Sarah, I just found the answer in this link “Click here for my response to Howards Facebook post sent to Howard and the Trustees.” That cleared that question up. I’m beginning to think this whole thing is a horrible misunderstanding. I don’t think your actions were deliberately malicious, but I do not see any financial fraud in any of this. I guess time will tell when the Charity Commission finishes its investigation. My issue with Revelation TV continues to be the money preachers and Howard’s lying about Howie’s Club. As I said in an earlier post, it wasn’t so much that Howard owned the club, it was the fact he’d lied about it. If Howard were to take the false teachers off, confess to his mishandling of the Howie’s Club story, and apologize for any mistreatment of individuals, I would support Rev TV again. I don’t think either side in this is without blame. The extent that this is being covered, the things being said on both sides, the bickering and threats is a terrible testimony to non-Christians and harmful for the body of Christ. Personally, I hope it ends soon and that all involved will be reconciled. I doubt that will happen though.


    • Hi Jam

      Howards initial facebook post was possibly a misunderstanding to an extent. Had he apologised and retracted his statement I doubt I would have started this blog. He knew he had written untruths and as a result refused to read my emails. The trustees did nothing and so I had no choice but to defend my families reputation.

      In regards to fraud, I do disagree. At best its been a very serious case of misrepresentation.

      For years they made claims that were not true and people donated because of these claims. Howard is very endearing, but don’t be fooled. He lied about Howies club and they all were complicit in lying about finances too.


  32. they have all been less than truthful, there are still photos out there on the lesser social media sites and they have been left on there, forgotten about. photos of some of the presenters. How they can sit there with the brass neck having indulged in all these secular pursuits is beyond me…and notg give that money back to sarahs friend is a disgrace


    • Hi Israel

      It is madness that they are still continuing this. As you say, all the evidence is in the public domain, so there is little point denying it. Hopefully it will not be long before things will change for the better.


  33. and sarah I would take copies of everything just in case they decide to send letters or something, well i am sure your well backed up etc well done sarah you been through the ringer but God is good.


    • Thanks Israel. I only write about things I can prove. As you say backing things up is important as you never know what they will do.

      It’s been hard work, but as you say… God is good.


  34. BBC news:
    Law to target aggressive fundraising by charities. David Cameron (current prime minister of UK) said “The actions of some fundraisers were damaging the reputation of the charity sector.”
    The changes will be introduced in amendments to the charities bill.
    Fundraising methods have come under scrutiny since the death of poppy seller Olive Cooke, 92 in May.
    An inquest found Mrs Cooke from Bristol, had received 267 charity letters in one month, leading to suggestions that the hounding for money pushed her to take her own life. Her family insist the charities were not to blame. (Were their motives in saying this; pure?)
    The prime minister said the conduct of some fundraisers used by charities was “frankly unacceptable” and “damaged the sector as a whole.”
    I am sure that there are more aggressive fundraisers out there than our ‘friends’ at RTV, but, where does “aggression” start and finish? Does not the mere ASKING constitute aggression?
    I would hazard a guess that out of “267 charities” there may have been a great many bearing the Christian label?
    If you are not aware of this story, just search the key words above.
    This poor lady had 27 direct debits to make donations. How very sad?
    Any comments?


    • Hi Colmford

      Sadly we live in a time where you can rarely walk down the high street without being asked to donate.

      Charities often survive on donations, but there are ways to do things to earn income as well as donations.

      The time for revelation show on Wednesday was a disgusting performance. They had advertised it as an update on the cc investigation and yet it was no more than begging.

      I share Sheilas feelings regarding Lorna Petties shameless clip asking for people to leave a legacy. How many who are in their twilight years would do this if they knew that Howard and Leslies private company has over £400,000 in the bank?! Money made directly by revelation tv!

      They have a deficit because Howard has stopped plugging the hole and is building his large nest egg.

      I am very pleased that the PM is wanting to make changes in the ways charities pressure people into donations. It’s not right to hound people.


  35. REV TV have made a clip with Lorna Pettie asking for others to ” Follow ” her and leave a legacy to REV TV. Many vunerable pensioners may be persuaded by this, I am confused that when they are sending out E Mails two days running as they are deseperate for funds to make up the defecit as they can’t carry on with one , then they are then on the other hand asking people to pay to go and either get their will altered to include them or make one. They had the live ” Tine for Revelation ” on Wednesday, then again on thursday then again tonight and in between I received two urgent appeals to make up the defecit. This is hounding vunerable people, who may have picked up the threat that we will have to close if we can’t clear the defecit., It’s enough to show the programme three times , not necessary to hound people with E Mails in between, this is a new tactic. Thankyou for sharing that piece of news colmford. We still do not have any answer to what happened to the ring fenced money for the OB truck either when they had the American fund raiser on.


  36. Yes I have also asked for my donation of £1000 back as I feel I was misled into thinking it was a Uk based Channel and Lesley kept saying they are not going to Spain and they did. Also I saw online that Gordon and Lorna were asking for money for Counselling. When I pointed this out it suddenly disappeared and I asked too many questions about the OB truck and Howies and was blocked. I have open night pictures also and remember Melanie saying on In the Living Room that Howard was opening up a bar and they were going to the opening evening. They have denied this but it was reported in The Olive Press, a newspaper in Spain and said Howard was the new owner. They kept denying this and I made a search of Dato Capital where it stated he was joint owner with Luigi. I cannot believe they have lied over and over again and I feel this is a immoral and they have lack of integrity. I doubt I will ever see this money again and it was left by my mother and I feel sad that it has been sowed into bad seed. I feel all the people around them cannot see the wrong they have done. I know a friend who was threatened by legal action when she asked about Gordons history and a young man who questioned Lesley about the Club and she said to him was he “quite well”, shocking hard-heartedness. I have today emailed, sms and been in touch with the Charities Commission and so far have heard nothing about my donation.


    • Hi Gill

      I’m very pleased to hear you have contacted the charity commission. It’s shocking how they have treated so many of the people who have given to the channel.

      I do hope that you and others can get donations returned as they were clearly based on untruths.


      • It is good you have contacted the CC but both I and Sarah have as well and no response as for REV TV answering anything that is a waste of time as well. Albeit they are I’m sure by law obliged to answer as Trustees of a charity. I’m still awaiting Alan Tun re OB Truck. I have wondered about if we were to contact the interim manger if they may be able to help our discrepancies and see about your money being refunded Gill. His name and Company are on the CC press release.

        They are also still showing a deficit that is a week old after having the fundraising nights, This should be taken to him as well. As it is false representation of the current deficit.

        The more of us knocking on the CC door and the interim Manager may make them look into things.


      • Yes, The CC are not good at giving feedback, but the more people who come forward the more seriously then must take things.

        I’m also curious regarding the deficit. It’s strange that after pushing the issue so strongly, they have now gone quiet on the subject.


  37. Did anyone watch the late show last night and feel confused by some of its contents. Howard said they are not in debt and they don’t keep asking for money like some of the other channels, firstly I understood there was a defecit, has this now been cleared. He also said that they don’t beg for money to stay on air. I and others received two E Mails between the last showing of Time for revelation and the repeat on Saturday asking to give to help keep them on air, showing the defecit, not one E Mail but two. I also beleive that Alan Tun told Sarah Acott that as far as they understood they were in the clear with CC that it was all sorted, yet now Howards has come on air saying that the CC are wanting to taken scans of documents and photographs of all assets.

    He now proclaims that they are against them due to them showing Christianity so he has ceased blaming myself and Sarah and Chris maybe and now blaming them.

    This investigation is going to cost £100,000 who will foot the bill for that.

    It was also strange that Howard also said he does not have to share this info to the public but has chosen to.

    Yet He never shared the truth re Howies that caused a lot of people to withdraw their financial help. Kirk and Melanie on the living room actually said on 14th February 2014, that it was the opening night of Howies bar then corrected themselves and said music venue and that they were going to it straight after the show. Also the OB Truck. Not one Trustee has answered any of us and neither had Alan Tun re OB Truck.
    So it seems they are selective win what they share.

    Ian Bell says that he knows Howard well and that Howard has integrity and honesty , they made the point that howard makes them use the back of a used sheet of paper to save money.

    Ian hasn’t been with Revelation that long so maybe he doesn’t know that Howies was all covered up despite there being a lot of evidence out there about it and also the OB Truck , all covered up. It was only very recently that Howard and Leslie explained about 21st Century TV as well they have always professed that they don’t take a penny form REV TV, they couldn’t run 21st Century TV if it wern’t for REV TV being on air through supporters money

    We are now hearing on another blog that Howard and Gordon have had a fall out, maybe this should also be made public if it is true.


  38. Hi Sheila,

    Yes I saw the late show and was flabbergasted, Howard said people in high places could be conspiring against him . check the last fifteen minutes of the Late Show. He mentioned the Interim Manager is starting at the end of this month., and they have scanned every bit of document and photographed every bit of equipment ,he did say that they are not in debt, Check it out on the late show it is as Sheila states.i think sheila it is all very strange.


  39. I got an email last week which said they were still 20k short on the deficit.

    Not a problem really, easily covered with the income from 21st century. They have to keep Rev tv going or the revenue from 21st century will also cease.


  40. I have today heard from Gordon that Revelation tv have refused to refund my donation of £1000. So I am now going to litigation for 15 years of Direct debits also. I am so upset that my money and inheritance has gone to funding the whole of their families lifestyles and mine are suffering. I shall also be going to the MP to bring it up in the House question time. Afterall they have threatened viewers with legal action so I am not going against scripture.


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