Revelation TV Cleared by Charity Commission – NOT!!!

Goodness… what are they thinking?!

Howard, Gordon and Alan on air talking about how the CC have cleared them of all wrongdoing! They haven’t!!!

They published this statement on their website.

“After a thorough investigation of Revelation Foundation over nine months the Charity Commission has identified no loss or misappropriation of charitable funds by the trustees. The day to day operations of Revelation Foundation have continued throughout, without interference from the Charity Commission and no criticism has been made of programme content or production. The Charity Commission has noted the legal and accounting complexities of Revelation Foundation’s activities in the UK and Spain and has appointed an accountant to act as an interim manager to work with the trustees to resolve issues relating to the legal and accounting procedures of Revelation Foundation and its associated Spanish companies. The trustees have nothing to hide and welcome this appointment and will draw upon the expertise of the accountant and his team to ensure the public have full assurance as to the work of the trust.”

They have seriously jumped the gun on this one. They also went on air talking in depth about the letter they had from the CC. It was pretty clear that the CC have not cleared them, as they have a) not said they have, this is clear from the show, although they have spun it well and b) the CC have appointed an interim manager.

They even acknowledged in the show that the CC haven’t actually said they have cleared them. They also acknowledge that just because the CC haven’t commented on the charities fundraising tactics etc, doesn’t mean that they have been given a clean bill of health. They just glossed over that though.

I’ve written this as a response to their questionable claims regarding being cleared.

Dear Howard/Gordon/Alan

I watched last nights show on the internet. I must admit you are good at the spin!

Do you not realise that the appointment of a manager is a serious thing?

You have in no way been cleared of wrongdoing! The CC would have actually said so if this were the case. Just because they haven’t made reference to the things they are investigating doesn’t mean you are cleared!!!

The CC don’t send an interim manager with no cause. They only do so for one of two reasons…

  • There is or has been misconduct or mismanagement in the administration of the charity; or
  • It is necessary or desirable to act to protect the charity’s property.

This shows the findings are not necessarily in your favour!!!

How could the CC clear you of wrongdoing when you have lied to viewers for years regarding 21st Century TV Ltd. People have donated based on lies and deception. The CC cannot sanction that and will at least advise that steps need to be taken to make things clear for viewers to know exactly what happens with 21st Century TV. I believe you have a donor currently trying to get his donations back because he donated based on untruths.

The other thing that you clearly don’t seem to grasp is that the appointment of an interim manager generally goes alongside the investigation. This doesn’t necessarily mean the CC have concluded anything, just that they feel further steps are required.

The way you talk of how it’s not worth going after me… you almost sound like you believe it!

You have threatened me with a solicitor before, why not now??? You are well known for your use of the courts.

Is it perhaps because you know that you lied about me?

Or maybe because you know what you have been up to and more importantly, I do too!

Howard, just come clean! It’s not over and there is no way that I’m going to be silenced by your false claims.

Perhaps I should go to the secular press? They would have a field day.

I wanted us to do this “in-house”, but you seem determined to spit on the truth.

What am I to do with you Howard? All I wanted was dialogue when I sent my original correspondence to the trustees. I was even willing to help you come clean in a way that you could even have saved face.

I reached out to you all at RTV, but you saw me as a threat instead of a friend.

Sadly, you’ve now made me and others a threat and we are not going away.


143 thoughts on “Revelation TV Cleared by Charity Commission – NOT!!!

  1. Hi Jam, I hope the consequences are that God’s will be done and if it He will deal with any consequence for this. Consequences on others will be brought about by their own choice’s the consequences of not speaking out before God and giving a chance for People to see their sin and repent and for others not be told of things that have been hidden is unthinkable.


    • Hi Anonymous

      The relevance is that it would have been paid for by the money ministries pay for airtime.

      Boats like that are very expensive and demonstrate that the Conders are not living an average lifestyle.

      The main point of this is that in the same way Howard denied ever owning Howie’s, a similar thing happened with the yatch. It was sold very quickly as viewers were not happy about it.

      I have no problem with the Conders making millions, but burrying the truth is another story.


  2. The point is that if they can afford to buy a luxury yacht and assist in opening a Bar(however involved they were), Then they should run their God Tv station from their own finances, rather than run a charity, remember we are not supposed to be loving this world, store up treasures in heaven, you cannot love the world or anything in the world. However, it seems some in rev tv have their heads and hearts on earthly things. Even some of the others at rev tv are directors of many, companies and assets well over a million, that is not a problem but why run a charity? fund it yourselves you have the finances.


    • Hi Anonymous

      Thanks for your comment. There are many good reasons to start a charity and when the foundation was set up there were benefits such as gift aid etc.

      Legally it’s fine to set up a charity, but still have profit making company attached to it. The problem is the lies.

      It appears Howard and Leslies company 21st century tv have been topping up the foundation every month by whatever it needs.

      Every penny that viewers donate is an extra penny the Conders can keep for themselves.

      This isn’t the terrible part… the real problem is that they lied about it for years!


  3. The first time I ever heard Howard mention that they take money from the air time paid for by ministries and adverts was on the recent Time for Revleation programme. He folowed up by saying, we have to make a living. How many People who donate to REV TV can afford a luxury yacht or a club like howies. Regards how involved they were see The Living room 14th Feb 2014. Kirk and Melanie sat talking and said tonight its valentines night but not only that it did the opening of HOWARDS pub, then Kirk corrected himselfand said well not a pub its a music venue, it was a music venue with a cocktail bar. then they said we are going to celebrate after the show
    People have really been sacrificial to give ot REV TV and the building fund.
    Howies is still being denied and covered up even now if they really cared and saw viewers as Family would they not have made an honest statement and re OB Truck


    • Very true M. These assets cannot just be sold off quickly without some costs.

      We are still unsure as to what happened in the end with the bar, but you are right in saying these are playboy type purchases. More money than sense.


      • I’m sure they’ll be fine, when they can draw of the financial acumen of Gordon Pettie.
        Or is he still disqualified?


      • As far as we know, although he claims he was cleared three years after.

        Either way Pettie seems very happy attending to the Conders needs.


    • Hi Mick

      I think you might need to read my initial article to understand the above comments. It’s very hard to belive that Howard and RTV are capable if what they have been doing, but it’s all true.


    • Anonymous… where have you got this information. They are far from cleared unless there has been any new development I’m unaware of.

      To be honest, even if they were “cleared” it doesn’t make what they have been doing right. Telling lies about finances and abusing people on air is not the way for a christian tv station to operate.

      Please let know if there is something new with a link.


      • Hi Vicky

        I have their own words as proof. Please see my email from Peter Darg as proof that the condors sell airtime via 21st century and see the pie charts and everything else to see the issue.

        I only went public because Howard told outright lies about myself, my family and others. The burden of proof is actually on him as he initiated this entire situation. I have proven everything, but if you are referring to something specific, I’m happy to go onto detail and find the relevant evidence.

        God bless



      • Hi Anthony

        Am I missing something? Their current NET assets are over £800k – that’s after liabilities are taken off. This is the dark blue line which as you can see has gone up quite a bit over time.

        This used to be the company that all RTV finances flowed through before the Foundation was set up. As far as I’m aware all profit making activity of the channel (advertising revenue and airtime sales) still goes directly to this private company as confirmed by both Peter Dargs email to me in 2012 and more recently the charity commission report.

        If they have over £800k in assets (That’s not even showing the income and outgoings – only current assets), why are they asking viewers to pay to kit out their new studio? 🤔


  4. No surprises Sarah.. This is typical of RTV. They continue to whitewash the issue and the way they make personal wealth out of gullible viewers. God bless.


  5. Hi Sarah, and greetings to you in Yeshua dearest Sister.

    I understand where you’re coming from in a lot of what you’re saying, BUT and though, I also sense a little “personal” attack from yourself, even though you seem to be so forgiving towards Howard “in words.” Okay, Yes, what I have read and researched so far for myself concerning Revelation TV is VERY disheartening indeed, but please let God be the judge of that!
    Now, I don’t know exactly what went on “personally” between you and Howard, but you seem to be getting a little too attacking towards an organisation that has, in many of the testimonies I have heard from viewers, of people giving their lives to Christ through this channel, being a company to many lost and lonely, as well as even saving the lives of a few suicidal’s.

    Concerning luxuries. When one is working one expects to reap a little reward from their hard work, even more so when working for the LORD, wouldn’t you agree?.. even though I don’t fully agree on some of the things in which I have heard concerning Howard, especially the charlatans they allow airtime to! But every time I want to give up on Revelation TV, I feel the LORD saying in the deepest of my heart; “not just yet!” even though every fibre of my being is screaming at me to run as far away as possible! And even though I don’t condone some of their actions and behaviours, I also can not help thinking about all the people they have actually helped amongst their wrongs!

    I have now come to the decision to finely write to Revelation TV myself, concerning some of the “evidential” things I have learned about them, then I will take it from there to how they personally respond to me, as someone who’s been a long time supporter and contributor to this organisation.

    Shalom, Maranatha and much love and blessings to you in Christ

    In the meantime, the Charity Commission Investigation into these accusations have NOW come to a final decision, clearing Revelation TV of all claims!
    Published 9 October 2020


    • Hi Anthony

      The Bible is clear that if we do not challenge wrongdoing we become part of the sin and that persons blood is on our hands. I forgive, but forgiving and condoning are two different things. As far as I’m concerned, if they want to take millions from the channel – that’s between them and God, just don’t tell lies about not taking a penny. Thankfully this has now stopped as far as I’m aware and is a positive result of the enquiry as the pie charts went away around that time.

      As Christians we are supposed to be warriors for justice, but for some reason we ignore it when it suits. I may seem like I’m being unforgiving by not sweeping it under the rug completely, but it’s not like that. I don’t care about my own reputation anymore (God is my judge), but when responding to your earlier message, I have to be mindful that others who have been wronged are reading and just because I have a sort of peace with Howard, doesn’t mean they do and their hurt is very real.

      I’m not just speaking for myself on this blog – I’m their advocate and I need to balance my desire for peace with knowing there are people who are still healing and it would be a further injustice to them, if I were to sweep their hurt and experience under the carpet.

      I feel strongly that the £200k of donations should really be returned. At the very least a private apology for lack of transparency and in this particular case, outright lies from Gordon Pettie when asked a direct question before the donation was made. There should be a retraction of the untruths said both in writing and on air naming myself as well as quite a few others, but I gave up on that years ago.

      Like I said, I don’t feel particularly inclined to resurect this blog as there is relative peace at present, but there is still so much unrepentance and complicity at RTV.

      The sad thing is, I actually feel sorry for Howard. I see him as a victim of sorts and if anything, my personal view is that Gordon Pettie is the one to be held accountable for the very questionable fund raising tactics that sparked my initial email to the trustees (2 years before the investigation). Had they paid attention, I doubt there would have even been an investigation, which for the record – I only contacted the Commission after Howard told untruths about me including that I instigated the investigation.

      I know RTV have done some good things, but before God, there isn’t a “greater good approach” to wrongdoing. Sin is sin and sin separates us from God.

      Do let me know how you get on with writing to them. At best you will likely get a complete whitewash like their recent statement on their website, at worst you’ll end up being torn apart on live tv like some of us on this blog. Hopefully they have grown in this area though.

      Blessings to you and I commend you for seeking truth. Shalom


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